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Monday, August 14, 2017


Observations on Charlottesville

Suggested read if you have time. There is also a statement by the manufacturer of Tiki Torches at the bottom of the article.

Highlighted sentence by me.

Observations on Charlottesville

" ....But we should pause to make the obvious point that I haven’t seen made anywhere yet. What do Antifa and the alt-right mob have in common? They both hate America. The alt-right mob marched mostly behind some kind of knockoff Nazi or fascist flag, and not the American flag. White, yes, but “nationalists”? They are not trying to “Make America great again” even in the Trumpian sense. They want it to be a different country. Antifa, of course, has no use for the American flag except to burn it. They also want this to be a different country. If they do carry a flag, its likely to be a familiar foreign one. Both groups should be labeled as Un-American. They deserve each other. And perhaps one nice punishment would be for people from both groups to be put in the same holding cells in the local jails. ...."

The article linked in this article was a good read also.
I learned a lot about antifa in it.
The Rise of the Violent Left

Thanks JAP. Interesting times.
Thanks Jap, et al

This riot is a replication of what happened in the infamous Los Angeles 3 day rampaging riots when the police were ordered to stand down by city & state officials-
Rioters were stopped finally when, afraid, that this wanton destructive & murderous action would be copy cated, the Clinton admin ordered the Federal Troops up from Camp Pendelton, CA who decisively intervened.
None of the then active authorities were ever charged with obvious recorded dereliction of duty to protect the public in the face of the enemy. Especially the peaceful non-demonstrating Korean community was racially targeted mauled, pillaged & murdered without ever receiving justice, recognition or compensation for their loses :-(


"If we don't learn from past mistakes, we are domed to repeat them"
Thanks Eddessa. Thinking back I think I remember that.
Speaking of Tiki Torches: the day of the protest, I was watching the pilot episode of Atypical - mostly b/c of Jennifer Jason Leigh - and the actor who plays her husband looked SO familiar, but I couldn't place where I had seen him. I Googled him and saw his name is Michael Rapaport. I first went to his profile page on IMDb and saw that he had also been in My Name is Earl, Justified and Prison Break. I then went back to the Google search page and saw his Twitter feed w/ a rant about Nazis and Tiki Torches.   He was really unhinged and for being a so-called comedian, he wasn't funny. Shoot, when I saw a video of all those protestors and the torches, I thought "Well, if I marched with them, at least I wouldn't have to worry about wearing mosquito repellent."

Then, last night I was watching Person of Interest, a show I had downloaded but hadn't watched when I saw a lovely young woman who WASN'T familiar to me and I searched for her and saw she hadn't had much work, was a Polish immigrant but then I made the mistake of going to her Twitter account where 3 of 4 Tweets were either slamming Trump or re-Tweeting someone who was slamming Trump.

I have a Twitter account, but I mainly just follow a few Dallas Cowboys and a couple of Conservative/Libertarian pundits and don't go in there much anyway, but I started to Tweet to that young woman who suddenly wasn't as lovely as I thought she was ten minutes before and tell her that she had chosen the right profession because she truly was a drama queen.   "Started to" because I once Tweeted to JK Rowling that her progressive logic had more holes in it than did the plots of her Harry Potter novels. It took about a month for the furor to die down.

I know it's not got much to do with the topic at hand, but why do celebs and actors do that? Why do they think it's a good idea to alienate that percentage of their fans who don't agree with her and particularly don't like how the actors do it? I searched for "Jennifer Jason Leigh's politics" and of course, wasn't surprised to see that she was a Democrat, but the one interview I saw where she had mentioned Trump she had stated that he was "entertaining". No "orange headed baboon" or the like, just that one thing.

I hear people say "Well, you have to separate the actor from their politics." Uh, sorry, it doesn't work that way for me.   I don't mind so much that they don't have my political viewpoints, but when they belittle how I vote, where I live and my core beliefs, then that's when I simply cannot "separate them". I used to like Cher, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Rosie O'Donnell, Sean Penn and Bryan Cranston, to name just a few, but when they started calling me a Nazi or backwards or uneducated or other slurs, well....they're dead to me.

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your post. It was just the Tiki Torches that lit me on fire, I guess. -grin-
Thanks Mike. You didn't hijack it so no worries.

People live as they believe, the two can not be separated. Movies and performers no longer entertain me so ignore them and their work.
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