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Thursday, March 23, 2017


BOMBSHELL: Trump Surveillance Data Captured Due to Obama Spying on Israel, not Russia

Another theory which makes an interesting (long) read. Per usual, you decide.

BOMBSHELL: Trump Surveillance Data Captured Due to Obama Spying on Israel, not Russia

"....Why is this important? It was followed up a few weeks later with President-Elect Trump reportedly pressuring Egypt to refuse to support a blatant anti-Israel resolution in the U.N. Security Council. Shortly afterwards however, it passed with President Obama ordering U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power to abstain from a vote which condemned Israel’s settlement policies. This was followed up by a shortsighted, rambling final speech by then Secretary of State Kerry slamming Netanyahu, the Israeli policies, and accusing the U.S. ally of obstructing peace in the region. President-Elect Trump and P.M. Netanyahu were not pleased in this least by this course of action (from NBC News): ....."

....Hopefully Congressman Nunes and the Israeli intelligence services will start to reveal more about the vile anti-Israel operations conducted by President Obama and his regime to tilt the balance of power away from our allies and towards nations like Iran. In the end, it is quite obvious to this writer as to how this data was obtained and why there has been wide dissemination of this information by the former administration as they sought to essentially blackmail Israel and humiliate President Trump before he has a chance to remove the remnants of the Obama appointees operating against the Trump administration from within the U.S. Government."

wow, just never ends. This is the biggest mess I have ever seen.
Thanks Sully. There are so many probabilities we the people never considered until all this came to light.
Sucks when you are no longer in power to control information.
They must have went through hundreds of thousands of records they could pour bleach bit on before they left office. Obviously some they could not destroy.

Thanks JAP. Yep it does suck! :D
Fortunately, the deep state isn't homogeneously leftist and anti American. The demoncRAT basturds are in panic mode, what do think barry soeteros prisoner number will be? I guess 000.
Comment by jarasan - Yesterday, 11:36 pm
"what do think barry soeteros prisoner number will be?"
I believe JAP69 is correct. The MUSLIM worships the DEVIL.
Thanks Jarasan. There has to be real dissension in the deep state but think the guys with the white hats will win. There's a sorting out that's needed to happen for a long time.
Thanks JAP. His fingerprints are on a lot of things that were unlawful and just plain not right so we can hope he'll see justice.
Thanks CARBOB. Seems to have been whatever the means to achieve the end ... totally implode the US economy and have everyone dependent upon the government.
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