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Friday, August 6, 2010


"Enbridge warned of corrosion in Michigan pipeline weeks before spill


"Enbridge warned of corrosion in Michigan pipeline weeks before spill

Thanks Konane,
I did not see much media coverage on that spill.
Thanks JAP! Me neither. I'm wondering how this spill into wetlands in addition to the Gulf spill into marshes and wetlands are going to impact birds during nesting season.
The MI oil spill is being handled exactly as poorly as the one in the gulf. (I don't think the well has even been shut down yet.) The big difference is that tens of millions of us drink this water. My question is why are they drilling for oil in a location that could spill into the drinking water of tens of millions of Americans? It's as if they are TRYING to kill us.........oh...they are...
Thanks Rick! [shifts eyes around] Makes you wonder sometime doesn't it? Ah but that would be conspiracy theory to think in those terms.
konane, we're now known as reality theorists. ;-)
Thanks Rick! A friend says "perfect paranoia is perfect awareness." Think they're correct.
The last I heard is the oil is on it's way to lake Michigan, I freaking live here and can't get much info. I think they are trying to kill us.
Thanks Sully! I certainly hope your fears are not correct.
@sully...same here in Chi-town...nary a peep from the local lamestream. Guess they all drink bottled water and bathe in champagne.
Hey Rick do you get asian carp updates or do you hear about the zebra mussels anymore? We need smarter great lakes watchdogs.
Are those Asian carp edible?
I'm not sure but, they are eating everything, very aggressive fish. The zebra mussels are creating quite a nuissance in the Detroit River.
Hey try some recipes with them then write a recipe book dedicated to their use. I've seen some of the people out on rivers wearing crash helmets out of self defense.
I'll have to look into the edibility of that Asian carp but I imagine they are. People around here eat regular carp. Sully, they've been spotted in waterways close to the lake. Think it's only a matter of time. We can only hope that the threat is exaggerated.
Thanks Rick! Someone should harvest them if for nothing than to add to pet food if they're not accepted well by people.
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