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Thursday, May 20, 2010


"Complicating The Challenges Of The Arizona Law


By Neal Boortz @ May 19, 2010 9:06 AM Permalink
"Our own corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder admitted that he hadn't read the bill. No surprise. He's a jerk. Sorry ... but he's a jerk. Anyone who would push for the pardon of convicted terrorists to help a political candidate at the polls is a jerk. Anywhooo ... Holder is working with his team of Justice Department lawyers to find a way to challenge the Arizona law. Why? I guess because someone told him that it was bad and could lead to racial profiling --- that according to the ObamaMedia. He certainly didn't get this opinion on his own .. after all, he hasn't read the law. Our country's chief law enforcement officer .. and he hasn't read the law. But that's OK; he wants to challenge the law because MSNBC and the New York Times are upset by it.

But this little goodie could complicate things. A 2002 legal memo has emerged that could complicate things for Obama, Eric Holder and the rest of his staff who haven't bothered to read Arizona's bill.

From the Washington Post ...

The document, written in 2002 by the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, concluded that state police officers have "inherent power" to arrest undocumented immigrants for violating federal law. It was issued by Jay S. Bybee, who also helped write controversial memos from the same era that sanctioned harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects.

The author of the Arizona law -- which has drawn strong opposition from top Obama administration officials -- has cited the authority granted in the 2002 memo as a basis for the legislation. The Obama administration has not withdrawn the memo, and some backers of the Arizona law said Monday that because it remains in place, a Justice Department lawsuit against Arizona would be awkward at best.

"The Justice Department's official position as of now is that local law enforcement has the inherent authority to enforce federal immigration law,"said Robert Driscoll, a former Justice Department Civil Rights Division official in theGeorge W. Bush administration who represents an Arizona sheriff known for aggressive immigration enforcement. "How can you blame someone for exercising authority that the department says they have?"

Gotta love it."

Maybe we need to boycott the media that helps to fuel their lies. they know as long as they have media support they can say it greens when it purple all day long. maybe we should boycott their advertisers.!!!?
Thanks Sully! Awesome idea, hit 'em in the pocketbook works every time.
"...he wants to challenge the law because MSNBC and the New York Times are upset by it."

That would be hilarious if it weren't true. And yet half the country supports this insanity, go figure. Can there really be that many stupid people in this country?
Thanks Rdgrnr! Much of the country has been slowly mesmerized beginning in the early 90's but think many are opening their eyes now. Seems people have been looking for a hero to come save the day when the only heros are themselves .... and I believe people are coming to realize that.
Great post, thanx konane!!
Thanks TigerAngel! Shows someone reads the laws! ;-D
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