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Thursday, February 19, 2009


"Recreate History Are We Constantly Choosing and Changing the Past?

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"Recreate History Are We Constantly Choosing and Changing the Past?
"History is always written wrong, and so always needs to be rewritten."
-- George Santayana
by Cynthia Sue Larson
Source Reality Shifters Newsletter

"The recent popularity of retrocausality in physics has inspired me to contemplate how many types of reality shifts might actually be the result of consciousness at one point in time influencing the past. Physicists Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog propose that we take a top-down view of the beginning of the universe, with the idea that the present selects the past, while physicist John Cramer moves ever closer to conducting his experiment in sending photons of light back to the past. Physical changes could be going on all the time around us, yet we would mostly not notice that occasionally some things appear, disappear, transform and transport. In fact, everything would likely seem perfectly normal and completely unsurprising most of the time, since we would be accustomed to routinely walking into other worlds based on both prior and future expectations.

The significantly novel part of this idea is that in any given moment, each and every one of us influences the past. If history is written by "the victors," as some assert, then how we see and describe ourselves plays a pivotal role in our previous evolution. When we know ourselves to be winners, we jump to a reality probability space-timeline where we have indeed been winners. We continuously match our current real-time view of ourselves with events from the past that feel most correct for us from a vast range of possible pasts.

In this fashion, some people become spontaneously healed from miserable conditions, such as when my grandmother's liver cancer vanished. This switching between reality space-timelines requires that we absolutely let go of our current reality in order to make a smooth transition from one reality to another as we move from a reality we are willing to let go of to a reality we now choose to be connected with. This transition might occur in much the same way as we engage the clutch on our car when shifting with a stick-shift to disengage from one gear and engage the next. The switch from one reality time-space continuum to another would then feel quite seamless, with most aspects of our lives looking and feeling exactly the same as before we jumped from one reality to another.

I got to thinking about the business of retrocausal reality shifting this past weekend, when my car refused to start. The starter had shown signs of becoming weaker for several days, and finally it reached the point where turning the key in the ignition resulted in a pitiful small clicking noise... but nothing further. I tried more than ten times to elicit something more than no sounds whatsoever... and was rewarded with complete and absolute silence when I turned the ignition key... not even one small "click." It was becoming obvious that no amount of turning the key was going to work, and it might be time to consider calling for a tow truck. Recalling childhood days when I would often send my family car lots of loving energy on many occasions when it did not start up immediately, I sent my car some loving energy, and imagined that the starter was working just fine... and that because it had started (was about to start), I had been able to (was about to be able to) run the rest of my errands and return safely home. I was feeling a sense of both urgency and necessity, as it was raining and I needed the car to start so I could get my daughter where she needed to go. With a fresh future memory of having just heard the sound of the car starting, I turned the key to hear the engine almost turn over. I turned the ignition key off once more, sent lots more positive energy and imagined even more clearly that I had heard the car start strong and clear like a new starter, and turned they key again to hear the most beautiful sound of the engine roaring to life! This was especially surprising because never before had that starter started so quietly, instantly, or with such silent disengagement... having always in the past been slow and noisy. The retrocausality perspective on this incident is that in sending positive energy to the car, I was essentially connecting with a fully functioning starter... going back in time to select a different reality path... one in which the starter on my car still worked.

Wishing you may discover just how good your life can get through all time and space, Cynthia Sue Larson"
"(4) Your Reality Shift Stories


The Reality Shifting Legally Binding Contract
Tish Ann Mac

About a year ago, I decided to enter a singing contest that was to be aired on national television. I visited the contest's website and printed out the application and the legal contract that I was to sign in order to participate. Upon reading the contract, I was shocked to learn that if I planned on singing any of the original songs that I had written myself on the show that I would have to surrender my ownership/legal copyrights of the songs to the TV show. I re-read the contract several times to make sure that that is what the contract truly stated, and sure enough, it did. For some reason, however, I kept a printed copy of the contract anyway even though I had no intentions whatsoever of signing it nor of competing in the contest. I was angry at the thought of a national television network and a TV show with deep pockets trying to steal musicians' work, work that the musicians poured their own heart and soul, talent, time, and money into. I reasoned that it was just another case of the big sharks eating the little fish in the sea. After fuming for awhile, I prayed to the Lord, my spirit guides, and my spiritual teachers. I explained the situation to them and asked them to investigate it.

Even though I did not have any intentions of signing the contract the way it was written, I was hoping all along that the terms of the contract would change so that I could eventually participate in the contest.

Shortly thereafter, I re-visited the TV show's website again and re-read the contract, and to my surprise, the contract was re-worded differently. The contract no longer stated that musicians who sing their own original songs on the show would have to surrender their ownership/legal copyrights of the songs to the TV show. The re-worded contract stated that the legal ownership of the songs would remain with the musicians who wrote the songs. In fact, the website even went on to explain that the TV show would like musicians to attach a copy of their legal copyrights of their songs to their application as a safety measure against any lawsuits filed by TV viewers at home who watch the show and claim that they themselves wrote the songs. I also re-read the printed copy of the legal contract that I had kept and had no intentions of signing due to the stipulation about giving the show the ownership of my songs, and to my surprise, the legal contract that I had previously printed out was also re-worded the same way that the website was.

Right before the reality shift occurred, I had an intuitive feeling that I should return to the website and re-read the contract. Surprised and happy that it had actually changed, I then felt that I should re-read the copy that I had previously printed out, and I noticed that the terms of the printed contract had also changed.

Needless to say, I never did win the contest. I did not even get to the call back stage in the audition process, but the lessons I learned from this experience far outweighed the rewards of appearing on and winning a singing contest on national television. I learned that our reality truly isn't fixed. Even a legally binding contract that was printed out on the printer isn't fixed and can change, and I also learned about the power of prayer.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sending me this reality shift story! I love the way you describe how physical evidence vanished once you noticed the change in the printed legal contract details. This is so very typical of reality shifts; once a shift has occurred, all we seem to have in the way of proof are our own memories. Due to the importance of memories, it's highly recommended that we document such reality shifts when they occur, since our notes usually stick around, even if no other substantiation exists.  "


"Pillow Changes Color
Dubuque, Iowa, USA

I'm a retired Elementary-Junior High Teacher, now turning to some of my favorite things to do---art, reading, singing and dancing, music, and meditation. I'd like to share a reality shift I had the other day.

As I reached for the third of three red violet pillows I place on top of my bed, I noticed it was missing. After the final piece of searching, under the bed, I glanced at the top to see a third pillow, But it was mauve. Bemused and definitely curious, I checked the living room for my two mauve pillows. And yes, they were there. Back to the bedroom, and now, three pillows still on the bed and they're all red violet. Wow. I went to my living room to reflect. I was truly amazed when the mauve pillow showed up in the empty space between the two red purple pillows on the bed, and then changed colors after I'd been to the living room and back. I think I got the "pillow shift" because it's just too big to miss!

Note from Cynthia: While some people might not notice colors, it's clear that you're the kind of person who does (as evidenced by your use of the word "mauve," which some people aren't so familiar with). This is an excellent example of noticing a change in something you're paying attention to (color)... which often gets me wondering how many reality shifts are happening around us that we don't happen to observe, simply because they have to do with things we're not so closely observing. Thanks so much for noticing and sharing this shift! "

"Keys Reappear in Pocket
New York City, New York, USA

I live in an apartment in New York City and work out of my home. I had gone out for my weekly treat (eating lunch out one day a week) and had stopped on the way out to get my mail so I knew I had my keys with me since my mailbox has a key.

I went out for lunch, came back and since it was a nice fall day, I was sitting on the steps of my building enjoying the day until after 15 minutes or so decided I better get to work. I went to get my keys in my purse and couldn't find them. I patted the pockets of a light, unlined windbreaker I was wearing and no keys. I did the whole purse search again. Then I did the purse search with some things taken out. More patting of pockets. Stood up and patted and reached into both my windbreaker pockets and my pants pockets. No keys. I had a small bag with papers in it and searched that; shook it to see what came to the bottom. Nothing. I even opened my zip top wallet, thinking maybe the keys had somehow fallen in there.

These keys are more of a key ring -- 6 or 7 keys, plus a few of those store shopping discount tags, and a metal charm of a shark... finally the only explanation I could come up with is I must have left them in the restaurant. I tried to call the restaurant to save myself a trip, but got voice mail.

So I walked back to the restaurant, thinking they'd be laughing "Ah, we knew you'd return." Instead I got blank stares of No, we didn't find your keys. I had sat in a booth and I was (yuk!) reaching between the back and the seat looking for my keys. I was stumped.

I stood up and the bartender said, "Did you check your pockets?" and I was slightly peeved and said, "Of course I did" and then patted them again almost unconsciously. Well, there were my keys in my windbreaker jacket. I can't tell you how stunned I was. I started saying, "I swear these keys were not there" and the bartender was laughing, but said something like "I know, I believe you. These things happen."

So I was thinking that typically reality shift happens for the good... and here was a case where I felt "reality" was playing a trick on me. I swear I would have bet my life those keys weren't in my pocket. Finally, as I stood there sputtering, the bartender said, "Well, they're found now" and that's true.

I really do search for meaning for otherwise meaningless events... rather than just say "oh, I guess I missed the keys the 27 times I stuck my hands in my pocket." And I am a magazine writer, and I have a column due and I can basically write about whatever I want (within reason) but it sort of has to have some 'personal growth' element to it, and over lunch I had been thinking that I could write about "fear" since these are scary times.

So perhaps the universe was telling me: your home is safe (you have the keys after all!). When I got back to my apartment building, there's about six steps up leading to the front door and on the top step was a dime which had not been there when I left 10 minutes earlier when I went back to the restaurant. For me, I've often gotten the "sign" of "money on my doorstep" -- in fact, once I had change right outside the front door to my apartment -- money at my doorstep -- (Hmmm... how's that for a waking dream metaphor? and so my take-away from this was... I have a home and I have money at my doorstep (literally) -- and yes, I put the dime in my wallet!

Note from Cynthia: What a wonderful feeling to find your keys, and how astonishing to find them in a place you know for sure you'd checked earlier... when they were not there. This is the type of reality shift story that tends to seem less impressive to others as it is to ourselves, as others usually don't know how thoroughly we checked our pockets. What I really love about your story is the way you are able to recognize some marvelous messages to you from the universe here... such as that in finding first your keys and then a coin on your top step, everything is just fine. There's a sense I get in your story that you are being cared for, and even when it seems you might be losing things, all is well. This is truly lovely thing to remember! "

"Burned House Vanishes
Morristown, Tennessee, USA

One evening back around 2002, I drove to a friend's house and saw a house in the process of being burned to the ground on her street, Tom Treece Road. Only the foundation was left and flames were licking it. I found it odd since no fire trucks were there and no residents from nearby houses were out watching. I saw a house close by with its outside lights one, yet on one was out looking at this or seeming worried about it's close proximity, which is what made me halt in the road. I drove on to my friend's house, intending to tell her how I was so shocked and startled to see the burning foundation. Yet, I'd completely forgotten about it by the time I got to Jessica's house which was not far down the same road. We couldn't have seen the burning site from her front yard, since there was a bend in the road. I must have sat there for an hour talking to my friend once I'd arrived but not remembered the burning building and not said a word about it, when suddenly, I completely remembered driving past it on my way there. I couldn't believe I'd forgotten something so vivid. Jessica was pretty shocked, too. She suggested we immediately go check it out and we jumped up and got in the car to investigate. Jessica didn't believe me and said that she would know if a house were burning on her street. So we jumped in my car and drove off, so I could show it to her. We drove by the spot where the burning house was a short time earlier and everything was dark, there was no light, no fire. I slowed down, pointed and said, "It was about right here." No sooner had I said the words, then we saw a burning house with only the foundation left in flames. There was a flash or flame like someone had just struck a huge sputtering match and suddenly, there the whole scene was, just like I'd seen it perhaps an hour earlier. There had been absolutely no change in how much foundation had been burned. Jessica saw it go from nothing to burning building too. She wanted to get out of the car and examine the house, but I was scared. I yelled at her when she tried to open the car door to check the situation out, screaming like a maniac and stomping the gas. I was afraid that we'd get caught in the burning building place/time, and I felt a very real wrongness that made me panic. I remember being so scared, I was willing to leave her there if she got out, because I was so concerned about my safety. We went back in daylight and there was no sign of a burned house. There was no story reported in the newspapers, to my knowledge, and according to Jessica, no one in the neighborhood ever mentioned it happening, which is odd, because it stood out vividly in the darkness when I drove past alone. The whole thing had an 'out of time' feeling to it. I'd have believed I was hallucinating, except my friend, Jessica, saw it too. Thank God.

Note from Cynthia: This is a really interesting story, since you had a witness, and later checked both newspapers and the surrounding area to see whether there were any later signs of fire. What most intrigues me about this story is the way the fire was seen by both you and your friend, yet it also seemed to have started up out of the black darkness of night both the first time you saw it alone, and the second time you saw it with your friend. This is such a mystifying experience, and I'd love to know more about it. Some people notice buildings vanishing or appearing... and others have seen tremendously destructive realities that later turned out not to be true, and I'd love to know if your story might be one of these. " 

Interesting. Thanks.
Thanks Em!! Hope you're having a great Friday, also hoping awesome weekend ahead for you!!!
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