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Monday, August 28, 2006


video "Immigration Gumballs"

Excellent video deals with lowering yearly immigration quotas due to environment, infrastructure impact .  Great illustrations, easy to follow.

"Immigration Gumballs"


Saw George and his wife today They love Biloxi   Mississippi is some what tough on immigrants    but on Sunday the beaches were full and this guy is right and 2050 will be to late to control it 1990 I got $ 6.00 a foot for tile work today $4.00 sq foot
Thank you for your comments. Email your senators and let them know you're going to watch their votes on this issue like a hawk and vote for their opponent if they vote in a way that's against your wishes on the matter.

I just did and mean it!!

We've got a strong conservative that's been on the radio here that I'd vote for in a heartbeat if the one in office doesn't vote to seal the borders and vote NO amnesty.

Good thoughts and prayers for you and your family in rebuilding. Hang in there all!!
Everyone always thinks of Mexicans when the word immigrant is mentioned, but there people coming here from all over the world. There is also a difference between illegal & legal immigration. Of course I'd love to see our borders closed for the next 20 years, but isn't that being selfish? As long as people work hard and are good citizens, I don't know if I feel right saying they can't have the same American Dream that all of us do.

On the other hand, I live in Southwest Florida and often feel like an intruder. I was waiting for my car to be serviced a few days ago, and I decided to browse through the showroom. I was looking for some information and the salesperson couldn't find me a brochure written in English. This is not a joke.
Any illegal alien on US soil without proper documentation has broken US laws already on the books, and if seeking political asylum seeks means for proper documentation in that respect.

Otherwise they are an illegal invading law breaker no matter the reason.

We need to seal both borders now .... roll back immigration numbers or we're all going to be in deeper ...... than we already are.

Don't like high taxes ... they're guaranteed higher to pay for illegals health care when we already can't afford to pay for our own; they're going higher to pay for water and sewer for area population increase due to influx; property taxes are going higher where people can't afford to own homes due to school taxes and other medical benefits given illegals through city and county governments; neighborhoods are being ruined, property values decimated through several families living in one house leaving it in disrepair; for enviro folks do notice how much more garbage is strewn and thrown out car windows in areas inhabited by illegals .... we've already passed a critical point as far as garbage dumps back in the '90's so ... refuse disposal, area cleanup and reclamation is going to rival urban renewal of the 1970's all on our tax dollars.

One little gem I was told by someone who retired from the social security administration is that regarding disability, NOT being able to speak English is considered a disability and that person is eligible for SSI benefits. That person said it was YES on the books because they had read it with their very eyes in their eligibility rules.

I do not believe in any respect that self preservation comes close to the definition of selfish.
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