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Monday, April 17, 2006


New Immigration Law today

Said to be one of the toughest state laws in the nation just signed today by Georgia's governor.

"Governor Signs Immigration Bill
Reported by Denis O'Hayer
Source WXIA TV
"Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a sweeping immigration bill into law on Monday as supporters of the measure rallied outside the state capitol.

"We cannot tolerate activity that distracts us from embracing those who come here legally and thrive," the governor said upon signing the legislation into law.

Hours before the signing, about 200 demonstrators gathered on the capitol steps to support the measure, which they say will duplicate existing federal law. The law will deny many state services to adults who are in the country illegally and penalize employers who hire illegal immigrants.

"Your coming to America does not give you the right to tread on the American law. Abide by the immigration laws that are in tact today," said Rep. Melvin Emerson, R-Gwinnett County.

The counter rally did not come close to the gathering of nearly 50,000 people who marched through DeKalb County last week to demand recognition for illegal immigrants. However, organizers of the counter rally on Monday disagreed with the theme of the original march and said it does not matter what the economic impact of illegal labor is.

"Let's assume that each state could make a $1 billion profit from not enforcing existing law. Would we be willing to do that and, if so, which other laws maybe could we ignore to further increase our profit?" asked organizer D.A. King.

"For me and most of us here, it is about the rule of law upon which our nation was founded and there really is no other agenda."

Organizers of the counter rally said they would like Congress to go even further with harsher penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants and the possibility of prison time.

The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act will verify that adults seeking many state-administered benefits are in the country legally. It sanctions employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and mandates that companies with state contracts check the immigration status of their employees.

The law also will require police to check the immigration status of people they arrest to see if they face deportation orders.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says the measure is believed to be the first comprehensive immigration bill to make it through a statehouse this session. Many of the new law's provisions will not take effect until 2007.

The bill drew protests at Georgia's state Capitol and prompted a daylong work stoppage by some immigrants earlier this month. "

They can pass laws until the cows come home, but if they don't enforce them what good are they? The real facts are, nothings going to change and whatever neighborhood they decide to invade and take over, they will. Even if they "legalize" all of them here right now, more "illegals" will continue to come in and we'll be in the same situation (but worse) in 10-15 years. This problem should have been dealt with 40 years ago, before the first amnesty program, before it grew into what it is today. My old neighborhood, which was a great place, is now a "Safe Haven City" for illegals according to the mayor anyway... That city depends on State and Federal funding to operate and a statement like this has total disregards for any of our laws. This city openly displays the mexican flag on the roof tops of many of the homes and on flag poles of businesses(without the american flag). The streets are overcrowded with parked cars because they live with 2,3,4 etc.. families in one house. They convert garages and add rooms without permits. They're too cheap to go to the city dump, so it gets dumped in the alleys or vacant lots and left for the city to clean up (and pay for). All in all it looks, and operates, and smells just like TJ... And you can look for many other american cities to be converted to this B.S. , because after all, this is the way they were taught to live and when they come here they are no longer expected to KONFORM to our laws or ways of life, so why would it be any different? FOR ALL YOU FOLKS THAT EVER WANTED TO VISIT MEXICO, NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO, MEXICO IS COMING TO YOU!
Thank you for reading, thank you for your comments.

Yep should have been dealt with 40 years ago, but am happy to see action being taken now .... and it does need to be a joint federal and state effort.

There are many negatives as you've mentioned but some of the positives I hope they add to our culture is a firm commitment to family and responsibility to family which has been hugely diminished over the same past 40 years.

They're blatantly breaking the laws by being here, but there also has to be some positive coming from this or it wouldn't be happening.

One thing is that it is uniting grassroots Republicans and Democrats over the same issue instead of dividing further us as a nation.
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