Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kicked Out of Wonderland and Into the Arms of the Pick 3 LoreKeepers

It happened, and I thought it never would. I was kicked out of the Rabbit Hole. Out of Wonderland. Alice herself told me to pack my bags and get going. I wanted to stay there forever. I cried, because I was being forced away from this most magical and blissful place where all my beliefs became reality. I was also confused, because although I had a wonderful time, I don't think I learned anything...I voiced my thoughts to Alice, and she told me that Wonderland had served its function and I'd already learned the essence of what they were supposed to teach me. The time was ripe to send me on my way - to the next destination on my journey...

I was told that Wonderland was the only the first step on my Pick 3 journey with Alice as my primary tutor, in order to teach me about the wondrous truism that one could master the Pick 3 and win 99% of the time with the most minimal selections. Wonderland helped me to believe that it was possible and that just because most haven't been able to do it, doesn't mean it can't be done. While Wonderland helped me to believe it was possible, they said they could not really teach me about the "How".

You see, in the Rabbit Hole, all things are possible depending upon the lens through which you view them. Time can move forward, backward and even stop. So I could easily move forward in the future and predict the next Pick 3 number to be drawn. To do so outside of the Rabbit Hole, in the Real world, is not as straightforward. But Alice my most loving, funny, smart, compassionate and beautiful  mentor and friend told me that by using the assistance of three sacred implements, there was a near 99% way to reliably predict numbers in the Real World. With them, I could stop time, move it backward and especially forward with regards to the Pick 3. Alice never had to do it, nor learn how to do it because again in Wonderland all things are possible, and any strong intention to do something makes it so.

Before leaving, I asked Alice what were the the three sacred implements, and she said said that they were, "The Paper, The Pencil, and The Calculator". I almost puked. I was expecting something at least a tad more sublime and majestic. Not. I was so peeved. Ugh! I then asked her where she was sending me. She replied, "you're going to a place that exists between Wonderland and the Real World. It embodies the properties of both. And while this embodiment is an absolute, you can do much to add or subtract how much or how little you want of each to serve your own ends. It won't be easy to do, and the road will be challenging but if you stay the course, and remain open, it won't be in vain. With a parting hug, and a sun kissed smile, she said to remember,  "All things Are Possible..."

So here I am, waiting for my bus to take me to some in-between place to meet some far-out group called the Lottery LoreKeepers. According to the orientation instructions Alice gave me, they have a huge complex of geometrically elaborate buildings with each structure devoted to an aspect of the lottery games. I'm to start in the smallest building, which is not surprisingly devoted to the Pick 3, where I'll take classes in Pick 3 Lore. It says, the LoreKeepers will teach me seven courses and "the courses will each take 5 seconds to teach, and a lifetime, if you're unlucky, to master". Five seconds? That can't be literal. Can it?

It goes on to say, that after giving me an introduction into how to look at the Pick 3, my first course will be the Secret History of... Wait a minute. I initially begin to roll my eyes, but then I stop. I used to get annoyed in Wonderland when they would say, "the secret 'this'" and "the secret 'that'". But then Alice finally told me that, the "word secret is mainly used to usually make one pay careful attention to the information being shared". Clever. I continue reading. reflecting on what this secret history is, because it sounds so simple and yet fraught with explosive potential. It makes my neck hairs stand on end as I keep rolling it around my tongue  feeling all at once both awed and giddily anxious. "The...Secret......History......of..the.......Point". Hmm...wow - I like it...."The Secret History of The Point". Oh, here goes my bus...And so it begins...

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