Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time and the Lottery Draw - The Connection

TIME and the LOTTERY - a crude speculatory primer

I believe that the Time Of Day may be a missing key to use with the various lottery method/systems. It may be important for the Pick 3/4/5 and for picking the right numbers for the Jackpots.

When particular balls are drawn at a particular time, there is no other way, obviously, for any other balls to have been drawn at the that time.

Time is like a portal. Each event, such as a drawn ball, has its own specific moment to come through that time portal. If you can take this into account with your various methods and systems, it may be helpful in making better predictions .

Haven't you noticed the same numbers, cycles of numbers or even the mirrors of numbers in different states always drop within days of each other? After a certain period of a couple of weeks or so, the numbers in a particular state may change its cycles, but it always seems that the numbers in all the other states change their cycles as well. How are these traveling numbers related? One of the obvious reasons may be time. TIME.

Now, if you suspect that the time of a particular draw may be important, it so follows then that the order of the balls also have a certain resonance with the time as well, especially for the bigger games. This is why I have always believed that the order of the balls that are drawn for the Pick 5 and Jackpots draws are important. Unfortunately, when you look into the lottery record the numbers are listed in ascending order. So I think its a good habit to witness the order of the balls being drawn while taking the time of the draw into account.

You may want to actually humor yourself and see if the order of drawn balls has any implications for your various methods/systems. Nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Hopefully more favorable patterns, if any, will emerge. 

One more thing you may want to consider is how many days into the 365 day-year the draw is taking place. Also might be helpful to look into the form of the time. Is it hours, minutes, and etc...?

Now the task is how to actually go about reconciling the time of day with the actual draw. Hmmm...If you can, maybe Mr. Random won't rear his ugly head as much!

I will post some more about all above by an by...I'll also shed some hopefully interesting light about the Magic Squares of Venus, Mars, Mercury and the other planets and how to use them.

Well, back to the lab...And remember, Time is like a portal. Each event, such as a drawn ball, has its own specific moment to come through that time portal. Could be something, could be nothing...Experiment..

Wishing you the Best and the Most...

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