Monday, October 1, 2007

The Formula

There have been lots of debates on the LP about the predictability of the lotto and that no formula is possible.

Is it random or does it  obey a certain order? Well, I'll cast my vote toward the "not  random" category. Even though I've just been playing the Lotto just a short 2 years, I've observed too much to realize that as Einstein said, "God does not play Dice" . Now don't get me completely wrong, while I don't think its random, a little chaos is part of life, or rather part of order. Chaos may express itself, if for example I know that the last digit of the Pick 3 is certainly going to be a given parameter of  3, 1, or 6. Order will give me a parameter and chaos dictates presents those few choices in that parameter. The challenge as always is to extrapolate how that works for the lottery.

For all those who may been led to doubt their hard or easy-earned formulas, trust me when I say that you can derive formulas, no matter how mundane or mystical, outside of just using statistics to reliably help you play lotto better. 

Like most everyone else, I have a number of formulas - methods and systems.   They have gotten better and better as I have gone along. Its interesting that the more you pull back from the games, the better you can see the matrix. I don't all have it figured out yet, and I doubt I ever will. Besides I love the chase and learning, using all the slip-shod things that I know from various fields and bringing it all to bare in the lotto. Yes, even disparate things can connect to the lotto. Just pull back far enough.

For instance, I've thought that there must be some way to merge The Magic Sqaure Of The Sun and the Magic Square Of The  Moon. I think I may have found a way, but it still needs a little turning over and more finessing(this has nothing at all to do with the things some kind people have showed me to apply to the Magic Square of the Sun). The merging of the two Squares will not be so apparent but I think they do merge or rather work together. Much of my posted work on the LP bears alot of the footprints of what I now see. It was there all along, but I just didin't pull back far enough. I'm sure most of us have had simlar experiences. Again, there is still work to do but, oh my oh my...I know people will laugh as if to say how can you take something so arbitrary and seeming apply it to the lotto. That logic is correct, but only if your basic assumption is that it is arbitrary.


...Just  to say that when it comes to the lotto, it ALL works. The very logical stuff and the non-linear. Some paths may be a little bit more extraneous than others, but NO Path IS THE Best Path. Honor your own individuality, and your Sacred creativity and you will move closer to what's just beyond your reach.. Eyes wide open, leave no stone unturned and look closely, and then pull back to see the big picture.

Wishing you the Most and the Best...

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