Friday, January 18, 2008

The Ultimate Lottery Wheel

I've been asking myself the question - "What would the Ultimate Lottery Wheel Look like?"

All official lottery games are basically spun through "wheeling" numbers - from the Pick 3 all the way up to the Jackpot games. We the do our best in our workouts to approximate these wheels by devising different ways of culling out numbers. I think we need to try radically new approaches, if not practically speaking, at least conceptually.

EVERY WHEEL must have a hub or center. When constructing a lottery wheel, I feel its ultra-important to determine what the center of the wheel is. So what is the hub of our particular lottery game and what would it look like? Lets take it even further: Is there a particular number or groups of numbers that could be representative of the hub of the lottery wheel and upon which the the lottery revolves and spawn its numbers. I think the better we can do this, the closer we can get to incorporating the natural flow of the properties involved when numbers are wheeled for the official lottery games.

A clue in determining what these representative numbers may be would be to look into some of the basic properties of a wheel. You don't have to get too entrenched into the math and science to revisit some of the properties. The only template you need is a Circle.

So take a circle, look at some of its basic properties, and apply it to the lottery. I think applying the  the Law of Correspondence might help a lot. This law states that:

"Whatever is above is like that which is below, and whatever is below is like that which is above". This is not some far-fetched, "new-agey" mumbo-jumbo. It has a practical basis, and I feel its very, very important to be aware of it.

So, in essence, which ever numbers are involved with a circle's properties, we might be able to apply a some of the same properties to the lottery. While doing that, don't get stuck on the literal numbers you see in front of you. It may be important to think of the their "mirrors" or as is commonly titled on the LP - their V-Tracs. V-tracs are not arbitrary assignments. They are:







One more thing, don't just think of a flat two-dimensional circle on a scrap of paper for your template. Think of all things that are circular. This way, you can really appreciate the dynamism of the circular cycle, and hopefully be given fertile ideas that can conceptually and then functionally be integrated into your lottery workouts

Well...that's it for now. Short and Sweet. I'll endeavor to write a few more ditties about this in the future. Happy Explorations!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Magic Squares Talk continued -Briefly...

The following was posted at Among the various avenues of exploration concerning the Magic Square of the Planets Squares(seven of them) and the lottery, two stand out. They are:

Rotation and Reflection  

1. One can rotate the square or the lines in the square by degrees - at least by 90, 180, 270, and 360.

2. Reflection.

One can reflect each line in the square. So if we reflect, as in mirror reflection, the middle horizontal line of 357 in the Magic Square of Saturn below

 we would get 753.

The above two techniques can of course be applied to All the Seven Magic Squares.

Well that's it. Short and Sweet. Happy Explorations!

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