Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magic Squares Revisited

Hello folks. Thanks to those who check in occasionally to see if I've posted anything...Thanks for your continued interest.

My last blog posts were in Januay 2008. Wow - long time! One was about the Magic Squares and trying to apply them to the Pick 3..

After that post I went DEEEEP into the Rabbit Hole. Its a long and fascinating story, but to be brief, the Magic Squares are indeed very, very magical.

I am still working on a few questions , so I'm not ready to share anything concrete  This post is just to encourage those who have a passing interest in the Squares and its concepts that their foray into this magical wonderland won't be in vain, hopefully. After all, have I not been through the Hole and back bearing witness to what a great journey it was? What's more, I eagerly look forward to going back, now that the journey doesn't perplex and intimidate me anymore.

Good luck to those who decide to jump into the Rabbit Hole with me.


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