Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Notes from the Rabbit Hole: Winning 99% is possible...

Its been quite a long time since I've written in this blog. I haven't been idle in all that time. In my last post I revealed that I went through the Rabbit Hole and was hanging around Wonderland talking to Alice and Company. I've just got back, and I've only one essential and true thing to report.  Its probably one of the biggest tru-isms I learned or rather confirmed in Wonderland. And that is...YOU CAN WIN EVERY DRAW IN THE PICK 3 AND PICK 4 99% OF THE TIME YOU PLAY USING THE LEAST POSSIBLE NUMBERS FOR THE MOST PROFIT.  The people of Wonderland wouldn't lie to me...

Pretty huge huh? I've wondered about this mystery for a long time. I was told by Alice and Co. that just like there is a key for every lock in the manifest universe(very different than un-manifest),  there is no question or mystery that can be posed for which there is no answer. You just have to reach for it and it will progressively be drawn into your orbit. They said its very possible you yourself may never find the answer to the mystery, but its out there somewhere, in someone or something. Or as is commonly the case, the answer is hovering around you and learning to shift perspective is the vehicle you use to bring the answer into focus.  Most times, the answers we come up with will be out of focus, or will only be 'true' at the margins. This is a good sign. Keep shifting that perspective and you will begin to move from the Margin to the Center of a thing.  By the way, while winning 99% is possible, its only doable in Wonderland. Or, I was told, if a few of us could try and hold within us, the stuff of what Wonderland is made of and let it flame, the journey into the Deep Country chill of the Pick 3/4 won't be so dark and harsh. And if we can endure it for just a little while, there lies at the Exact Center of the Pick 3/4,  the most brilliant Light one has hardly ever seen.

I haven't been in Wonderland long enough to confirm if the same is true for the Pick 5, 6 and Jackpot games, but I suspect it is true for these games as well, its just its harder to see. I guess I have to keep shifting my perspective!

You don't know really know me, but I hope that you can trust me a little when I say that the people in Wonderland are not known to tell lies; To give you '2 true sides' of a story - yes, but tell lies - no. I hope you've been inspired to keep keep stretching toward ideals. Its gets you the farthest. Oh well  back to Wonderland I go. My invitation through the Rabbit Hole and into Wonderland is always open to yooouuu!

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