Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kicked Out of Wonderland and Into the Arms of the Pick 3 LoreKeepers

It happened, and I thought it never would. I was kicked out of the Rabbit Hole. Out of Wonderland. Alice herself told me to pack my bags and get going. I wanted to stay there forever. I cried, because I was being forced away from this most magical and blissful place where all my beliefs became reality. I was also confused, because although I had a wonderful time, I don't think I learned anything...I voiced my thoughts to Alice, and she told me that Wonderland had served its function and I'd already learned the essence of what they were supposed to teach me. The time was ripe to send me on my way - to the next destination on my journey...

I was told that Wonderland was the only the first step on my Pick 3 journey with Alice as my primary tutor, in order to teach me about the wondrous truism that one could master the Pick 3 and win 99% of the time with the most minimal selections. Wonderland helped me to believe that it was possible and that just because most haven't been able to do it, doesn't mean it can't be done. While Wonderland helped me to believe it was possible, they said they could not really teach me about the "How".

You see, in the Rabbit Hole, all things are possible depending upon the lens through which you view them. Time can move forward, backward and even stop. So I could easily move forward in the future and predict the next Pick 3 number to be drawn. To do so outside of the Rabbit Hole, in the Real world, is not as straightforward. But Alice my most loving, funny, smart, compassionate and beautiful  mentor and friend told me that by using the assistance of three sacred implements, there was a near 99% way to reliably predict numbers in the Real World. With them, I could stop time, move it backward and especially forward with regards to the Pick 3. Alice never had to do it, nor learn how to do it because again in Wonderland all things are possible, and any strong intention to do something makes it so.

Before leaving, I asked Alice what were the the three sacred implements, and she said said that they were, "The Paper, The Pencil, and The Calculator". I almost puked. I was expecting something at least a tad more sublime and majestic. Not. I was so peeved. Ugh! I then asked her where she was sending me. She replied, "you're going to a place that exists between Wonderland and the Real World. It embodies the properties of both. And while this embodiment is an absolute, you can do much to add or subtract how much or how little you want of each to serve your own ends. It won't be easy to do, and the road will be challenging but if you stay the course, and remain open, it won't be in vain. With a parting hug, and a sun kissed smile, she said to remember,  "All things Are Possible..."

So here I am, waiting for my bus to take me to some in-between place to meet some far-out group called the Lottery LoreKeepers. According to the orientation instructions Alice gave me, they have a huge complex of geometrically elaborate buildings with each structure devoted to an aspect of the lottery games. I'm to start in the smallest building, which is not surprisingly devoted to the Pick 3, where I'll take classes in Pick 3 Lore. It says, the LoreKeepers will teach me seven courses and "the courses will each take 5 seconds to teach, and a lifetime, if you're unlucky, to master". Five seconds? That can't be literal. Can it?

It goes on to say, that after giving me an introduction into how to look at the Pick 3, my first course will be the Secret History of... Wait a minute. I initially begin to roll my eyes, but then I stop. I used to get annoyed in Wonderland when they would say, "the secret 'this'" and "the secret 'that'". But then Alice finally told me that, the "word secret is mainly used to usually make one pay careful attention to the information being shared". Clever. I continue reading. reflecting on what this secret history is, because it sounds so simple and yet fraught with explosive potential. It makes my neck hairs stand on end as I keep rolling it around my tongue  feeling all at once both awed and giddily anxious. "The...Secret......History......of..the.......Point". Hmm...wow - I like it...."The Secret History of The Point". Oh, here goes my bus...And so it begins...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Notes from the Rabbit Hole: Winning 99% is possible...

Its been quite a long time since I've written in this blog. I haven't been idle in all that time. In my last post I revealed that I went through the Rabbit Hole and was hanging around Wonderland talking to Alice and Company. I've just got back, and I've only one essential and true thing to report.  Its probably one of the biggest tru-isms I learned or rather confirmed in Wonderland. And that is...YOU CAN WIN EVERY DRAW IN THE PICK 3 AND PICK 4 99% OF THE TIME YOU PLAY USING THE LEAST POSSIBLE NUMBERS FOR THE MOST PROFIT.  The people of Wonderland wouldn't lie to me...

Pretty huge huh? I've wondered about this mystery for a long time. I was told by Alice and Co. that just like there is a key for every lock in the manifest universe(very different than un-manifest),  there is no question or mystery that can be posed for which there is no answer. You just have to reach for it and it will progressively be drawn into your orbit. They said its very possible you yourself may never find the answer to the mystery, but its out there somewhere, in someone or something. Or as is commonly the case, the answer is hovering around you and learning to shift perspective is the vehicle you use to bring the answer into focus.  Most times, the answers we come up with will be out of focus, or will only be 'true' at the margins. This is a good sign. Keep shifting that perspective and you will begin to move from the Margin to the Center of a thing.  By the way, while winning 99% is possible, its only doable in Wonderland. Or, I was told, if a few of us could try and hold within us, the stuff of what Wonderland is made of and let it flame, the journey into the Deep Country chill of the Pick 3/4 won't be so dark and harsh. And if we can endure it for just a little while, there lies at the Exact Center of the Pick 3/4,  the most brilliant Light one has hardly ever seen.

I haven't been in Wonderland long enough to confirm if the same is true for the Pick 5, 6 and Jackpot games, but I suspect it is true for these games as well, its just its harder to see. I guess I have to keep shifting my perspective!

You don't know really know me, but I hope that you can trust me a little when I say that the people in Wonderland are not known to tell lies; To give you '2 true sides' of a story - yes, but tell lies - no. I hope you've been inspired to keep reaching...to keep stretching toward ideals. Its gets you the farthest. Oh well  back to Wonderland I go. My invitation through the Rabbit Hole and into Wonderland is always open to yooouuu!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magic Squares Revisited

Hello folks. Thanks to those who check in occasionally to see if I've posted anything...Thanks for your continued interest.

My last blog posts were in Januay 2008. Wow - long time! One was about the Magic Squares and trying to apply them to the Pick 3..

After that post I went DEEEEP into the Rabbit Hole. Its a long and fascinating story, but to be brief, the Magic Squares are indeed very, very magical.

I am still working on a few questions , so I'm not ready to share anything concrete  This post is just to encourage those who have a passing interest in the Squares and its concepts that their foray into this magical wonderland won't be in vain, hopefully. After all, have I not been through the Hole and back bearing witness to what a great journey it was? What's more, I eagerly look forward to going back, now that the journey doesn't perplex and intimidate me anymore.

Good luck to those who decide to jump into the Rabbit Hole with me.


Friday, January 18, 2008

The Ultimate Lottery Wheel

I've been asking myself the question - "What would the Ultimate Lottery Wheel Look like?"

All official lottery games are basically spun through "wheeling" numbers - from the Pick 3 all the way up to the Jackpot games. We the do our best in our workouts to approximate these wheels by devising different ways of culling out numbers. I think we need to try radically new approaches, if not practically speaking, at least conceptually.

EVERY WHEEL must have a hub or center. When constructing a lottery wheel, I feel its ultra-important to determine what the center of the wheel is. So what is the hub of our particular lottery game and what would it look like? Lets take it even further: Is there a particular number or groups of numbers that could be representative of the hub of the lottery wheel and upon which the the lottery revolves and spawn its numbers. I think the better we can do this, the closer we can get to incorporating the natural flow of the properties involved when numbers are wheeled for the official lottery games.

A clue in determining what these representative numbers may be would be to look into some of the basic properties of a wheel. You don't have to get too entrenched into the math and science to revisit some of the properties. The only template you need is a Circle.

So take a circle, look at some of its basic properties, and apply it to the lottery. I think applying the  the Law of Correspondence might help a lot. This law states that:

"Whatever is above is like that which is below, and whatever is below is like that which is above". This is not some far-fetched, "new-agey" mumbo-jumbo. It has a practical basis, and I feel its very, very important to be aware of it.

So, in essence, which ever numbers are involved with a circle's properties, we might be able to apply a some of the same properties to the lottery. While doing that, don't get stuck on the literal numbers you see in front of you. It may be important to think of the their "mirrors" or as is commonly titled on the LP - their V-Tracs. V-tracs are not arbitrary assignments. They are:







One more thing, don't just think of a flat two-dimensional circle on a scrap of paper for your template. Think of all things that are circular. This way, you can really appreciate the dynamism of the circular cycle, and hopefully be given fertile ideas that can conceptually and then functionally be integrated into your lottery workouts

Well...that's it for now. Short and Sweet. I'll endeavor to write a few more ditties about this in the future. Happy Explorations!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Magic Squares Talk continued -Briefly...

The following was posted at https://www.lotterypost.com/thread/166923/2. Among the various avenues of exploration concerning the Magic Square of the Planets Squares(seven of them) and the lottery, two stand out. They are:

Rotation and Reflection  

1. One can rotate the square or the lines in the square by degrees - at least by 90, 180, 270, and 360.

2. Reflection.

One can reflect each line in the square. So if we reflect, as in mirror reflection, the middle horizontal line of 357 in the Magic Square of Saturn below

 we would get 753.

The above two techniques can of course be applied to All the Seven Magic Squares.

Well that's it. Short and Sweet. Happy Explorations!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

How To Use The Pick 5 and the Magic Square of SUN/MOON

This thin post is just to whet you appetite to encourage some more exploration. You will not be disappointed as you look at the Pick 5 in totally different light.


As some of you know there are seven magic squares of the planets. Basically Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon each has a Magic Square.  For more complete info go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_squares

The magic squares have "mathematically magical" properties. One of these properties is the fact is that each square equals the same constant or number whether you add the numbers horizontally, vertically, or the center diagonals. For example lets look at the Magic Square of the Sun:




Each horizontal and vertical line each add up to the constant of 111. 

Also each of the two longest diagonals starting at 1 and ending at 36 and the other starting at 6 and ending at 31 add up to 111.

If you add all the vertical lines or add all the horizontal lines you end up with 666.


There are speculations that the magic Squares, besides having interesting but simple mathematical manipulations like the one above, they have no other use. Through the centuries there were speculations that they could be used in astrology or to even predict the future among other uses.

The jury is still out, but I there be a way to reconcile the Magic Square of the Planets with the Lottery games. 

Even though I may sometimes use practical esoterica to explore things conceptually, this does not have to be an esoteric endeavor. Lets make it simple... 

I believe in Correspondence. Quantum physics implies that no matter how obtuse, everything in the universe is connected or corresponds to each other.  In a word, this is why I propose that there may way to reconcile the magic Square of the Planets with the Lottery games. Even though the Magic squares were not invented for the lottery, they can still be used in the lottery. Like I said, everything corresponds, so to put it crudely I  could have used a computer algorithm, crystal ball,  or even a dream to predict numbers for the lottery. Again, I'm being a little crude, because its a little bit more involved than this, but you can use anything. Of course what you use has its own way of communicating and that is the tricky part. You have to figure out its language. 

I've noticed that the Magic square of the Sun may be used for the Pick 5. There are other squares for that may be used for this game or the other games, but let's focus on the Magic Square of the Sun, which again is:

Lets use the New York Pick 5. The Total combos for the Pick 5 of 1 - 39 numbers is 575757 combos. Remember that the total sum for the Magic Square of the Sun if you add all the rows or columns is 666.

Divide 575757 by 666 and that equals 864.5:

575757/ 666 = 864.5 or 864 or 865.  You see that 864? To me 864 is also 314(PI), if you mirror the first 2 digits. Also...You see that 865? To me that 865 is also 360 or 365 if you mirror a couple of digits. Isn't 360 a circle. Isn't 365 the number of days in the year. 

You know what this means? 864.5 Magic Square of the Suns equals 575757. If you know that 864.5 Magic Square of the Suns equals 575757(864.5 X 666 = 575757), how can using this template help you to figure out how to predict numbers for the Pick 5?


Another Correspondence: Observe that each line of the Magic Square of the Moon equals 369. As a significant sidenote for future thought, 369 also equals 314(PI) if you mirror a the last 2 numbers.

The whole Magic Square of the Moon equals 3321.

Now If you numerically compress the combos for the NY Pick 5 of 575757 to

575 + 757 = 1332

you will notice that there is correspondence between the 1332 of 575757 and the 3321 of the Moon's Magic Square . They are in fact the same, because if you "travel west" on the numbers and "moving 180 degrees" 3321 is also:

3321...3213...2133...1332. Viola! The Magic Square of the Moon can correspond to the NY Pick 5 as well.

By the way, I'll try to talk about the usefulness of numerical compression as I did with 575757 - 575+757 = 3321, and "traveling" on numbers as I did with "going west on  3321" in a future post. 

I hope I've at least stimulated some of you...I did say it was a thin post, but I'll look to offer a few more ideas about this in a future post...There is one SUPER-HUGE thing about those squares I am bursting to share, but not now. I haven't played with it enough...

Again, I just mentioned all the above to whet your appetite and inspire you to explore and see correspondences in general, and the Magic Squares in particular, and possibly use them to inform your picks.

There may be some, who will doubt all that I posted and declare its all rubbish. They would be right. There are some who would say that this magic square thing is not rubbish and they would be right. Yes...they are both right, because their awareness creates their reality, and those two realities cannot exist together in the same place(space)...

Happy Explorations... 

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time and the Lottery Draw - The Connection

TIME and the LOTTERY - a crude speculatory primer

I believe that the Time Of Day may be a missing key to use with the various lottery method/systems. It may be important for the Pick 3/4/5 and for picking the right numbers for the Jackpots.

When particular balls are drawn at a particular time, there is no other way, obviously, for any other balls to have been drawn at the that time.

Time is like a portal. Each event, such as a drawn ball, has its own specific moment to come through that time portal. If you can take this into account with your various methods and systems, it may be helpful in making better predictions .

Haven't you noticed the same numbers, cycles of numbers or even the mirrors of numbers in different states always drop within days of each other? After a certain period of a couple of weeks or so, the numbers in a particular state may change its cycles, but it always seems that the numbers in all the other states change their cycles as well. How are these traveling numbers related? One of the obvious reasons may be time. TIME.

Now, if you suspect that the time of a particular draw may be important, it so follows then that the order of the balls also have a certain resonance with the time as well, especially for the bigger games. This is why I have always believed that the order of the balls that are drawn for the Pick 5 and Jackpots draws are important. Unfortunately, when you look into the lottery record the numbers are listed in ascending order. So I think its a good habit to witness the order of the balls being drawn while taking the time of the draw into account.

You may want to actually humor yourself and see if the order of drawn balls has any implications for your various methods/systems. Nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Hopefully more favorable patterns, if any, will emerge. 

One more thing you may want to consider is how many days into the 365 day-year the draw is taking place. Also might be helpful to look into the form of the time. Is it hours, minutes, and etc...?

Now the task is how to actually go about reconciling the time of day with the actual draw. Hmmm...If you can, maybe Mr. Random won't rear his ugly head as much!

I will post some more about all above by an by...I'll also shed some hopefully interesting light about the Magic Squares of Venus, Mars, Mercury and the other planets and how to use them.

Well, back to the lab...And remember, Time is like a portal. Each event, such as a drawn ball, has its own specific moment to come through that time portal. Could be something, could be nothing...Experiment..

Wishing you the Best and the Most...

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Formula

There have been lots of debates on the LP about the predictability of the lotto and that no formula is possible.

Is it random or does it  obey a certain order? Well, I'll cast my vote toward the "not  random" category. Even though I've just been playing the Lotto just a short 2 years, I've observed too much to realize that as Einstein said, "God does not play Dice" . Now don't get me completely wrong, while I don't think its random, a little chaos is part of life, or rather part of order. Chaos may express itself, if for example I know that the last digit of the Pick 3 is certainly going to be a given parameter of  3, 1, or 6. Order will give me a parameter and chaos dictates presents those few choices in that parameter. The challenge as always is to extrapolate how that works for the lottery.

For all those who may been led to doubt their hard or easy-earned formulas, trust me when I say that you can derive formulas, no matter how mundane or mystical, outside of just using statistics to reliably help you play lotto better. 

Like most everyone else, I have a number of formulas - methods and systems.   They have gotten better and better as I have gone along. Its interesting that the more you pull back from the games, the better you can see the matrix. I don't all have it figured out yet, and I doubt I ever will. Besides I love the chase and learning, using all the slip-shod things that I know from various fields and bringing it all to bare in the lotto. Yes, even disparate things can connect to the lotto. Just pull back far enough.

For instance, I've thought that there must be some way to merge The Magic Sqaure Of The Sun and the Magic Square Of The  Moon. I think I may have found a way, but it still needs a little turning over and more finessing(this has nothing at all to do with the things some kind people have showed me to apply to the Magic Square of the Sun). The merging of the two Squares will not be so apparent but I think they do merge or rather work together. Much of my posted work on the LP bears alot of the footprints of what I now see. It was there all along, but I just didin't pull back far enough. I'm sure most of us have had simlar experiences. Again, there is still work to do but, oh my oh my...I know people will laugh as if to say how can you take something so arbitrary and seeming apply it to the lotto. That logic is correct, but only if your basic assumption is that it is arbitrary.


...Just  to say that when it comes to the lotto, it ALL works. The very logical stuff and the non-linear. Some paths may be a little bit more extraneous than others, but NO Path IS THE Best Path. Honor your own individuality, and your Sacred creativity and you will move closer to what's just beyond your reach.. Eyes wide open, leave no stone unturned and look closely, and then pull back to see the big picture.

Wishing you the Most and the Best...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pick 3 - Just choose 1 in 35 numbers and you can win

Sometimes, when I play the Pick 3, I don't look at it as I have to figure out 1 number in 1000(straights), or even 1 in 220(Box). I look at it as if I'm playing 1 in 35 numbers. Of course, I'm being slightly disingenious, but not really.

When I choose from among only 35 numbers, I'm really choosing from among 35 familes of numbers. The family are grouped into mirrors. One you look at a number, its helpful to that it has other faces or expressions. Those other faces are mirrors. Its been hardwired in my brain, that when I see a number I see all of its mirrors. Through observation, I've come to believe the lottery, among other things, is also based on mirrors. So in essence when I play a number, I also play its mirrors.  Remember, the mirrors for each digit are:

0 = 5 

1 = 6

2 = 7

3 = 8

4 = 9


So Here are the 35 NUMBERS/MIRRORS


1.  000, 005, 055, 555

2.  111, 116, 166, 666

3.  222, 227, 277, 777

4.  333, 338, 388, 888

5.  444, 449, 499, 999



6.  001, 006, 051, 056, 551, 556

7.  112, 117, 162, 167, 662, 667

8.  223, 228, 273, 278, 773, 778

9.   334, 339, 384, 389, 884, 889

10. 445, 440, 495, 490, 990, 995



11.  002, 007, 552, 557, 502, 507

12.  113, 118, 663, 668, 613, 618

13.  224, 229, 774, 779, 724, 729

14.  335, 330, 885, 880, 835, 830

15.  446, 441, 446, 991, 946, 941



16.  003, 008, 053, 058, 553, 558

17.  114, 119, 164, 169, 664, 669

18.  225, 220, 275, 270, 775, 770

19.  336, 331, 386, 381, 886, 881

20.  447, 442, 497, 492, 997, 992



21.  004, 009, 054, 059, 554, 559

22.  115, 110, 165, 160, 665, 660

23.  226, 221, 276, 271, 776, 771

24.  337, 332, 387, 382, 887, 882

25.  448, 443, 498, 493, 998, 993



26.  012, 017, 062, 067, 512, 517, 562, 567

27.  123, 128, 173, 178, 623, 628, 673, 678

28.  234, 239, 284, 289, 734, 739, 784, 789

29.  345, 340, 395, 390, 845, 840, 895, 890

30.  456, 451, 406, 401. 956, 951, 906, 901



31.  013, 018, 063, 068, 513, 518, 563, 568

32.  124, 129, 174, 179, 624, 629, 674, 679

33.  235, 230, 285, 280, 735, 730, 785, 780

34.  346, 341, 396, 391, 846, 841, 896, 891

35.  457, 452, 407, 402, 957, 952, 907, 902


Again, the above just represents 35 numbers. Sometimes, when I play the Pick 3,  I just choose 1 or 2 of the above lines. Of course, choosing good numbers using this perception depends on the strategy you use...That will posted by and by...

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