Friday, March 1, 2019

The green new...then we starve to death.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the world will end in 12 years due to global warming.

She came up with a "Green new deal"

No longer will we have airplanes, trucks , cars, or farting cows ( can't make this up, totally true).

She wants to build a train to Hawaii , (yes across the ocean) think about that.

This idiotic bill has all kinds of lunacy written into, but we'll focus on transportation.

Ask yourself a question.

If you can't go to the grocery store how long would you be able to survive?

You're probably thinking, hey I can just walk. yep you sure could, most likely to an empty store.

Our food is flown on planes, comes by truck, train and ships.

It moves around from all over, goes to distribution centers and eventually to the grocery store, big food warehouses, etc.

Schools, hospitals, bars, restaurants etc..everybody depends on trucks bringing food every day.

If you shut down transportation, you shut down our food supply.

Most grocery stores only hold a 3 day supply of food for its customers.(they get trucks in everyday to restock)

Can you guess what happens when there is no grocery stores full of food?

People will panic, they will turn on one another and that's when the killing starts.

Most people shop weekly, you may have even a month's supply of food, but it will run out, this is when starving starts.

Hospitals and emergency services will be overwhelmed.

The real scary part of this story, every Democrat running for President has endorsed this idiocy, of course they wanted to jump on the coat tails of the popular pretty girl and didn't read it. Typical!

Think real hard, because if out transportation stops, we won't have to worry about the world ending in 12 years, in less then a year with this "Green new deal"  most will starve.

Think it can't happen, look at Venezuela.


At 7:40 PM, eddessaknight said...

Thanks sully

We should     Stop sugarcoating it. Stop calling them liberals, progressives or even socialists. This is exactly what communism looks like.

At 8:29 PM, JAP69 said...

She has made herself out to be the smartest one in the room.

At 8:55 PM, jarasan said...

Soylent green deal? GD idiots listen to this AOC garbage and buy in to it, GD leftist public schools and universities.

If they only taught what it takes to make a pencil then things might be a bit different.

At 9:14 PM, mikeintexas said...

I read that her plan could cost 72 trillion dollars. Of course, she can come up with that amount of money, just have the govt. print out as much as she needs . For someone who supposedly majored in economics, she sure shows a massive amount of ignorance about the subject.   She has a great role model, Bernie, who loves him some Communism but also loves his three luxury homes and his fleet of classic cars. He's got one old Mustang that is valued at nearly a quarter million, I just read. (and it wasn't a car he had back when it was new and he held onto it all this time and had it restored...nope, he bought it for that much.) OCC sees in him just how rich you can get by never really holding down a real job.

eddessa is right and it's something I've been preaching about for years; don't call them liberals or progressives, they simply do not fit the description. I prefer "leftists" (without even giving them the benefit of a capital "L".) because they have morphed into exactly what the leadership of the former USSR was, the exact same Stalinist modus operandi. Guess who gets the Dacha and who is sent to the gulag?

At 11:35 PM, mikeintexas said...

Sorry, I was pretty far off on what her plan would cost.

It's closer to 92 trillion. OCC would probably say "But, that's just a bunch of zeros, so what?"

At 4:55 AM, CARBOB said...

Her brain can not hold that many "Zeros". I would love to see her stats from college.

At 7:35 AM, sully16 said...

Thanks everybody, I'm sure i'll have more on the new green disaster.

At 12:40 PM, MADDOG10 said...

If I were still a Democrat, (sadly I once was), I'd definately would have to think, what is imbalanced in this Individual(AOC). She, has gotten a hold of a tainted group of schrooms. She is a front runner for the communist party.

At 1:39 PM, konane said...

Who's financing her?

At 11:47 AM, Vergie6 said...

For the life of me I cannot understand why people are so afraid of her!

I think for one thing she just likes to see herself on TV and be the center of attention!

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