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Google releases first non-beta version of Chome browser

Nice to see that the Chome web browser is finally out of beta.  The latest release is their first to sport a "1.x" version number.

Everything seems to be just fine using it.  LP loads smoothly, animation is as quick as ever.  The editor works great (this post typed using Chrome).

If you already have an older version of Chrome installed, upgrading to the lastest version is a breeze.  Simply click the "wrench" icon in the upper-right, and select "About Google Chrome".  Then, at the bottom of the window it shows that a new version is available.  Click the Update button.  After the update is finished, close and re-open Chrome, and you're done!

People who don't have Chrome can visit


  • Works much faster than IE8 surfing ebay which can be a pain slogging through sometimes. It however chokes, locks up when on a busy page such as an online interactive game. Very good browser overall.

    By konane, at 8:58 AM

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