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Search using the 2001 version of Google

I just stumbled on a very cool thing.

Google just turned 10 years old, and one of the things they did to celebrate is to bring back their very first search index from 2001 — and they let you run searches using it!

The site even uses the early Google logo.

When you bring up search results, they have an option to view the page from the Internet Archive, so you can see what the page looked like way back in 2001!

Here's a link:

Try typing "lottery post" as the search query.  Not only can you see a very old version of Lottery Post, but if you skip down a few entries you can see an early version of — the former version of USA Mega.

What a cool walk down memory lane!

One of the really neat things is that Lottery Post and USA Mega ( are just as old as Google.  These sites have been around a long time, and have come a long way, just like Google.

Edit: If you type "lottery post" as the search term, you will actually see two entries for Lottery Post — the second being the Rules page.  If you click the Rules page link (the archive link, not the main link), you not only get to see how simple the rules were back then, but you also get treated to the first [ugly] version of the LP logo.


  • Happy 10th birthday to LP!
    If only the revenue would match that of Google, you would be all set!

    ps - it does look a lot better in 2008!

    By truecritic, at 6:20 PM

  • Well, not quite 10 years yet. LP is 8+ years old, but it is indeed the age of Google's first search index.

    By Todd, at 8:22 PM

  • There must have been something big that happened that year. (2001) Because everything that begun that year, lasted for a very long time. (Until the present) It was the year I first got my yahoo email account. I know this because it is a part of my username for I don't know about everyone else, but I do have a list of things that begun in 2001.

    By spy153, at 11:11 PM

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