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Firefox 3.0 beta 1 is available for download

Firefox fans rejoice!  The first public beta of version 3  of the popular web browser is now available for anyone to download.

I'm using it right now to type this blog entry.

Everything seems to work as it should.  I don't see many visible changes from version 2, but there are some.

For one, you get one-click ability to add a bookmark by clicking a star symbol next to the browser address.

The browser replaces the version of Firefox you currently have installed, so if you rely upon third party plug-ins, it is probably better not to upgrade.  That's because most plug-ins are not compatible with the new  beta yet.

The public download page is:


  • I think I will wait for it to become stable. Got too many plugins. Thanks for sharing.

    By Tenaj, at 1:32 PM

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