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Performance continuing to improve

I'm really happy with how performance on the site is coming along, especially in the forums.

Much of the improvement is coming as a result of architectural changes I made many months ago, and which are finally starting to kick in.

The server time to create a page of thread posts is down to about 1-2 hundredths of a second, which is just astounding, considering the number of forum posts in the system (approaching 900,000 at the moment). 

I just ran a full thread page at random, and it came up as 0.0134 seconds -- and I use a page size of 20 posts, so it can only be better than that for someone with default settings of 9 posts  per page.  (I'm pretty sure that's the default.)

It used to be that a second or so was pretty good, so to drop the times down to about 1 hundredth of a second is something that at one point I never thought would happen.

With all the difficult, nasty things that a Webmaster has to deal with on a daily basis, it can be nice now and then to take stock of some of the good things that are happening too.


  • Todd,

    You've done a good job with the site. The page loading has always been fast but you've taken it to a new level. And I like the home page changes too...looks good.


    By Rick G, at 6:02 PM

  • Thank you Rick.

    By Todd, at 8:38 PM

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