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Monday, February 19, 2024

646 Minis

In my attempts to show you how to win at Pick 3s, I've recently come across a new way to take a 
look at the numbers and find possible hits coming to your state. I'm calling it: "The Minis".

In my previous posts, I've talked about the significance of using the 646 workouts. The are
vital in my opinion on seeing what's coming to your state. But this one is a little more interesting
and seems to hold some weight, for half the work.

Let me explain how to set up the minis and then what to look for. So let's dive in.

We are going to use PA for an example to start with, then I will show you some others.
Let's step back to when PA pulled 595. Now, we would do the same thing with our 646 workout,
which is where we write 595 down, then in and add 6 to the first column of numbers, 4 to the second,
and finally 6 to the third. But this time, we are only going to create 3 rows, instead of 6.

5 9 5
1 3 1
7 7 7




Ok, so now, that's "The Mini". From here, we are focused on just 2 numbers primarily in
this box. Those numbers are "31" which is in the 2nd row, and then the middle and right number.
This is the "hot spot" of The Minis.

5 9 5
1 3 1
7 7 7




Now, what you are going to do is simply mirrow "just one" of those two numbers. When you do,
you are left with 36, or 81. So it would look like this

5 9 5
1 8 1
7 7 7



Or like this:

5 9 5
1 3 6
7 7 7




Now, then next thing is, you are going to use any number that is around that
combination as you see it. So in the example of using 36, we would be watching
for the following possible draws:

536, 936, 136, 736

And in the case of the 81, we do the same thing
581, 981, 181, 781

And just a few draw later: 815! Bam - boxed hit.

5 9 5
1 8 1
7 7 7




Let's keep going, this time, the next draw for PA was 774. So do The Mini

7 7 4
3 1 0
9 5 6


Our "hot spot" is showing "10", so that means, "15" or "60". Again, use the numbers
around the hot spot with one of those combos, and sure enough, just 3 draws later: 551!

7 7 4
3 1 5
9 5 6


This Minis technique works in any state and can give you some insight as to what's coming
to your state!

Let's take a look at another state, so I can show you how this works elsewhere. In this example,
we are going to use New York. We will step back just 7 draws, to when New York used 718.
We set up The Mini:

7 1 8
3 5 4
9 9 0


So "54" is in our hot spot, that means we make it "04" or "59". Just 4 draws later New York
pulled the number 095.

7 1 8
3 5 9
9 9 0


Next draw after that was 299, so The Mini looks like this:

2 9 9
8 3 5
4 7 1


Again, the hot spot shows "35", so we are looking for "30" or a "85" combo to be played.
And in 2 draws, New York played the number 043.

2 9 9
8 3 0
4 7 1


Are you starting to see a pattern yet? Now, there's a couple of little extra tricks but the principal
is exactly the same regarding the "hot spot".  In the next draw, I am going to show you what else
to watch for - but notice the same thing: the hot spot.

After 299, New York pulled 565. so The Mini setup looks like this

5 6 5
1 0 1
7 4 7


This case, we can also consider the hot spot NOT being mirrored, instead one of the alternate numbers
around the hot spot gets mirrored. So if that were the case, and we keep the "01" possibility, then we
would mirror the numbers around that and we are left with:

010, 011, 012, 019

Sure enough, 5 draws later, New York pulled 091.

5 6 5
1 0 1
7 9 7


You can see, The Minis can help guide you to a hit that's coming. Now, this is what's really important
so you can keep track of what's coming. Write out The Minis on a sheet of paper, preferably in a row
starting on the left and moving to the right as your write them out after a new draw is pulled. Then,
one a "Mini" gets used, mark it off. Highlight it, box the number, something, so you know it's been used.
Then what you are looking for, is a Mini that hasn't been used, and you focus on those hot spots.

Then, do you best, to try to match the open Minis, to a number that has been recently played but
is just "one tick" off. If we go back and look at our last example in New York, the number was 565.
So what we are looking for in regards to the "one tick" off, is something like this:

665, 465, 575, 555, 566, 564

Using the mirrors is acceptable to track this part so the mentioned numbers would be:

110, 915, 020, 000, 011, 019 <--- and there it is! Our hit just a couple of draws later

The way I track upcoming plays is by using this method ("one tick off"), and when that number gets
played, I place a blue line under the workout to show me it's been used. When I do this, I am left with
just a small handful of numbers that haven't been used based on the "one tick" off. Then I match The Minis
to those "one tick" offs, and I have my potential plays.

This method is pretty straight forward and easy to use, and it helps you to focus in on hits.
Sometimes, The Minis play back the very next draw, and sometimes it can be up to 10. But they do hit.

I will go into more details later about the the "one tick" off and show you some examples on how to 
trace that and use it to your advantage. It really is truly amazing, when you pay attention to what you're
looking at and see how this works as a system.

Try this technique for yourself, back test it on your own state, see if it helps you win more often.
Be sure to come back and leave me a comment or some insight. Do you see something that maybe I've missed?
I'd love to hear your input. Together, we can hone our skills and really step to the front of the line and
become the winners we've all dreamed of being.

Til then,
Win Pick 3


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  • At 9:30 PM, lakerben said…

    On the first example third row where did thr 777 come from?  The a ame on t h e other examples.

  • At 9:53 PM, winpick3 said…

    What you are doing Ben is +6 to the first column of numbers, +4 to the second and then +6 to the last. So in the first example, 595, you start with the first 5, 5+6=11, (use lotto math, so 1), Then you +6 to that number, 1+6 = 7. Then you do the second number, but this is +4. 9 + 4 = 3. 3 + 4 = 7, and then the last number is the same as the left column. Thus resulting in the 777

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