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Sunday, May 19, 2024

The 2 & 2 Rule - Finding Pairs

It's been a while since I posted on the blog. I've been busy with other work, as well and creating new ways for us as players to find numbers to play that will help us win more! And this post is a new technique to help you do just that - win!

This approach has been developed by me, simply by paying attention to what's really happening when drawn numbers are released. And I think you're going to love this one. It's really simple to watch for, and when it happens, there's minimal to be done. Simply play the pairs with the extra number of your choice, or play the pairs as an "ALL", and you will hit - guaranteed.

"The 2 & 2 Rule"

As the name implies, there's a "rule" you must watch for, for this to work.
The rules are very simple.

1.) The draws MUST be back to back draws (day to night, or night to day)
2.) The draws MUST contain 2 numbers that are the same (and mirroring is accepted)

Rule number 1 is pretty self-explanatory and easy to follow. And if you don't understand, then look at the last 2 numbers drawn in your state. That's back to back draws. That's it - that's all it takes for rule #1.

Rule number 2 can be a little tricky if you don't understand what "mirrors" are and how to use them. In short, a mirror number is either +/- 5 from the current number. That's it. So using a 2, the mirror is 7 (2+5=7). But the mirroring is where it can be a little tricky. Let me give you an example of the mirroring in the back to back draws.


Those 2 draws are back to back from PA. And they also contain 2 of the same numbers when we consider the mirrors. Let me show you. We are going to take the "68" from the 268. When we mirror those, they become "13". And sure enough, now we can see it has 2 of the same numbers as the previous draw in 931.

So, are these back to back draws? And do they meet the second requirement of the rules, which is it contains 2 of the same number (mirrors accepted)? The answer is yes to both rules! Now we have a "setup". So now what?

Perfect, we have a setup that happened on 5/6 in PA when 268 and 931 were drawn back to back. Let me do some highlights so you can see this better!

268 <-- When mirrored is "13"

So now what we do is, we take the first instance of the setup, meaning the 931, and we are allowed to use the original pair, or, we are allowed to mirror only one single digit of the pair. That's it! So when we use the "31" from the 931 setup and consider the mirroring we get the following:

31, 81, 36

Those are our pairs that we are going to focus on and watch for. With those pairs, you can pick just the pair that you like, or, you can play them all with an extra number you may like, or play all 3 pairs as an "ALL". Meaning you'd play each pair with a 0-9 to catch a boxed hit. If we had done that, on 5/9, PA had played 367. And there's our pair of "36" that hit.

Let's look at this using actual draw data from LP and PA's draws

Thu, May 9, 2024 516 367
Wed, May 8, 2024 404 733
Tue, May 7, 2024 793 432
Mon, May 6, 2024 931 268

As you can see, I've highlighted the "setup" in yellow, and again our pairs were, 31, 81, 36. And on May 9th, 367 hit!

Let's try another state and see what happens.


Sat, May 18, 2024 906 370
Fri, May 17, 2024 755 900
Thu, May 16, 2024 246 492
Wed, May 15, 2024 698 648

Tri-States did a setup on May 15th, with 698 and 648. The first setup was 698, so we use that. Our pairs are 69, 19, 64. And sure enough, the very next draw, Tri-States pulled 246 - using our "64" pair.


Fri, May 17, 2024 755 189
Thu, May 16, 2024 432 964
Wed, May 15, 2024 031 071
Tue, May 14, 2024 196 437
Mon, May 13, 2024 655 515

This one is pretty simple and easy to spot. On the 13th of May, Illinois pulled 655 and 515. So our first rule is met, by back to back draws. And our second rule is met, because both draws contain 2 of the same numbers. So we are allowed to use the original pair - 55. Or mirror just one number, so 50 or 05. Final pairs are 55, 50, 05. And sure enough, just 7 draws later, Illinois pulled 755, which matches our pairs setup.


Fri, May 17, 2024 514 461
Thu, May 16, 2024 151


We use the first instance of "51", so 51, 01 or 56, and the next draw was 514.

The list goes on and on, and works in all states! I've back tested this, like always with anything I put out, to make sure it works before releasing it to the masses to help people win. I want to make sure it's easy to use and follow, and people can use it and win!

Let me give you some bonus content with this approach. So you watch for a "setup" and the setup happens, 2 back to back draws and both numbers contain 2 of the same numbers, even when we consider mirrors. If the pairs are a "true double" (meaning like 22, 88, 00, etc) then you will actually want to consider playing for a straight hit versus a boxed hit. Here's why...

When we take a pair, let's say 31. If we were to play all it would look like this:
031, 131, 231, 331, 431, 531, 631, 731, 831, 931

Now if we were to also consider the permutations (all the ways say 231 can be played) that would result in 6 numbers that you would have to play just 231.

231, 213, 321, 312, 123, 132

Whereas, if we are dealing with a true double, say 22, you'll notice there's only really 3 ways to play 221.
221, 212, 122

And if you are playing all, meaning 0-9/22, then you would have 3 x 10 = 30 numbers to play STRAIGHT!
Sure, it may cost you $15 (.50 x 30 = $15), but your payout is $250! Well worth the investment, especially when you are dealing with doubles. That is of course, if you only chose to play the 22 and not the 27 and 77 pairs that goes with it.

But if you decided you wanted to play all 3 of the pairs that are a double boxed, you'd be playing 28 numbers, and 2 of those numbers would be played straight. 222 and 777. So your cost is $14 for your boxed payout of around $40ish depending on your state's double payout structure. Some states pay higher because it's a double.

The choice is yours on how you choose to play it. But I wanted to provide another technique that helps you to see the pairs that are coming and hit anywhere from the very next draw up to 5-6 days later. What's a good strategy you would use to play these pairs and hit? Leave me comment below and tell me how you would approach this.

I sincerely hope this helps people see the pairs that are coming in their state or the states they play in, and allows them to win more often. If you were to track these in your own state in a single month's time, you'd be amazed at just how many times this happens. I took a screen shot of Missouri's data to show someone in that thread.

Take a look at all the highlights! These are setups and their respective plays after a setup has been done.

That's just in the month of April, and those are all within the same month. Meaning nothing
that's highlighted extends to another month. Pretty insane right? This is what happens when we really pay attention to what's happening.

I recently mentioned this to someone and I like it as a quote:
"When we are focused, we aren't focused".

What that means is, when we are focused on something, we aren't able to see the other things that are going on around us as well. When we can learn to look at this "system" as just that, a system, and not be so focused to try to find the next number, the system will actually tell us the next number(s) to come.

Til then...
Win Pick 3

Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Power of 3's (or 8's)

Today, I am going to show you how to hone in on your numbers and get yourself a hit. The process is pretty simple, and straight forward. I will explain what it is to look for and then provide some current working examples! Let's dive in.

The number 3 is our primary focus for this article, along with it's mirror number - 8. The 3's and 8's give you hint to what's coming within a few draws. It's not so much the actual 3 or 8, but instead, it's the pair that is with them that your focus should be on. When a number plays, and it contains a 3 or an 8, the other two numbers will play back within a few draws generally either as they are, or just one number in the pair mirrored.

Let's take a recent example from New York, shall we, and then take a closer look at what's going on.

Thu, Feb 22, 2024 742 882
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 111 719
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 076 768
Mon, Feb 19, 2024 091 333
Sun, Feb 18, 2024 095



Let's start at the bottom and work our way up. If we look at the evening draw for New York on the 18th, we can see the number was 685. So there's an "8". Now, the "65" are the pair that goes along with it. That's what we are going to watch for. Either played as themselves, or just one number mirrored.

If we look at the very next draw on the day draw of the 19th, we can see 091 came out. Now the "0x1" are mirrored to the "65". It's there, but that's not what I want to show you. Instead, move up to the day draw of the 20th. Here we can see the number was "076". Remember when I said the "65" would mirror just one number? Well, in the 076, it did just that. The 65 became a 60, and add the 7, we get 076.

Now, let's look at the "333" that came out. Yes, we still use this example. So a "3" came, so that means we should be looking for a "33" or a "38" combo to appear. It just so happens that in this case, on the 22nd, 882 played in the evening draw. And there's our "33" combo.

How about Arkansas, let's take a look at some of the recent draws from that and see what we see.

Fri, Feb 23, 2024 187 889
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 407 501
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 851



Again, let's start from the bottom and move up. First we will start with the day draw from the 21st, We see that "851" came out. That means our pair to watch for is "51". Just 3 draws later on the 22nd, "501" came out in the evening. There's a "51" pair straight up. Our next draw back on the 21st also had a 3 and an 8 within it. So you still look at it either way. Let's use the foundation of a "3" for the approach. So 873 was played, and then the "87" is our pair to watch for, and on the 23rd during the day, the number was "187". There's our pair!

How about another example? Let's take New Jersey and see what we have

Fri, Feb 23, 2024 447 300
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 341 802
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 831 986
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 307 423
Mon, Feb 19, 2024 349 395

By now, you should be able to see it happening. Your brain has had enough training to understand the concept, and to be able to spot it easily. Pretty cool right? This gives you a chance to know 2 of the numbers coming in a draw. 

Let me just show you some more examples that this point from different states. I will highlight them so you can spot them easy, but I will just copy and paste from the states.


Fri, Feb 23, 2024 156 643
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 280 528
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 607 063
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 793 376

Washington D.C

Sun, Feb 25, 2024 163 668
Sat, Feb 24, 2024 460 204
Fri, Feb 23, 2024 205 056



Fri, Feb 23, 2024 820 227
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 874 858
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 220 911
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 822 778



Fri, Feb 23, 2024 569 407
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 821 242
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 093 421
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 951 390


The list goes on and on. You can use the "3 and 8"'s to your advantage to be able to track the upcoming pairs. Remember, the most common way to play them is, either play the pair, or mirror just one number of the pair to your liking. Always use your other workouts to see what's coming and lining up to your liking.

I've got some more stuff I will be releasing soon, but for now, I thought I would throw this one out there as it's a quick and easy technique to use to get you some hits. If you wanted to, you could play the pair as it and then play "all" (meaning 0 through 9) with that pair. At a .50 play, that's just $5 to play, but it's a boxed hit for sure.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you have anything you see that is unique and helps people find hit?

Til then...
Win Pick 3

Monday, February 19, 2024

646 Minis

In my attempts to show you how to win at Pick 3s, I've recently come across a new way to take a 
look at the numbers and find possible hits coming to your state. I'm calling it: "The Minis".

In my previous posts, I've talked about the significance of using the 646 workouts. The are
vital in my opinion on seeing what's coming to your state. But this one is a little more interesting
and seems to hold some weight, for half the work.

Let me explain how to set up the minis and then what to look for. So let's dive in.

We are going to use PA for an example to start with, then I will show you some others.
Let's step back to when PA pulled 595. Now, we would do the same thing with our 646 workout,
which is where we write 595 down, then in and add 6 to the first column of numbers, 4 to the second,
and finally 6 to the third. But this time, we are only going to create 3 rows, instead of 6.

5 9 5
1 3 1
7 7 7




Ok, so now, that's "The Mini". From here, we are focused on just 2 numbers primarily in
this box. Those numbers are "31" which is in the 2nd row, and then the middle and right number.
This is the "hot spot" of The Minis.

5 9 5
1 3 1
7 7 7




Now, what you are going to do is simply mirrow "just one" of those two numbers. When you do,
you are left with 36, or 81. So it would look like this

5 9 5
1 8 1
7 7 7



Or like this:

5 9 5
1 3 6
7 7 7




Now, then next thing is, you are going to use any number that is around that
combination as you see it. So in the example of using 36, we would be watching
for the following possible draws:

536, 936, 136, 736

And in the case of the 81, we do the same thing
581, 981, 181, 781

And just a few draw later: 815! Bam - boxed hit.

5 9 5
1 8 1
7 7 7




Let's keep going, this time, the next draw for PA was 774. So do The Mini

7 7 4
3 1 0
9 5 6


Our "hot spot" is showing "10", so that means, "15" or "60". Again, use the numbers
around the hot spot with one of those combos, and sure enough, just 3 draws later: 551!

7 7 4
3 1 5
9 5 6


This Minis technique works in any state and can give you some insight as to what's coming
to your state!

Let's take a look at another state, so I can show you how this works elsewhere. In this example,
we are going to use New York. We will step back just 7 draws, to when New York used 718.
We set up The Mini:

7 1 8
3 5 4
9 9 0


So "54" is in our hot spot, that means we make it "04" or "59". Just 4 draws later New York
pulled the number 095.

7 1 8
3 5 9
9 9 0


Next draw after that was 299, so The Mini looks like this:

2 9 9
8 3 5
4 7 1


Again, the hot spot shows "35", so we are looking for "30" or a "85" combo to be played.
And in 2 draws, New York played the number 043.

2 9 9
8 3 0
4 7 1


Are you starting to see a pattern yet? Now, there's a couple of little extra tricks but the principal
is exactly the same regarding the "hot spot".  In the next draw, I am going to show you what else
to watch for - but notice the same thing: the hot spot.

After 299, New York pulled 565. so The Mini setup looks like this

5 6 5
1 0 1
7 4 7


This case, we can also consider the hot spot NOT being mirrored, instead one of the alternate numbers
around the hot spot gets mirrored. So if that were the case, and we keep the "01" possibility, then we
would mirror the numbers around that and we are left with:

010, 011, 012, 019

Sure enough, 5 draws later, New York pulled 091.

5 6 5
1 0 1
7 9 7


You can see, The Minis can help guide you to a hit that's coming. Now, this is what's really important
so you can keep track of what's coming. Write out The Minis on a sheet of paper, preferably in a row
starting on the left and moving to the right as your write them out after a new draw is pulled. Then,
one a "Mini" gets used, mark it off. Highlight it, box the number, something, so you know it's been used.
Then what you are looking for, is a Mini that hasn't been used, and you focus on those hot spots.

Then, do you best, to try to match the open Minis, to a number that has been recently played but
is just "one tick" off. If we go back and look at our last example in New York, the number was 565.
So what we are looking for in regards to the "one tick" off, is something like this:

665, 465, 575, 555, 566, 564

Using the mirrors is acceptable to track this part so the mentioned numbers would be:

110, 915, 020, 000, 011, 019 <--- and there it is! Our hit just a couple of draws later

The way I track upcoming plays is by using this method ("one tick off"), and when that number gets
played, I place a blue line under the workout to show me it's been used. When I do this, I am left with
just a small handful of numbers that haven't been used based on the "one tick" off. Then I match The Minis
to those "one tick" offs, and I have my potential plays.

This method is pretty straight forward and easy to use, and it helps you to focus in on hits.
Sometimes, The Minis play back the very next draw, and sometimes it can be up to 10. But they do hit.

I will go into more details later about the the "one tick" off and show you some examples on how to 
trace that and use it to your advantage. It really is truly amazing, when you pay attention to what you're
looking at and see how this works as a system.

Try this technique for yourself, back test it on your own state, see if it helps you win more often.
Be sure to come back and leave me a comment or some insight. Do you see something that maybe I've missed?
I'd love to hear your input. Together, we can hone our skills and really step to the front of the line and
become the winners we've all dreamed of being.

Til then,
Win Pick 3

Sunday, January 28, 2024

One Off - A Budget Friendly Strategy

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you all have been enjoying the New Year and the lottery(ies) are treating you well. If not, head over to the PA or FL threads where I've been posting some blocks of numbers that have been hitting consistently. In fact, Florida has had 19 boxed hits and 4 straight hits to-date!

Today, I'm going to show you a new approach and technique that is really easy and simple to use and a simple technique that is budget friendly as well. In this approach, it takes a look at the "one off" from a previous draw. And when I say "one off", that literally means - 1 number off - that's it. Let me explain.

When I've been doing my workouts, I started doing something that had caught my eye. And that was, I left room on the bottom of the work out so I could come back to write a number under it. I was seeing something that allows me to hone in on numbers by simple reasonable deductions. And when a number would play, I would then go back and look for a workout that held a number that could be considered "one off". Let me give you an example.

Tri-State played the number 233, and then it's next play was 338. Well, back under the 233, I wrote (338). Why? Because if we +1 to the 2 in 233, we get 333, which is the same number. I would also do this for any number that was draw that had a -1 to it. For example (this one is a little more tricky but if you understand the game you are playing you will understand this), again Tri-State played 217. Then later on it played 167. If we were to -1 from the 2 in 217, we get 117. And a mirror to 1 is 6. So we are left with 617, or 167. By the way, both of those numbers played straight in the Tri-State as soon as 6 days later.

So, the 233, became a 333 (338) and then the 217, became a 117 (167). Do you see what's happening here? It's literally just a "one off" of your previous number draws. The reason for writing the number underneath the workout, is because you can then physically see which workouts "haven't" been used yet, and that's where you want to focus your attention on. You take the very last draw, and use the drifter technique to help match up to an unused workout block. So if your last draw was 733, then you know that the next draw will contain a 2 or 7, and/or a 3 or 8. So now you can look at your unused workout blocks for a number that has a 2/7 or 3/8 and see if you can get it to line up.

As I tracked this for a while, then I started asking myself the question, "Is this really one off from a previous play - without any trickery (no mirorrs)?" So, I do what I do best, and wrote some code to help me figure out that answer.

What I am about to show you opens a new door for a betting strategy for players. So let's dive in!

If you look at the table below, you will see that the left column, is an actual draw numbers from the lottery.
That area is in the "red" box. Then, after that is 3 columns that has a header of "+1 to Draw". That's the blue
box area, and it contains 3 new numbers. All I did was +1 to each respective number from the number drawn
on that line. So for example, when 311 came out, I +1 to 3, so 411, then I +1 to 1, so 321, and then +1 again to the
last 1, so 312.

Then the last column is the same thing, except it's a -1 to each number from the draw. So working with 311, it now becomes 211, 301 and 310, respectively. This area is in the gold box.

Now, you will also see that some cells have a green box, and some have a red box. The green represents a "boxed" hit, and then the red represent a "straight hit". You can see this, because the number it matched up to is in (xxx).


Now stop, look at that table again. Take in for a moment, just how many green and red boxes there are in this table.
Even some of the draw numbers came back and replayed themselves, as we know it happens quite frequently in the lotteries across all the states. Impressive right? But how can this help you with a small handful of numbers and a hit?

Let's go back to our 311 example again and let's put all their numbers here:

311 - 411, 321, 312, 211, 301, 310

If we glance at those numbers, we can see that a couple of them are the same. 321, and 312, as well as 301 and 310.
So if we only count those as 1 number, that means we have just 5 numbers we can play.

311, 411, 321, 211, 301

With those 5 numbers, you have limited the amount of numbers when attempting to "cast a net", and you have a targeted focus. Less numbers, means you can place more money on the focus numbers, instead of less money because you had a bigger net with say 10 or 12 numbers.

Now, here's what you are looking for

Notice the gaps in the chart? The 447 row and the 235 row do not have a number that's been used either boxed or straight. And that's your target area. In the case of the 235, because it's a unique number, meaning no doubles, you will have to play more numbers, but in the case of 447, there are only 5 numbers you have to play. At just 5 numbers, you can play them straight and boxed for $5, when playing with a $.50 bet.

Also, watch for heavy repeat numbers, as those are a good indication they will be played. In the chart above we can see that 198, the last row of the chart, was replayed as 189. And if we look at the first row of the chart, it also had a 198. Another example is the 894 and the 498. Both of them turned out to be 984.

If you're a doubles hunter, this is a great way to track them down, because this is what will happen - one off. Remember to use the drifter technique when using this approach, that's how it will help you filter numbers down. By knowing at least 1 number of the next draw, it's going to give you an edge, to then hone in further on something like this.

I've got a couple of other new techniques that I will be rolling out soon. One of them is really exciting. I'm still testing it and tracking it, but so far, it's the best thing I've see that tells you the answer with minimal numbers. But more on that at a later time.

I hope this has helped you, and you can see what I am talking about. By doing the workouts, or even at least writing the draw number down and then writing the "one off" number under it or next to it, will help you see what's coming, simply by the process of elimination. Usually you won't see more than 4 to 6 workouts open at a time. Sure beats guess at 1,000 numbers - right?

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments section and I will be happy to do my best to answer them.

Til then...
Win Pick 3

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Raw Numbers: Part II

I know it's been a while since I last posted about the 3 Part Series of "The Raw Numbers". I've been working on something and that's taken up a lot of my time. But it's been useful and helpful. So first and foremost, I apologize for the delay regarding this post. With that out of the way, let's get to what you've all been waiting for, shall we...

The Raw Numbers: Part II - How they are created and used.

You may have seen me post in the state thread about The Raw Numbers and how to use them. I've also stated that if I know anything - they will be played! And what you are about to read, will in fact prove that on so many levels. But I need you to visualize something first. I need you to think about how "you" would make this happen. If there are multiple states that play the Pick 3 system, all generating revenue for the State, their schools, roads, assistance and various other ways they help and give back, how can they make sure that their Pick 3 revenue stream is "automated"? Meaning, how would they make it so they didn't have to put in the excessive manpower to produce and maintain such a system? There would have to be a way - right? How would you do it? Well, what I am about to share is how I believe they are able to pull off such a task.


Automation is the key to anything that runs efficiently. It's a robot if you will, working while you're sleeping, or off doing other things. Automation can be as simple as your coffee pot turning on at the time you set it to, or the outside lights coming on every night at a certain time. It can also be complex by completing various tasks like in manufacturing plants and other areas of our lives. And just like everything else, I believe the State Lotteries use an "automation" to produce their numbers. And I wanted to see if I could test this theory. But how could we essentially take just a "data set", and set it on auto-pilot and walk away and make millions of dollars doing so?

After taking so many different approaches, I finally stumbled on one that changed the game for me. This is the entire foundation of how I see, use and play the lottery in the Pick 3. This information could change how this game is played, it's that massive.

I was working with the numbers one night trying to figure out what the next possible draw could be. I was trying every different angle I could think of. And I kept having a single instance that happened. The number would play, and I would try to figure out where I saw that number. I looked through my notes, my scratch pad, my post its, but I couldn't find it anywhere. But I knew I saw it, within the last couple of days. I thought I was losing my mind. So I literally started writing everything I did down. Every angle, every step, every thought. Then I produced it again, and that's where the "ah-ha" moment happened. Let's take a look at a recent drawing from 
Pennsylvania  and I will show you what I discovered.

On the evening of November 30th the Pennsylvania Lottery played 497. Then the next day on December 1st, the day draw was 093. This is where it all changes. When you take those two numbers, and simply subtract them from one another, you are left with the answer of 404. Doesn't seem like much right? Just a simple subtraction equation. But it's this type of answer that caught my eye. That same night, Pennsylvania then played the number of 044.

2023-11-30 093 - 497 = 404 044 played on 2023-12-01

When I discovered this, I had to ask myself: "Is this really a 'thing'"? It couldn't be that easy - right? So I started back tracking and then I found another example just like this one. Remember how on December 1st, during the day the lottery had pulled the number "093"? Well, there's a "reason" they did. And this is it.

2023-11-27 145 - 052 = 093 093 played on 2023-12-01

So here's two examples of how two numbers appeared within a very short period of time within the Pennsylvania Pick 3 Lottery. Now I know what you're thinking - "It can't be that simple!" Well, in a way, yes, it is, but in a way, no it's not. There's a little more to it.

Understanding Depth

I will provide you with another example of how on November 27th, the Pennsylvania Lottery drew the number 145.

2023-11-24 762 - 781 = 019 145 played on 2023-11-27

If we look at the equation above we can see that two draws consecutively were 762 and 781. When those two numbers are subtracted from each other, we are left with the answer of "19". But since this is Pick 3, all numbers must be a 3 digit number, therefore we simply add a 0 to the front or back of the number. Your choice, doesn't matter. You will see why in a moment.

Now the Lottery drew the number 145, and if you have followed my other posts, I explained about mirror numbers and how to use them. So if we apply some mirroring techniques to our answer of 019, it becomes 514. And 514 my friends, is another number that hit in the PA lottery as 145. Again, yes, it's that simple. But you have to understand the game you are playing. That's where the other blog posts I have written helps lead up to this moment, this post. It has taught you what to look for.

I have this data in a couple of formats, but I am going to use the one that's easier to copy and paste into this post. This data is for Pennsylvania and can be independently checked - BY YOU! 

(2023-12-05) 199 - 713 = 514
(2023-12-04) 713 - 266 = 447
(2023-12-04) 266 - 593 = 327
(2023-12-03) 593 - 401 = 192
(2023-12-03) 401 - 557 = 156
(2023-12-02) 557 - 502 = 055
(2023-12-02) 502 - 140 = 362 (Played: 713 on 2023-12-05)
(2023-12-01) 140 - 044 = 096 (Played: 140 on 2023-12-02)
(2023-12-01) 044 - 093 = 049
(2023-11-30) 093 - 497 = 404 (Played: 044 on 2023-12-01)
(2023-11-30) 497 - 613 = 116
(2023-11-29) 613 - 725 = 112 (Played: 266 on 2023-12-04)
(2023-11-29) 725 - 923 = 198
(2023-11-28) 923 - 959 = 036
(2023-11-28) 959 - 203 = 756
(2023-11-27) 203 - 145 = 058
(2023-11-27) 145 - 052 = 093 (Played: 093 on 2023-12-01)
(2023-11-26) 052 - 443 = 391
(2023-11-26) 443 - 125 = 318
(2023-11-25) 125 - 866 = 741
(2023-11-25) 866 - 762 = 104 (Played: 145 on 2023-11-27)
(2023-11-24) 762 - 781 = 019 (Played: 145 on 2023-11-27)
(2023-11-24) 781 - 567 = 214
(2023-11-23) 567 - 726 = 159 (Played: 145 on 2023-11-27)
(2023-11-23) 726 - 485 = 241
(2023-11-22) 485 - 489 = 004
(2023-11-22) 489 - 218 = 271 (Played: 726 on 2023-11-23)
(2023-11-21) 218 - 946 = 728
(2023-11-21) 946 - 265 = 681 (Played: 866 on 2023-11-25)
(2023-11-20) 265 - 541 = 276 (Played: 726 on 2023-11-23)
(2023-11-20) 541 - 840 = 299 (Played: 497 on 2023-11-30) 

The list is there and you can see, the answers have either played back as themselves or they have mirrored up in some way and played back.

Monkey See - Monkey Do:

If you've made it this far and you haven't fallen out of your chair yet, then congratulations! What I am about to share next is even more mind blowing. So I think it's fair to say at this point, that there is in fact some validity to this. But is it just for a single state or is there more? I want to know just how "big" this concept really was. And let me tell you, it's REALLY BIG!

I started tracking multiple states. At first, it was just Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and California. And when I saw that the results were the same, that's where I really couldn't believe what I was seeing. So I full on went for all states that played the Pick 3. From Florida to Wisconsin, to Minnesota and even Western Canada. I had to know if this was really a "thing" across the entire states. Let me just share with you some results...

(2023-11-26) 717 - 828 = 111 (Played: 166 on 2023-11-27)
(2023-11-26) 828 - 511 = 317
(2023-11-25) 511 - 953 = 442 (Played: 974 on 2023-12-01)
(2023-11-25) 953 - 842 = 111 (Played: 166 on 2023-11-27)
(2023-11-24) 842 - 351 = 491 (Played: 491 on 2023-12-03)
(2023-11-24) 351 - 078 = 273
(2023-11-23) 078 - 337 = 259 (Played: 042 on 2023-11-29)
(2023-11-23) 337 - 493 = 156 (Played: 511 on 2023-11-26)
(2023-11-22) 493 - 833 = 340 (Played: 953 on 2023-11-25)
(2023-11-22) 833 - 128 = 705
(2023-11-21) 128 - 009 = 119 (Played: 691 on 2023-11-28)
(2023-11-21) 009 - 582 = 573 (Played: 078 on 2023-11-24)
(2023-11-20) 582 - 856 = 274
(2023-11-20) 856 - 457 = 399 (Played: 493 on 2023-11-23)
(2023-11-19) 457 - 219 = 238 (Played: 337 on 2023-11-23)
(2023-11-19) 219 - 345 = 126
(2023-11-18) 345 - 437 = 092 (Played: 457 on 2023-11-20)
(2023-11-18) 437 - 825 = 388 (Played: 833 on 2023-11-22)
(2023-11-17) 825 - 391 = 434 (Played: 493 on 2023-11-23) 

New York:
(2023-11-26) 843 - 752 = 091 (Played: 514 on 2023-11-28)
(2023-11-26) 752 - 158 = 594
(2023-11-25) 158 - 427 = 269 (Played: 192 on 2023-12-04)
(2023-11-25) 427 - 939 = 512
(2023-11-24) 939 - 407 = 532 (Played: 230 on 2023-12-04)
(2023-11-24) 407 - 556 = 149
(2023-11-23) 556 - 414 = 142 (Played: 192 on 2023-12-04)
(2023-11-22) 414 - 457 = 043 (Played: 408 on 2023-12-05)
(2023-11-22) 457 - 519 = 062
(2023-11-21) 519 - 091 = 428 (Played: 897 on 2023-11-28)
(2023-11-21) 091 - 559 = 468 (Played: 891 on 2023-11-29)
(2023-11-20) 559 - 764 = 205
(2023-11-20) 764 - 778 = 014 (Played: 091 on 2023-11-21)
(2023-11-19) 778 - 058 = 720 (Played: 752 on 2023-11-26)
(2023-11-19) 058 - 404 = 346 (Played: 891 on 2023-11-29)
(2023-11-18) 404 - 809 = 405 (Played: 559 on 2023-11-21)
(2023-11-18) 809 - 378 = 431 (Played: 891 on 2023-11-29) 

(2023-11-28) 842 - 030 = 812 (Played: 637 on 2023-11-29)
(2023-11-28) 030 - 478 = 448
(2023-11-27) 478 - 538 = 060 (Played: 560 on 2023-12-01)
(2023-11-27) 538 - 044 = 494
(2023-11-26) 044 - 278 = 234 (Played: 478 on 2023-11-28)
(2023-11-26) 278 - 093 = 185
(2023-11-25) 093 - 940 = 847 (Played: 478 on 2023-11-28)
(2023-11-25) 940 - 192 = 748 (Played: 478 on 2023-11-28)
(2023-11-24) 192 - 004 = 188 (Played: 863 on 2023-12-05)
(2023-11-24) 004 - 576 = 572
(2023-11-23) 576 - 807 = 231 (Played: 637 on 2023-11-29)
(2023-11-23) 807 - 429 = 378
(2023-11-22) 429 - 441 = 012 (Played: 576 on 2023-11-24)
(2023-11-22) 441 - 232 = 209
(2023-11-21) 232 - 193 = 039 (Played: 093 on 2023-11-26) 

(2023-11-24) 565 - 430 = 135 (Played: 513 on 2023-12-02)
(2023-11-24) 430 - 838 = 408
(2023-11-23) 838 - 156 = 682 (Played: 812 on 2023-11-29)
(2023-11-23) 156 - 081 = 075
(2023-11-22) 081 - 539 = 458 (Played: 430 on 2023-11-24)
(2023-11-22) 539 - 910 = 371 (Played: 812 on 2023-11-29)
(2023-11-21) 910 - 265 = 645 (Played: 910 on 2023-11-22)
(2023-11-21) 265 - 909 = 644 (Played: 496 on 2023-12-01)
(2023-11-20) 909 - 549 = 360 (Played: 081 on 2023-11-23)
(2023-11-20) 549 - 214 = 335
(2023-11-19) 214 - 226 = 012 (Played: 265 on 2023-11-21)
(2023-11-19) 226 - 220 = 006 (Played: 565 on 2023-11-25)
(2023-11-18) 220 - 385 = 165 (Played: 156 on 2023-11-23)
(2023-11-18) 385 - 978 = 593 (Played: 539 on 2023-11-22)
(2023-11-17) 978 - 966 = 012 (Played: 265 on 2023-11-21) 

(2023-11-25) 340 - 101 = 239 (Played: 932 on 2023-11-30)
(2023-11-23) 101 - 459 = 358 (Played: 330 on 2023-11-25)
(2023-11-24) 459 - 530 = 071 (Played: 652 on 2023-12-02)
(2023-11-22) 530 - 579 = 049 (Played: 459 on 2023-11-23)
(2023-11-23) 579 - 866 = 287 (Played: 827 on 2023-12-03)
(2023-11-21) 866 - 258 = 608
(2023-11-22) 258 - 821 = 563
(2023-11-20) 821 - 923 = 102 (Played: 652 on 2023-12-02)
(2023-11-21) 923 - 871 = 052 (Played: 250 on 2023-12-04)
(2023-11-18) 871 - 663 = 208 (Played: 258 on 2023-11-21)
(2023-11-20) 663 - 398 = 265 (Played: 652 on 2023-12-02)
(2023-11-17) 398 - 186 = 212 (Played: 177 on 2023-12-01)
(2023-11-19) 186 - 416 = 230 (Played: 258 on 2023-11-21)
(2023-11-16) 416 - 518 = 102 (Played: 652 on 2023-12-02)
(2023-11-18) 518 - 087 = 431 (Played: 981 on 2023-11-27)
(2023-11-15) 087 - 406 = 319 (Played: 981 on 2023-11-27) 

By now, I think you get the point! Each state does this within their Pick 3 Lottery. Not only are the answers producing straight hits and boxed hits, they are also producing mirrored hits! Even if you don't consider playing the mirrored or partially mirrored versions, and only play the answers as they are, you still have increased your chances of winning Pick 3 tremendously. Scroll through that list again and really pay attention to how quickly the answer is played by the lottery. 

This concept isn't just Pennsylvania, it's every single state that plays Pick 3!!!

Producing Results:

I think we all can agree, the results speak for themselves. There is no question that what I have showed you holds some merit. These are results that have been tried and tested for months and months, and every single time, in every single state, the result is the same thing. Two numbers subtracted produces an answer, and that answer is then played shortly after by the lottery.

I'm going to teach you how simple this is, and how you can independently test this within your own state, or a state of your choice and get the same exact results. The approach is simple. I've produced the results for months, in the state threads. I've even been asked multiple times: "How does the new guy produce so many hits in so many states?" This is how it's done.

Pick a state and then pick a number - any number within their draws. That's your starting point. From there, you MUST do this as a "system" - and not a "day" or "night" draw. That's not how this works. I can argue too many points to show that this needs to be played as a "whole" and not divided.

So now that you have a starting number, take the next number and subtract the two numbers and write down the answer. It's best to write out the entire equation so you can keep track and follow along easier. So let's say you started with a day draw number, you would subtract the day draw from the next number draw for the state, which happens to be night. Then take the night draw (same number) and then subtract it from the next number drawn in the state which would be the next day draw. Write that answer down. Do this line by line, answer by answer. It is "always" a rolling equation. Meaning one number will be used in two equations. Think of it like a relay race. One runner starts and gets to a point and then hands off to the next runner. Then that runner proceeds. This is the same way, day to night, night to day, day to night, night to day.

Then if you keep track of the draws that come out, mark those answers off anyway you'd like. With a check mark, or a highlighter, something, anything. But mark them off as they get used. Remember, it can be used straight, boxed, partially or fully mirrored. But it WILL be used. This... is how you produce The Raw Numbers.

I call them "The Raw Numbers" because that's what they are. The answer to two numbers subtracted, before they are used. The answer is the answer - and it's "Raw".

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks:

We've all heard the adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks". Yes, yes you can. If you have enough patience. Every single moment of our lives, we learn something new. Whether we are focused on it, or it happens subconsciously, it happens. Someone once said that "That plane will never fly", Thank you Wrights Brothers. Someone said you will never get that thing to start. Thank you major automotive manufactures. 

The point being is, if you "believe" - then you will. It's just that simple. It's not an old dog learning new tricks. It's something that since the beginning of man has had, the choice to believe. If you've been playing the lottery for 40 years, and you think you know everything there is to know about it, one day, someone will teach you something you've never saw before, simply because that person believed it was possible. And all you have to do, is make a choice. Do you believe, or not?

You see, we all believe what's in front of us, it's not a flaw - it's us being humans. After all, for so long, it's what we've been taught to do, either by ourselves or the people around us. And yes, even the Lotteries. But it's only when you make the choice to really look at what you're seeing or the game you are playing, and ask yourself: "Can I play it better"?, does it begin to teach you some "new tricks". Posing the question alone, means you're open to the concept, the rest is just accepting what's also there that you've never seen before. This is where human conditioning comes into play. We don't like change.

Forging a New Path:

As the world and everything around us evolves, so did the Lottery Commissions for each state. As technology advanced, so did their ability to make it more accessible to hold out their hand for your hard earned money. And we buy into the "illusion" and "propaganda" that they provide to us, simply because we choose to. But one day, someone comes along and chooses not to believe it, and sees things for what they are - "automation", and understands how it can be duplicated, simply by seeing what's being presented, not the illusions. 

This information now gives you a significant edge over the house. It gives you the possibility to make the illusion, a reality. This gives you the chance to step up your game and beat them at their own. You have the choice to see this information for what it is, and not accept what ever other notion you may have all long - or don't. What I have shared with you, is facts. No matter who or how it's disputed, it is still a fact: this number minus that number equals another number. And that other number is used shortly thereafter. Fact...

You have the chance to change how you play the lottery. The choice is yours to make. We as players have earned our spot at the table, by playing consistently to win the illusion that's been fed to us. But this time, as we seat ourselves at the table, we come prepared and armed with knowledge. We come to play, and we come to WIN!

It's Not Over Yet:
Hopefully, after reading this, testing it, seeing the truth of what's in front of you, it has sparked a fire in your belly. It's given you a second wind - after feeling defeated so many times, when you think you had the number and you were "one off". Man that feeling just flat out sucks. At that point you try again, and you don't care about the money, you just want the "win"! - One off... 

It's a vicious cycle that stops here, right now. You now have the chance to place that $10 bet on that number and hit it - straight! You now have the answers! Now all you have to do is filter each answer into place, using your favorite techniques like drifters, or pairs due, trigger numbers, etc. You know the answer already, you know it's going to play, it's just a matter of when, not if. That's where using your favorite approach comes in. This just gives you the ability to make sound decisions.

I know what I have shared with you is big, I mean really big. This could potentially change how the Pick 3 Lottery is played in multiple states. And while this may be huge and a lot to take it, I'm here to tell you - It's not over yet. There's more to this than you think! This is so huge that it may just change the lottery all together. But I'll leave that for another blog post! ;)

Til then...
Win Pick 3

Disclaimer: "Publishing laws, however, have changed: neither publication nor a notice of any kind is required to protect works today This information is to be used solely for personal use and in no way, in full or part used for commercial use without consent from the publisher.Copyright 12/6/2023"

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Raw Numbers: Part 1

Today is the today! I begin to reveal what "The Raw Numbers" are, how they are used and how they are created. For some, they already know how this process works. They have earned my trust and we have chit-chatted via private messages. For others, they have asked, and I wasn't quite ready to reveal it to them. But a last, today, is the day.

Months ago, I set out on a journey to figure out how the Pick 3's worked. I believe in my heart there was some sort of "system" to them and that there was a "reason" that the numbers that got drawn, were drawn. I didn't believe in the "randomness" of the system. The reason for this was because I was watching the numbers be draw by a state, and I noticed something. It wasn't anything about the numbers, as it was the person. The person who drew the numbers had a shirt on, and it was that shirt - that caught my eye. That was the same shirt that was worn in the previous day's draw. Wait - you wore the same shirt two days in a row? Well, it's entirely possible, but not probable. That's when a light when off in my head. Someone knew the number the previous day. I found myself going to the state's lottery website because of something I remembered. Sure enough - there it was: "We draw two times a day".

So the lottery lied, they don't pull two times a day. Someone clearly knew the number a day in advance. So if this was the case, then what else was deceitful about the lottery? That's what lead me down a rabbit hole.

During my journey, I quickly learned about the "Mirror System" the lotteries use, as well as how to create and use "Workouts", and I even learned about the "Drifter Technique". But what I discovered next, left me completely stunned. The "answers" to win Pick 3, were right there for someone to see, so long as they were willing to look.

The key to this entire Pick 3 system, is just that - "The Answers". They are the answers to a simple mathematical problem. There's no complex systems, or some guru who knows it all. It's simple, an answer to an equation. I'm going to provide you a couple of examples. Please pay attention to a couple of things.

First - notice the date on the left, and then the date on the right. Notice how on most of these, the date on the right is just a few days after the day on the left. That means something!

Second - notice the number in the middle of the two dates, and then notice the number after "Played:". It is either the same number played, straight, boxed, mirrored or partially mirrored.

Third - notice how 'consistent' this is. That means, notice how many rows has a "Played:" next to it. That again, means something!

Now, this list is taken from California:
(2023-09-28) 420 (Played: 920 on 2023-09-29)
(2023-09-28) 128 (Played: 781 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-27) 435 (Played: 043 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-27) 846 (Played: 698 on 2023-10-04)
(2023-09-26) 004 (Played: 905 on 2023-10-16)
(2023-09-26) 637 (Played: 781 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-25) 058 (Played: 355 on 2023-10-24)
(2023-09-25) 556 (Played: 501 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-24) 003 (Played: 355 on 2023-10-24)
(2023-09-24) 477 (Played: 779 on 2023-09-26)
(2023-09-23) 228 (Played: 282 on 2023-10-10)
(2023-09-23) 706 (Played: 102 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-22) 569 (Played: 541 on 2023-10-10)
(2023-09-22) 309 (Played: 043 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-21) 307 (Played: 852 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-21) 545 (Played: 905 on 2023-10-16)
(2023-09-20) 035 (Played: 305 on 2023-09-21)
(2023-09-20) 496 (Played: 964 on 2023-10-27)
(2023-09-19) 523 (Played: 852 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-19) 560 (Played: 501 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-18) 537 (Played: 852 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-18) 133 (Played: 138 on 2023-09-27)
(2023-09-17) 011 (Played: 110 on 2023-10-05)
(2023-09-17) 357 (Played: 852 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-16) 775 (Played: 270 on 2023-09-20)
(2023-09-16) 095 (Played: 905 on 2023-10-16)
(2023-09-15) 482 (Played: 923 on 2023-09-16) 

This list is taken from New York:
(2023-09-27) 808 (Played: 385 on 2023-10-12)
(2023-09-27) 103 (Played: 856 on 2023-09-29)
(2023-09-26) 671 (Played: 167 on 2023-10-12)
(2023-09-26) 131 (Played: 636 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-25) 728 (Played: 273 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-25) 233 (Played: 832 on 2023-09-26)
(2023-09-24) 530 (Played: 553 on 2023-10-13)
(2023-09-24) 590
(2023-09-23) 075 (Played: 255 on 2023-10-10)
(2023-09-23) 342 (Played: 879 on 2023-10-06)
(2023-09-22) 070 (Played: 255 on 2023-10-10)
(2023-09-22) 061 (Played: 156 on 2023-10-19)
(2023-09-21) 268 (Played: 867 on 2023-09-24)
(2023-09-21) 410 (Played: 104 on 2023-09-25)
(2023-09-20) 389 (Played: 483 on 2023-10-04)
(2023-09-20) 491 (Played: 694 on 2023-09-23)
(2023-09-19) 163 (Played: 636 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-19) 068 (Played: 563 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-18) 013 (Played: 360 on 2023-09-19)
(2023-09-18) 338
(2023-09-17) 776 (Played: 276 on 2023-10-23)
(2023-09-17) 891 (Played: 963 on 2023-09-26)
(2023-09-16) 434 (Played: 894 on 2023-09-17) 

This is from South Carolina:
(2023-09-20) 628 (Played: 367 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-25) 675 (Played: 120 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-19) 036 (Played: 036 on 2023-09-25)
(2023-09-24) 597 (Played: 975 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-18) 232 (Played: 223 on 2023-10-06)
(2023-09-23) 210 (Played: 120 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-16) 065 (Played: 515 on 2023-09-20)
(2023-09-22) 077 (Played: 225 on 2023-09-23)
(2023-09-15) 602 (Played: 120 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-21) 192 (Played: 746 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-14) 454 (Played: 954 on 2023-09-17)
(2023-09-20) 192 (Played: 746 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-13) 231 (Played: 678 on 2023-09-14)
(2023-09-19) 083
(2023-09-12) 543 (Played: 435 on 2023-09-18)
(2023-09-18) 084 (Played: 034 on 2023-09-25)
(2023-09-11) 251 (Played: 120 on 2023-09-12)
(2023-09-17) 499 (Played: 494 on 2023-10-14) 

And this goes on and on through each and every single state. Notice how they are all the same? Notice how each state is doing the same thing? This means something! The logical mind should tell you, if multiple states are producing the same type of results, then this may be something to pay attention to. And you're right! We should pay attention to it!

Now, let's go back to "The Raw Numbers" for a moment. Notice in the list for New York, there are two "answers" that do not have a "Played:" next to it?

Those are
(2023-09-24) 590
(2023-09-18) 338 

Those numbers (and more on the list) are - "The Raw Numbers".

Same thing with South Carolina. That state has:
(2023-09-19) 083 

Those numbers (and more on the list) are - "The Raw Numbers". 

When South Carolina plays something like 583 or 588 or 303, or any variation of that number, it will then have a "Played:" next to that row. Now some will argue that 303 is not the same number as "083". And I will respectfully disagree. The reason being is, you may have heard me talk about "Ptracs" or "Play Tracs".

The definition of a "PTrac" is as follows:
       "A number, when considering it's placements and mirrors results in all the possible numbers played."

So if we were to consider all the possible placements and their mirrors of "083", we are left with:
083, 038, 803, 830, 308, 380, 538, 583, 358, 385, 853, 835, 033, 303, 330, 088, 808, 880, 533, 353, 335, 588, 858, 885 

And in that list is 303.

This is why it is extremely important to understand the game you playing. How many times have you seen it happen that you see the number for example "110" in your workouts and then the number "160" is played? It's happened to all of us, many many times. But this is the importance of understanding the game and PTracs.

You probably have seen me post "The Raws" in each state's threads. And if you've payed attention, you have also seen me drop "hints" as to why the number got played. The Raws are the answers to a simple equation. Those are the answers that will be played on a PTrac. The numbers you see in The Raws on the left, are the newest answers added, and the numbers on the right, are the furthest answers out. 

I have tracked these "answers" for months in each state. I simply load in the daily numbers drawn from an external source into what I have developed, and it shows me the results. The results of what answers got played, and what answers didn't. I came at this Pick 3 game, which a completely different approach. One that was unique and outside of the box thinking. All through my previous blog posts, I have tried to train you for this moment. To see that numbers aren't always what they seem they are. That they can be played in different arrangements but it's still considered the same number. And most importantly, that the numbers I post, will in fact be played.

If you've noticed, in multiple states, "The Raws" keep hitting. New York had a hot list last week. Before that was Pennsylvania, and many other states. Everyone seemed to question: "How can the new guy predict so many winning hits?" The answer, is the "answer". That's how.

In Part Two of "The Raw Numbers", I will explain how I believe the lottery(ies) run on "auto-pilot" by using The Raws, and I will also provide "the problem" to get the answers, that play in The Raws. For now, I'd like you to just sit back, and take a moment, and let what I have shared with you sink in...

"The Raws, are answers to a math problem, that are then used within a very short period of time by the lottery."

In Part Three of The Raws:
You will see that this approach or technique produces way more results than you ever expected.

Til then...
Win Pick 3

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Follow the Leader

It's been a while since I've taken a little time and shared some strategies with those who do follow my posts. I've been busy with work as well as coding out some new approaches to these numbers. While I was trying to take a break and unwind, I decided to poke around some of the "Lottery Systems" forums just to see what I could see.

That's when I stumbled across something from CESARFC2000. There was a thread created by Cesar, that was very interesting called: Super Pick 3 Zero with Consecutive Numbers. Cesar had introduced the idea that you could watch these Pick 3 numbers and anything that lead with a "0" and has incrementing values could be used to your advantage.

Basically, what Cesar had stated was that if a number started with "0" and then had two digits that incremented like "78" thus creating "078" was drawn, then you could look for the next incrementing value to appear and play. So in the example of 078, then we would be watching for "089".

So I thought this to be very interesting, and I started to go back through some of the states looking for such incrementing numbers and see if I could put this to a test. Because I'm very good at paying attention to details, I could in fact seem what Cesar was talking about, I also ran across some extra details.

For example, on 10/13/23, Idaho drew the number 067. So we would be looking for 078. And while "078" didn't come out, a "version" of it sure did. That version was 235. (780)

The more I dug deeper into this concept the more I could see. This approach is fantastic, but there's more to it than what Cesar first proposed. After sharing this information with Cesar in a private message, he even agreed there's more to it. And that's what I am going to share with you. How to Follow the Leader.

So the approach is simple, watch for a number to be drawn that has a "0" as the leading number in the 3 digit combination. From there, look at the next two numbers, and determine one of two things. Does it step up? Or does it step down? Let me give you an example(s). Let's go back to Idaho for a moment.

2023-10-13 - Idaho - 067 (add)
(ADD) Looking for: 078 (step up)

So if Idaho drew "067", then we want to watch for a version of 067, but also a version of 078. Let's call that the "ADD" side of things. That's the "step up", because incrementing goes 6 to 7. So the next step would be 7 to 8.

What about the "Subtracting" or "SUB" side of things? This is the "step down". For an example of that, let's look at Delaware on 10/19.

2023-10-19 - Delaware - 098 (sub)
(Sub) Looking for: 087 (step down)

We can see that Delaware drew the number 098, so that is counting downward, so let's "step down" and our next number to look for would be 087. This is the same thing as "ADD", we watch for a version of the number to be played, or the next number in series (step up). With the "SUB", we do the same thing, we watch for a version of the same number to be played, or we watch for a version of the "step down" to be played.

When we do, you will be surprised at the results with this technique. Remember our Idaho example? What was the results of that?

2023-10-13 - Idaho - 067
(ADD) Looking for: 078
Played: 657 on 2023-10-18 (It played a version of the - 067)

Played: 235 on 2023-10-20 (It played a version of the - 078)

Pretty neat huh? That leading 0 with an incremental step up showed us that a "version" of that number was coming, and when we pay attention, the next incremental version as well. Let's see what Delaware does with the "step down" version.

2023-10-19 - Delaware - 098
(Sub) Looking for: 087
Played: 534 on 2023-10-20 (It played a version of the - 098)

If a number leads with 0 and the number "steps down" (eg: 98) then it's
still a trigger and you will look for the next number after that. For example,
Let's say in the case of Connecticut where "054" was played. You will look
for one of 3 things to happen.

1.) You will look for the number to replay itself
2.) You will look for the 0 number to +1 and then play
3.) You will look for the lesser number to be played. 

One of the things to note for this, is a time window. Some of these state fire back the number as soon as the next day, while other states may take a few days before it will draw a version of that number. In the case of Idaho, the number was drawn on the 13th, and the first version hit on the 18th, and then again on the 20th. So 5 days and then 7 days - respectively.

But Delaware fired back the number the very next day. It drew on the 19th, and on the 20th, it played a version of the number. Another case was Arkansas. On the 20th, it played 087, and because it was a step down, we are looking for 076 as well. And sure enough

2023-10-20 - Arkansas - 087
(Sub) Looking for: 076 
Played: 562 on 2023-10-22 (It played a version of the - 076)

I've decided to compile a list of these draws and save you some time back tracking. Below is a list dated from 10/12 to the current date of this post. Just look at how often this technique works and you can use to your advantage to win big!

2023-10-08 - California - 043
(Sub) Looking for: 032
Played: 802 on 2023-10-14

2023-10-09 - Indiana - 043
(Sub) Looking for: 032

2023-10-09 - Ohio - 056
(ADD) Looking for: 067
Played: 051 on 2023-10-17

Played: 576 on 2023-10-15

2023-10-09 - Tennessee - 032
(Sub) Looking for: 021
Played: 280 on 2023-10-15
Played: 528 on 2023-10-16
Played: 602 on 2023-10-11
Played: 260 on 2023-10-13

2023-10-09 - Tri-State (ME, NH & VT) - 078
(ADD) Looking for: 089

Played: 593 on 2023-10-16

2023-10-10 - Mississippi - 032
(Sub) Looking for: 021
Played: 802 on 2023-10-13
Played: 528 on 2023-10-17

2023-10-11 - California - 056
(ADD) Looking for: 067
Played: 670 on 2023-10-22 

2023-10-13 - Idaho - 067
(ADD) Looking for: 078
Played: 657 on 2023-10-18

Played: 235 on 2023-10-20

2023-10-13 - Washington - 067
(ADD) Looking for: 078
Played: 567 on 2023-10-18

Played: 258 on 2023-10-14

2023-10-14 - Texas - 067
(ADD) Looking for: 078

2023-10-14 - Tri-State (ME, NH & VT) - 012
(ADD) Looking for: 023
Played: 170 on 2023-10-17

2023-10-16 - South Carolina - 023
(ADD) Looking for: 034

2023-10-17 - Western Canada - 045
(ADD) Looking for: 056

2023-10-18 - Iowa - 076
(Sub) Looking for: 065

2023-10-18 - Tennessee - 098
(Sub) Looking for: 087

2023-10-19 - Delaware - 098
(Sub) Looking for: 087
Played: 534 on 2023-10-20

2023-10-20 - Arkansas - 087
(Sub) Looking for: 076
Played: 562 on 2023-10-22 

2023-10-20 - Nebraska - 098
(Sub) Looking for: 087

2023-10-20 - Tennessee - 054
(Sub) Looking for: 043

So watch for those 0's and Follow the Leader from there. Don't forget to use the "PTracs" (Play trac) to hit the right "version" of the number straight, and it will lead you to putting more money in your pocket. Also, be sure to check your state's thread and find my recent post of the "Raw Numbers" to see if you can match up a version. 

And speaking of "Raw Numbers", before this month is over, you will learn what the "Raw Numbers" are, where they come from and just how powerful they really are. So check back or watch for the update in my signature.

Til then...
Win Pick 3