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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Follow the Leader

It's been a while since I've taken a little time and shared some strategies with those who do follow my posts. I've been busy with work as well as coding out some new approaches to these numbers. While I was trying to take a break and unwind, I decided to poke around some of the "Lottery Systems" forums just to see what I could see.

That's when I stumbled across something from CESARFC2000. There was a thread created by Cesar, that was very interesting called: Super Pick 3 Zero with Consecutive Numbers. Cesar had introduced the idea that you could watch these Pick 3 numbers and anything that lead with a "0" and has incrementing values could be used to your advantage.

Basically, what Cesar had stated was that if a number started with "0" and then had two digits that incremented like "78" thus creating "078" was drawn, then you could look for the next incrementing value to appear and play. So in the example of 078, then we would be watching for "089".

So I thought this to be very interesting, and I started to go back through some of the states looking for such incrementing numbers and see if I could put this to a test. Because I'm very good at paying attention to details, I could in fact seem what Cesar was talking about, I also ran across some extra details.

For example, on 10/13/23, Idaho drew the number 067. So we would be looking for 078. And while "078" didn't come out, a "version" of it sure did. That version was 235. (780)

The more I dug deeper into this concept the more I could see. This approach is fantastic, but there's more to it than what Cesar first proposed. After sharing this information with Cesar in a private message, he even agreed there's more to it. And that's what I am going to share with you. How to Follow the Leader.

So the approach is simple, watch for a number to be drawn that has a "0" as the leading number in the 3 digit combination. From there, look at the next two numbers, and determine one of two things. Does it step up? Or does it step down? Let me give you an example(s). Let's go back to Idaho for a moment.

2023-10-13 - Idaho - 067 (add)
(ADD) Looking for: 078 (step up)

So if Idaho drew "067", then we want to watch for a version of 067, but also a version of 078. Let's call that the "ADD" side of things. That's the "step up", because incrementing goes 6 to 7. So the next step would be 7 to 8.

What about the "Subtracting" or "SUB" side of things? This is the "step down". For an example of that, let's look at Delaware on 10/19.

2023-10-19 - Delaware - 098 (sub)
(Sub) Looking for: 087 (step down)

We can see that Delaware drew the number 098, so that is counting downward, so let's "step down" and our next number to look for would be 087. This is the same thing as "ADD", we watch for a version of the number to be played, or the next number in series (step up). With the "SUB", we do the same thing, we watch for a version of the same number to be played, or we watch for a version of the "step down" to be played.

When we do, you will be surprised at the results with this technique. Remember our Idaho example? What was the results of that?

2023-10-13 - Idaho - 067
(ADD) Looking for: 078
Played: 657 on 2023-10-18 (It played a version of the - 067)

Played: 235 on 2023-10-20 (It played a version of the - 078)

Pretty neat huh? That leading 0 with an incremental step up showed us that a "version" of that number was coming, and when we pay attention, the next incremental version as well. Let's see what Delaware does with the "step down" version.

2023-10-19 - Delaware - 098
(Sub) Looking for: 087
Played: 534 on 2023-10-20 (It played a version of the - 098)

If a number leads with 0 and the number "steps down" (eg: 98) then it's
still a trigger and you will look for the next number after that. For example,
Let's say in the case of Connecticut where "054" was played. You will look
for one of 3 things to happen.

1.) You will look for the number to replay itself
2.) You will look for the 0 number to +1 and then play
3.) You will look for the lesser number to be played. 

One of the things to note for this, is a time window. Some of these state fire back the number as soon as the next day, while other states may take a few days before it will draw a version of that number. In the case of Idaho, the number was drawn on the 13th, and the first version hit on the 18th, and then again on the 20th. So 5 days and then 7 days - respectively.

But Delaware fired back the number the very next day. It drew on the 19th, and on the 20th, it played a version of the number. Another case was Arkansas. On the 20th, it played 087, and because it was a step down, we are looking for 076 as well. And sure enough

2023-10-20 - Arkansas - 087
(Sub) Looking for: 076 
Played: 562 on 2023-10-22 (It played a version of the - 076)

I've decided to compile a list of these draws and save you some time back tracking. Below is a list dated from 10/12 to the current date of this post. Just look at how often this technique works and you can use to your advantage to win big!

2023-10-08 - California - 043
(Sub) Looking for: 032
Played: 802 on 2023-10-14

2023-10-09 - Indiana - 043
(Sub) Looking for: 032

2023-10-09 - Ohio - 056
(ADD) Looking for: 067
Played: 051 on 2023-10-17

Played: 576 on 2023-10-15

2023-10-09 - Tennessee - 032
(Sub) Looking for: 021
Played: 280 on 2023-10-15
Played: 528 on 2023-10-16
Played: 602 on 2023-10-11
Played: 260 on 2023-10-13

2023-10-09 - Tri-State (ME, NH & VT) - 078
(ADD) Looking for: 089

Played: 593 on 2023-10-16

2023-10-10 - Mississippi - 032
(Sub) Looking for: 021
Played: 802 on 2023-10-13
Played: 528 on 2023-10-17

2023-10-11 - California - 056
(ADD) Looking for: 067
Played: 670 on 2023-10-22 

2023-10-13 - Idaho - 067
(ADD) Looking for: 078
Played: 657 on 2023-10-18

Played: 235 on 2023-10-20

2023-10-13 - Washington - 067
(ADD) Looking for: 078
Played: 567 on 2023-10-18

Played: 258 on 2023-10-14

2023-10-14 - Texas - 067
(ADD) Looking for: 078

2023-10-14 - Tri-State (ME, NH & VT) - 012
(ADD) Looking for: 023
Played: 170 on 2023-10-17

2023-10-16 - South Carolina - 023
(ADD) Looking for: 034

2023-10-17 - Western Canada - 045
(ADD) Looking for: 056

2023-10-18 - Iowa - 076
(Sub) Looking for: 065

2023-10-18 - Tennessee - 098
(Sub) Looking for: 087

2023-10-19 - Delaware - 098
(Sub) Looking for: 087
Played: 534 on 2023-10-20

2023-10-20 - Arkansas - 087
(Sub) Looking for: 076
Played: 562 on 2023-10-22 

2023-10-20 - Nebraska - 098
(Sub) Looking for: 087

2023-10-20 - Tennessee - 054
(Sub) Looking for: 043

So watch for those 0's and Follow the Leader from there. Don't forget to use the "PTracs" (Play trac) to hit the right "version" of the number straight, and it will lead you to putting more money in your pocket. Also, be sure to check your state's thread and find my recent post of the "Raw Numbers" to see if you can match up a version. 

And speaking of "Raw Numbers", before this month is over, you will learn what the "Raw Numbers" are, where they come from and just how powerful they really are. So check back or watch for the update in my signature.

Til then...
Win Pick 3


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