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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Raw Numbers: Part 1

Today is the today! I begin to reveal what "The Raw Numbers" are, how they are used and how they are created. For some, they already know how this process works. They have earned my trust and we have chit-chatted via private messages. For others, they have asked, and I wasn't quite ready to reveal it to them. But a last, today, is the day.

Months ago, I set out on a journey to figure out how the Pick 3's worked. I believe in my heart there was some sort of "system" to them and that there was a "reason" that the numbers that got drawn, were drawn. I didn't believe in the "randomness" of the system. The reason for this was because I was watching the numbers be draw by a state, and I noticed something. It wasn't anything about the numbers, as it was the person. The person who drew the numbers had a shirt on, and it was that shirt - that caught my eye. That was the same shirt that was worn in the previous day's draw. Wait - you wore the same shirt two days in a row? Well, it's entirely possible, but not probable. That's when a light when off in my head. Someone knew the number the previous day. I found myself going to the state's lottery website because of something I remembered. Sure enough - there it was: "We draw two times a day".

So the lottery lied, they don't pull two times a day. Someone clearly knew the number a day in advance. So if this was the case, then what else was deceitful about the lottery? That's what lead me down a rabbit hole.

During my journey, I quickly learned about the "Mirror System" the lotteries use, as well as how to create and use "Workouts", and I even learned about the "Drifter Technique". But what I discovered next, left me completely stunned. The "answers" to win Pick 3, were right there for someone to see, so long as they were willing to look.

The key to this entire Pick 3 system, is just that - "The Answers". They are the answers to a simple mathematical problem. There's no complex systems, or some guru who knows it all. It's simple, an answer to an equation. I'm going to provide you a couple of examples. Please pay attention to a couple of things.

First - notice the date on the left, and then the date on the right. Notice how on most of these, the date on the right is just a few days after the day on the left. That means something!

Second - notice the number in the middle of the two dates, and then notice the number after "Played:". It is either the same number played, straight, boxed, mirrored or partially mirrored.

Third - notice how 'consistent' this is. That means, notice how many rows has a "Played:" next to it. That again, means something!

Now, this list is taken from California:
(2023-09-28) 420 (Played: 920 on 2023-09-29)
(2023-09-28) 128 (Played: 781 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-27) 435 (Played: 043 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-27) 846 (Played: 698 on 2023-10-04)
(2023-09-26) 004 (Played: 905 on 2023-10-16)
(2023-09-26) 637 (Played: 781 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-25) 058 (Played: 355 on 2023-10-24)
(2023-09-25) 556 (Played: 501 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-24) 003 (Played: 355 on 2023-10-24)
(2023-09-24) 477 (Played: 779 on 2023-09-26)
(2023-09-23) 228 (Played: 282 on 2023-10-10)
(2023-09-23) 706 (Played: 102 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-22) 569 (Played: 541 on 2023-10-10)
(2023-09-22) 309 (Played: 043 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-21) 307 (Played: 852 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-21) 545 (Played: 905 on 2023-10-16)
(2023-09-20) 035 (Played: 305 on 2023-09-21)
(2023-09-20) 496 (Played: 964 on 2023-10-27)
(2023-09-19) 523 (Played: 852 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-19) 560 (Played: 501 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-18) 537 (Played: 852 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-18) 133 (Played: 138 on 2023-09-27)
(2023-09-17) 011 (Played: 110 on 2023-10-05)
(2023-09-17) 357 (Played: 852 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-16) 775 (Played: 270 on 2023-09-20)
(2023-09-16) 095 (Played: 905 on 2023-10-16)
(2023-09-15) 482 (Played: 923 on 2023-09-16) 

This list is taken from New York:
(2023-09-27) 808 (Played: 385 on 2023-10-12)
(2023-09-27) 103 (Played: 856 on 2023-09-29)
(2023-09-26) 671 (Played: 167 on 2023-10-12)
(2023-09-26) 131 (Played: 636 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-25) 728 (Played: 273 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-25) 233 (Played: 832 on 2023-09-26)
(2023-09-24) 530 (Played: 553 on 2023-10-13)
(2023-09-24) 590
(2023-09-23) 075 (Played: 255 on 2023-10-10)
(2023-09-23) 342 (Played: 879 on 2023-10-06)
(2023-09-22) 070 (Played: 255 on 2023-10-10)
(2023-09-22) 061 (Played: 156 on 2023-10-19)
(2023-09-21) 268 (Played: 867 on 2023-09-24)
(2023-09-21) 410 (Played: 104 on 2023-09-25)
(2023-09-20) 389 (Played: 483 on 2023-10-04)
(2023-09-20) 491 (Played: 694 on 2023-09-23)
(2023-09-19) 163 (Played: 636 on 2023-10-02)
(2023-09-19) 068 (Played: 563 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-18) 013 (Played: 360 on 2023-09-19)
(2023-09-18) 338
(2023-09-17) 776 (Played: 276 on 2023-10-23)
(2023-09-17) 891 (Played: 963 on 2023-09-26)
(2023-09-16) 434 (Played: 894 on 2023-09-17) 

This is from South Carolina:
(2023-09-20) 628 (Played: 367 on 2023-09-22)
(2023-09-25) 675 (Played: 120 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-19) 036 (Played: 036 on 2023-09-25)
(2023-09-24) 597 (Played: 975 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-18) 232 (Played: 223 on 2023-10-06)
(2023-09-23) 210 (Played: 120 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-16) 065 (Played: 515 on 2023-09-20)
(2023-09-22) 077 (Played: 225 on 2023-09-23)
(2023-09-15) 602 (Played: 120 on 2023-10-08)
(2023-09-21) 192 (Played: 746 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-14) 454 (Played: 954 on 2023-09-17)
(2023-09-20) 192 (Played: 746 on 2023-10-09)
(2023-09-13) 231 (Played: 678 on 2023-09-14)
(2023-09-19) 083
(2023-09-12) 543 (Played: 435 on 2023-09-18)
(2023-09-18) 084 (Played: 034 on 2023-09-25)
(2023-09-11) 251 (Played: 120 on 2023-09-12)
(2023-09-17) 499 (Played: 494 on 2023-10-14) 

And this goes on and on through each and every single state. Notice how they are all the same? Notice how each state is doing the same thing? This means something! The logical mind should tell you, if multiple states are producing the same type of results, then this may be something to pay attention to. And you're right! We should pay attention to it!

Now, let's go back to "The Raw Numbers" for a moment. Notice in the list for New York, there are two "answers" that do not have a "Played:" next to it?

Those are
(2023-09-24) 590
(2023-09-18) 338 

Those numbers (and more on the list) are - "The Raw Numbers".

Same thing with South Carolina. That state has:
(2023-09-19) 083 

Those numbers (and more on the list) are - "The Raw Numbers". 

When South Carolina plays something like 583 or 588 or 303, or any variation of that number, it will then have a "Played:" next to that row. Now some will argue that 303 is not the same number as "083". And I will respectfully disagree. The reason being is, you may have heard me talk about "Ptracs" or "Play Tracs".

The definition of a "PTrac" is as follows:
       "A number, when considering it's placements and mirrors results in all the possible numbers played."

So if we were to consider all the possible placements and their mirrors of "083", we are left with:
083, 038, 803, 830, 308, 380, 538, 583, 358, 385, 853, 835, 033, 303, 330, 088, 808, 880, 533, 353, 335, 588, 858, 885 

And in that list is 303.

This is why it is extremely important to understand the game you playing. How many times have you seen it happen that you see the number for example "110" in your workouts and then the number "160" is played? It's happened to all of us, many many times. But this is the importance of understanding the game and PTracs.

You probably have seen me post "The Raws" in each state's threads. And if you've payed attention, you have also seen me drop "hints" as to why the number got played. The Raws are the answers to a simple equation. Those are the answers that will be played on a PTrac. The numbers you see in The Raws on the left, are the newest answers added, and the numbers on the right, are the furthest answers out. 

I have tracked these "answers" for months in each state. I simply load in the daily numbers drawn from an external source into what I have developed, and it shows me the results. The results of what answers got played, and what answers didn't. I came at this Pick 3 game, which a completely different approach. One that was unique and outside of the box thinking. All through my previous blog posts, I have tried to train you for this moment. To see that numbers aren't always what they seem they are. That they can be played in different arrangements but it's still considered the same number. And most importantly, that the numbers I post, will in fact be played.

If you've noticed, in multiple states, "The Raws" keep hitting. New York had a hot list last week. Before that was Pennsylvania, and many other states. Everyone seemed to question: "How can the new guy predict so many winning hits?" The answer, is the "answer". That's how.

In Part Two of "The Raw Numbers", I will explain how I believe the lottery(ies) run on "auto-pilot" by using The Raws, and I will also provide "the problem" to get the answers, that play in The Raws. For now, I'd like you to just sit back, and take a moment, and let what I have shared with you sink in...

"The Raws, are answers to a math problem, that are then used within a very short period of time by the lottery."

In Part Three of The Raws:
You will see that this approach or technique produces way more results than you ever expected.

Til then...
Win Pick 3


  • At 11:48 PM, Tammi8762 said…

    I am new just joined today.  This is very interesting.  I noticed you do not have the state of Maine.  It that because maine does not use the same system with the mirroring?  Or lol just to small to bother with.  I think I can duplicate what you have done for the other states.  Just did not want to waste my time if it is not going to work!  Thank you for all the work you did here and enlightening us.  It is appreciated!

  • At 8:41 AM, winpick3 said…

    Maine is considered Tri-States. And yes, this works with any state.

  • At 10:35 AM, Tammi8762 said…

    Okay Thank you!

  • At 3:35 PM, Nextinline said…

    Thanks for the confirming what I've long suspected.  I too have noticed the mirroring of expected plays. I ve also noticed that sometimes a"9" will replace a "6" in expected results. I'm look forward to part two of "the raw numbers". Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  • At 7:56 PM, Nikki008$ said…

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge... Always good to get different views and strategies and have been using what you've shared so far to win big!! Thank You! Im fairly new to the game but its fun learning.

  • At 10:28 AM, dfdf said…

    So what is Pa. 3 digit number 11/4 /2023 and the month of November

  • At 10:10 PM, Dlovely888 said…

    Thank you.

  • At 5:47 AM, Diamond564 said…

    Thank you for your hard work and sharing.

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