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Sunday, January 28, 2024

One Off - A Budget Friendly Strategy

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you all have been enjoying the New Year and the lottery(ies) are treating you well. If not, head over to the PA or FL threads where I've been posting some blocks of numbers that have been hitting consistently. In fact, Florida has had 19 boxed hits and 4 straight hits to-date!

Today, I'm going to show you a new approach and technique that is really easy and simple to use and a simple technique that is budget friendly as well. In this approach, it takes a look at the "one off" from a previous draw. And when I say "one off", that literally means - 1 number off - that's it. Let me explain.

When I've been doing my workouts, I started doing something that had caught my eye. And that was, I left room on the bottom of the work out so I could come back to write a number under it. I was seeing something that allows me to hone in on numbers by simple reasonable deductions. And when a number would play, I would then go back and look for a workout that held a number that could be considered "one off". Let me give you an example.

Tri-State played the number 233, and then it's next play was 338. Well, back under the 233, I wrote (338). Why? Because if we +1 to the 2 in 233, we get 333, which is the same number. I would also do this for any number that was draw that had a -1 to it. For example (this one is a little more tricky but if you understand the game you are playing you will understand this), again Tri-State played 217. Then later on it played 167. If we were to -1 from the 2 in 217, we get 117. And a mirror to 1 is 6. So we are left with 617, or 167. By the way, both of those numbers played straight in the Tri-State as soon as 6 days later.

So, the 233, became a 333 (338) and then the 217, became a 117 (167). Do you see what's happening here? It's literally just a "one off" of your previous number draws. The reason for writing the number underneath the workout, is because you can then physically see which workouts "haven't" been used yet, and that's where you want to focus your attention on. You take the very last draw, and use the drifter technique to help match up to an unused workout block. So if your last draw was 733, then you know that the next draw will contain a 2 or 7, and/or a 3 or 8. So now you can look at your unused workout blocks for a number that has a 2/7 or 3/8 and see if you can get it to line up.

As I tracked this for a while, then I started asking myself the question, "Is this really one off from a previous play - without any trickery (no mirorrs)?" So, I do what I do best, and wrote some code to help me figure out that answer.

What I am about to show you opens a new door for a betting strategy for players. So let's dive in!

If you look at the table below, you will see that the left column, is an actual draw numbers from the lottery.
That area is in the "red" box. Then, after that is 3 columns that has a header of "+1 to Draw". That's the blue
box area, and it contains 3 new numbers. All I did was +1 to each respective number from the number drawn
on that line. So for example, when 311 came out, I +1 to 3, so 411, then I +1 to 1, so 321, and then +1 again to the
last 1, so 312.

Then the last column is the same thing, except it's a -1 to each number from the draw. So working with 311, it now becomes 211, 301 and 310, respectively. This area is in the gold box.

Now, you will also see that some cells have a green box, and some have a red box. The green represents a "boxed" hit, and then the red represent a "straight hit". You can see this, because the number it matched up to is in (xxx).


Now stop, look at that table again. Take in for a moment, just how many green and red boxes there are in this table.
Even some of the draw numbers came back and replayed themselves, as we know it happens quite frequently in the lotteries across all the states. Impressive right? But how can this help you with a small handful of numbers and a hit?

Let's go back to our 311 example again and let's put all their numbers here:

311 - 411, 321, 312, 211, 301, 310

If we glance at those numbers, we can see that a couple of them are the same. 321, and 312, as well as 301 and 310.
So if we only count those as 1 number, that means we have just 5 numbers we can play.

311, 411, 321, 211, 301

With those 5 numbers, you have limited the amount of numbers when attempting to "cast a net", and you have a targeted focus. Less numbers, means you can place more money on the focus numbers, instead of less money because you had a bigger net with say 10 or 12 numbers.

Now, here's what you are looking for

Notice the gaps in the chart? The 447 row and the 235 row do not have a number that's been used either boxed or straight. And that's your target area. In the case of the 235, because it's a unique number, meaning no doubles, you will have to play more numbers, but in the case of 447, there are only 5 numbers you have to play. At just 5 numbers, you can play them straight and boxed for $5, when playing with a $.50 bet.

Also, watch for heavy repeat numbers, as those are a good indication they will be played. In the chart above we can see that 198, the last row of the chart, was replayed as 189. And if we look at the first row of the chart, it also had a 198. Another example is the 894 and the 498. Both of them turned out to be 984.

If you're a doubles hunter, this is a great way to track them down, because this is what will happen - one off. Remember to use the drifter technique when using this approach, that's how it will help you filter numbers down. By knowing at least 1 number of the next draw, it's going to give you an edge, to then hone in further on something like this.

I've got a couple of other new techniques that I will be rolling out soon. One of them is really exciting. I'm still testing it and tracking it, but so far, it's the best thing I've see that tells you the answer with minimal numbers. But more on that at a later time.

I hope this has helped you, and you can see what I am talking about. By doing the workouts, or even at least writing the draw number down and then writing the "one off" number under it or next to it, will help you see what's coming, simply by the process of elimination. Usually you won't see more than 4 to 6 workouts open at a time. Sure beats guess at 1,000 numbers - right?

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments section and I will be happy to do my best to answer them.

Til then...
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  • At 12:07 PM, Leodice252 said…

    Thank you! This has helped me out a lot!

  • At 6:56 PM, cwcorey7 said…

    Thank you for all that you do.  I missed a number, but it was my fault.  Did not catch it in time.  I do have some questions about the raw numbers part 3.  Could not find it.  Could you let me know where it is out.

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