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Monday, November 20, 2023


Former Troops Punished Over Biden's Vaccine Mandate Sue For Billions In Lost Wages

* Seriously doubt they will be successful. We had a pandemic & vaccines were put out there to save lives. One cannot sue the government over attempting to keep it's citizens alive.
*Remember those nurses in TX. who were let go because they refused to get vaccinated yet wanted to take care of patients? They lost their jobs because the hospital had a right to say what can & cannot be done while these nurses were employed by the hospital.

*Vaccines his kept people alive despite what people may say- lastly,  the vaccines are NOT Agent Orange.
I hope they get something out of this....Forcing something into another humans body that was not a life saving measure, is completely absurd. Right now, Nobody with any reasonable intellect can predict what that vaccine will do long term. The LBW's will have you believe anything as long as it was repeated enough.  Remember back in July when the houseplant made this statement," BIDEN: �If you�re vaccinated, you�re not going to be hospitalized, you�re not going to be in the IC unit, and you�re not going to die.� � town hall."   Source:
Remember when the non-walking senile old man said that People who are vaccinated " do not spread the disease to anyone else"
  Would you trust a leader who got covid twice, that was so ill informed?   Nehhh, Gotta do my own research before any trust was completely given to our government. Those folks lie to us every day they wake up.....I am still waiting on Adam Schiff to show all of us his evidence of a Russian Collusion. <yawn>
BTW has everyone gotten their 3rd or 4th jab yet ???
* Why did Trump tell the nation that he was going to " warpspeed" a vaccine or vaccines to counter the pandemic? He even suggested  injecting " something " into the body to stop the spread. Him & his family took the jab as did billions of humans.
* You can't fix stupid.
Sorry noisegate, I have to disagree with you on this one. I went through two years of hell because of the side effects of the vaccine, especially after the second dose. Fast heartbeats, brain fog, glitchy hands, watery eyes. fixing my heart with augmented NAC, that denatures the spike protein in my bloodstream was the cure for me. No more fast heartbeats.

And it turns out, I'm not the only one. Had an Uber rider tell me his wife has vertigo like I used to, even though I still have a little residual vertigo effect even after the anecdote.

That vaccine is poison. It disrupts 33 pathways in the body. Vaccines in general take years to develop, not months. It was literally the biggest mistake in my life.

Just an FYI
* l have no problem with folk disagreeing with me, l welcome it with respect  but l always try and use common sense. The vaccines were put out there to save billions of lives in a fight against a pandemic that blindsided the human race. It was rushed to market as an " emergency " bandaid. Was & is it perfect, no!
*However there are folks out  that are allergic to just about everything out that: shellfish, dust, cigarette smoke etc etc. Plus it was never a cure all. The good outweighed the bad according to WHO- what's the old saying " Any port in a storm."
* Did some people suffer bad adverse effects- yes, but ultimately it saved many lives. The vaccines are not a one size fits all. I recall Phil Valentine a Podcaster from the South railing against the vaccine & telling his audience that it was crap & they should stay away from it....until he came down with it and one of his last posts were " l made a mistake,  l was a fool" and encouraged his listeners to have a chance of heart.
* Sorry that your experience was horrendous  P3, but it never promised immortality. We all return to dust eventually, so we all need to read the fine print.
* I read somewhere that the late  Bruce Lee died due to over sensitivity to aspirin, can't confirm that but it was out there & here was one of the fitted guys who ever lived. So ...
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