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Thursday, December 10, 2020


What Really Saved the Republic From Trump?

Donald Trump was legitimately elected President. The nation put confidence in what he could & would achieve as President, however like many people not “ born to lead” in this aspect, he overplayed his hand by counting on not what he could do, but what his supporters could.
When push cane to shove, Trump blinked. The guy who said he could look leaders in the eye and let them know where we stood, could not do that to an invisible enemy. Unable to know how to approach this new hostile force, he retreated & showed he was incapable of leading the nation when we needed him most.
Now he is trying to hold onto power when he knows he failed the nation. The voters rejected his leadership & will try another’s. It is their right, if this leader fails, they will try the next.
In a word: The Voters saved the Republic from Donald Trump!
whatever; you dimwit fruitcake you;, take a hike and get lost. Nobody cares about your meaningless noise. President Trump won in a landslide, everybody knows it. Other than your best butt buddy Stack 47, who cares about all the smack you talk?
It's getting testy in this forum. FYI biden won in a landslide. Any wacko theory is being shot down in the courts. Noise gate is 100% correct.   Ga,penn,michigan, etc attorney generals are calling this supreme court lawsuits baseless and political. They are going to fight it out.
What do Christmas trees and trump have in commen. We through both out to the dumpster in January!!!
Why are you here asking ME to take a hike? Why did you show up in the first place? Normal people will simply ignore a person they do not want to make contact with. But l see “ your game” is you want to have some sort of dialogue where you can pretend to engage me at some level. Well first off, calling person a dimwit is not the way to go about it, you need to know what you aim to achieve.
Usually people who you want to ignore, you simply stay away from- you know like that “ restraining order you have” to stay away from your ex, yeah that one. Next time say something that makes sense- perhaps people may take serious, doubtful, but maybe..

The corrupt Democrat machines in four sh1t hole cities along with garbage manipulated voting systems in the middle of the night added 100's of thousands fake ballots to pull the senile Biden ahead just enough to steal the counts. Odds of this happening 1 in a quadrillion, no one loses if they win Fla., Ohio., and Iowa. Trump also won Va. Wis. Mn. and Nev... The demoncRATS cheated like a Mfer. even the USPS is involved. Get ready the riots will be easy to put
How so? Georgia had not one, but 3 recounts, and Trump lost. The same thing happened in Mich and Penn, recounts, and Don lost. Are you suggesting that the recounts are rigged, given that both Repubs and Dems were present for those recounts?

The idea that it was impossible for Trump to lose is fantasy. The guy was way behind in the polls for months leading up to election day, it was a foregone conclusion, but being delusional as ever, he " Called the Election" for himself the night of, remember when he said, " Stop the Count" because l am way ahead. How is it that no fraud was conducted in the States Trump won? William Barr told the public, " No fraud was uncovered during their investigation." So Barr is lying? How about Kemp, the Governor of Georgia- lying as well? The FBI investigated the voter fraud allegations, they found none- they lying as well?
How about the CyberCrime Head Honcho- who said this was the safest election ever- lying as well?
Just because your wish did not come true for Trump to be re-elected, does not mean the system was rigged against him. Trump doomed his own re-election by doing stupid stuff, like his behavior during the pandemic.

The Repubs in congress at the time of Trump's impeachment said " Let the voters decide whether he should be removed." Guess what, they gave their answer. The Repubs in the House and Senate should be thankful the Voters did what they couldn't, get rid of Trump for the good of the nation. The voters had a backbone, something Repubs have not had in a long time.

The recounts counted the same sh1t ballots, no audit to verify the fraudulent sh1t. Fuquing bu11s**t recounts. And they did it without observers. Stop the steal.
What a crazy political party. It’s as l have been saying all along. If someone comes up with a mind boggling idea that keeps power to themselves , then they all for it. Take this Lawsuit from Paxton , Texas AG. Suddenly other Red State AG’s are getting on that bandwagon because it “ feels right.”
Then you have Republican members of Congress signing onto this BS lawsuit as well. Doesn’t matter if we dead wrong- we stand together & die together.
What a perfect example of SHEEP.
Russia, Russia, Russia, for four f'ing years, not one GD shred of evidence (Swalloswell and pencil neck et al) they owe President Trump at least 8 more years.
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