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Saturday, December 26, 2020


Trump Warns Weakling GOP Senators I Will Never Forget Nor My 75 Million Voters

That threat right there shows this guy was never fit for High Office. The Presidency is NOT a business where you say " Hey Joe, l came through for you, dont forget l woupd you to return the favor."
You can pull that Sh** in the business world, but we dealing with millions of people here you reckless oaf. Take your business BS and shove it. Your " Art of the Deal" in politics with threatening people sucks.
Barry weaponized the IRS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, 45 weaponized the American People ,75 million strong.
.. and he still lost. Truth prevailed.
You sure are a sore winner, never seen a winner so consumed with so much hatred towards another.
By the way: Trump coming along showed future Presidents " What NOT to do while President."
Like : Make Quid pro Quo phone calls " related to anything personal."

Mentioning " injecting" oneself etc etc.

Standing up for racism , Proud Boys etc etc.

Holding rallies & looking on adoring fans.

Locking up children in cages.

Refusing to concede.

Threatening fellow members of your own party.

Playing golf while the rest of the nation wonders why the leader of the free world does not care about the citizens of the country & refuses to sign off on a bill that would put food to their tables.

I'd do my usual "LMAO @ sore winner", but it is finally an acknowledgement Trump lost the election. Somebody should tell Trump that his "75 million voters" are not in the blue states that have very few GOP Senators.
Nah, the sore losers are folks who refuse to accept defeat. I play the lottery & when my numbers don't come through for me - l accept defeat. Trump supporters on the otherhand refuse to accept that he lost. I will tell you a secret, had Kasick or perhaps Jeb won, l would have envisioned them acting Presidential & not being embroiled in one scandal after another.
Like the Knight in " Indiana Jones and the last crusade " told Jones after the bad guy perished " He chose poorly." You Trump supporters did the same 4 years ago. Hopefully we never see the likes of his character ever grace the Oval Office ever again.

Notice, not a single World leader has sent him a message of condolences, know why? Cause his so called two friends- Putin & Kim are over his usefulness.
Everything you just spouted is BS, Biden made the Quid pro quo call, Barry locked kids in cages, all those picks are from 2014.
Trump is trying to get money to americans, but the dems have sabatoged the process with bs demands in a bill that help themselves.
The virus that's 99.9% curable, wash your hands.
What you are trying to do is attack his supporters, ie, me and others here, what you want ti to stomp me down through gaslighting and strawman arguments.
The proud boys a mix of races, and they are beating the hell out of antifa meth heads who do nothing but cause damage everywhere they go.
Trump cares more for this country then you will ever know.
One of my favorites lines from the Hound. "how many Starks to they have to behead ?
If you can't see the damage done to this country by dems and rinos, then maybe you deserve what Biden is going to do to us. We have food, we know how to hunt for food and we have a shiiitton of weapons.
Do you soy boy?
Gotta run to San Jose, will catch you later.
Most adults go back to reality the day after Santa Claus delivers the toys and gifts. This year it looks like a few adults are acting like children throwing temper tantrums over the election results including our lame duck President.

They have no problem lying about the stimulus package when all intelligent Americans know it's Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate that held up direct payments. How anybody gives any of these liars credibility is beyond me.
The virus isn't 99% curable. Nonsense! If so why have over 300,000 died? My cousin died from Covid last month and was always cleaning his car,house etc. He used all the precautions and still died from the virus!
Alright- let's start where you left off Sully.

You say the Dems cause damage to this country, really? Last time l checked; Bill Clinton defeated Bush Snr because it was the " economy Stupid." Did Bill produce? You betcha, the economy was as Greenspan said " l have never seen anything like it." One could quit their job and walk into another the same day- yeah, that good. Clinton also left Bush a SURPLUS!

W Bush - a Repub as you well know, got us into a war- and it took Obama and his economic team to bail the auto industry out- Repubs wanted nothing to do with it.
Trump inherited a growing economy from Obama, but to hear him tell it, it leapfrogged into 5th gear the minute he was inaugurated, right. Trump was all about Tariffs and you know it, still is.
You say Trump loves this country- l dont doubt that, but other Presidents have also loved it as well.
Lets talk about this " love" for a minute- Trump promosed the Virginians the return of coal mining, l saw early on in his campaign, him using the gif of digging into the mines and bringing up a shovel of that black stuff, has the jobs returned, you can answer that. How about " We are going to bring those jobs that went abroad back." has that stopped companies from leaving? You can answer that privately- so this love you speak of needs to be expressed by ACTION.

Washing your hands is great-but you cant wash the air. If the virus is airborne, we screwed. As for attacking Trump's supporters, no- just pointing out the error of your ways. For instance calm could set in if Trump and his supporters recognized that in politics as in sports, there are winners and losers. In 2000, there was a recount because of hanging chads- this time around, the seed of fraud and rigging was planted months in advance to pollute the system and when he lost, it was the " Aha, l told you so moment."
Lastly, whether Repubs or others do not accept Biden as President, that's their cross to bear. History will point out this moment when democracy as we know it was thrown under the bus because our guy did not win. This nation will continue to move forward and whether you want to accept it or not, Presidencies come and go. Trump's services could have ended in 4 or 8 years, the nation pulled the trigger for 4. Biden may get kicked out of office in 4, and that is the voter's choice.
In Iron Man 2-Ivan was pissed when he could not get his bird back and was told " Hey man, don’t get too attached to things… learn to let go." My advice to Trump's supporters is the same".. learn to let go."

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