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Thursday, December 24, 2020


Republicans block $2,000 virus checks despite Trump' demand

It’s hypocrisy. The working class Men & Women of this country mean nothing to them. But just you talk about getting Tax Reform that benefits the rich & yeah, they all in for it. Had no problem coming up with Billions if not Trillions to hand the wealthy even more money. Yet on the campaign trail, all you hear is stopping abortions & BS to rein in their voters & these gullible people fall for it every-time.
The Dems are by no means perfect, but at least they fighting to get stimulus checks for everyone, conservatives, independents the works.
Good, that they blocked it, they kept in all the pork in, 4.4 million to past Presidents, really.
The Democrats are making this to stupid to pass, and then they blame republicans, so be it.
They are the ones hurting Americans, it's the ole switch and bait, and you fell for it.

we the people need that money it will help the economy

Your comment Sully is similar to being stranded on an island with hundreds of coconut trees and saying l cannot stand coconut, so l might as well die.
Pass the thing and quit making a fuss about the little stuff.
We give way billions to other countries, and you talking about “ Pork at home?” Get real girl.
I totally agree Sully. I was not aware of millions to past Presidents, which is ridiculous, arent they taking enough after leaving office? When is enough enough. Last word noisey “pass this thing and quit making a fuss about the little stuff” Are you kidding me? Good grief someone has lost their ever loving mind, of course if there ever was one.
So $600.00 is good enough? As l said, We give away Billions of dollars to other countries, including our favorite “ Israel” l don’t hear anyone complaining- yet when we talk about PORK at home, it’s heresy. My question to you is do you an original thought, or do you simply latch onto a topic and if your comrade says anything, you simply agree.

There is a gelatinous membrane inside everyone’s cranium- try using it to the fullest, meaning- Think for yourself before making silly remarks. By the way, your fire power is no match for mine. Just remember that.
It's not okay to sneak garbage in a bill, money that's gets funneled back to the sneaky politicians.
Sully Dear : You know as well as l do that there is both - Good & Bad Garbage. It is like getting a raise at work when you know you haven’t done enough to earn it, but you take it anyway.
Good and Bad Presidents, but we allow them to reveal themselves over the course of 4 years. Then we either renew their contract or lower the boom. It is elementary my Dear Watson.
If they found life on another planet they would send them money too.
Both the House and Senate passed a bipartisan stimulus bill, but the Republican President called the $600 direct payment a disgrace and should be a minimum $2000. The Democrat Speaker of the House agreed and the bill was amended, but Republican House members blocked the vote.

The President even was on National TV the "disgracefully bill was stuffed with wasteful spending" though most of the "wasteful stuff" is not in the stimulus package, but in the overall year-end spending bill. Being confused is nothing new with Trump, but this his heart is in the right place and the Republican "let them eat cake" Congress people are the real disgrace.

Before doing "Trump low fives", it was Trump that told his Treasury Sec. to get no more than a $600 direct payment.
Well I'm having a nice Xmas eve anyways. Hopefully any bill will pass if not there is always the pick 3!
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