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Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Mitch McConnell for the first time recognizes Joe Biden as President-Elect

Did he have a choice? Now if only some bloggers can admit that the Trump train has left the station. Trump can try again in 4 year’s time, that’s his prerogative. What beats me about the conservatives the past 4 years is their silence or fear during the Trump era.
Shameful to say the least!
Trump is now suing NM to try and chagne the electrol votes. In a state with a high percentage of Hispanics that seems unlikely. Especially since he called mexicans muderers and rapists! What a guy!
Trump will be our President!
The time to " Sue" is over. It's been 6-7 weeks since the election. lawsuits have been tossed, recounts have taken place and the needle has not shifted. The SCOTUS has looked at the so called evidence and concluded that there nothing there.

It's time for the Trump supporters & especially Miller to climb off the furniture and settle down, there is no way to stop the inauguration of a new President of the United States.World leaders have congratulated Biden on his win, Trump & company saying there is still a path to victory is like saying they feeding Tigers & Lions in zoo's Wheaties to bulk up. It's ridiculous, and no Brunette, Trump will not continue as President of the United States on Jan 20th. The voters have spoken.

The election lawsuits are going to continue even after Jan 20.
This election was stolen.

I am not going to fall for "look over there, a squirrel."
50 lawsuits have been tossed in courts in multiple States. If that diesnt send a message, l dont know what will. Rudy & company presented their brand of evidence and it got shot down, at what point do Trump, his attorneys & supporters call it a day?
He can always go back to his old job, why the concern?
Lawsuits shot down by Judges who do not want to get involved in election fraud.

Lawsuits shot down by conservative judges, some appointed by Trump himself. Hopefully this lesson can be learned that you cannot bring BS claims into court expecting judges you appointed to overturn legal votes “ because these judges owe you.”
It matters not that these lawsuits will continue, they will have zero impact on the governing of the country. We have a new President & no lawsuit or lawsuits brought up at this late stage of the game will do any good.
Trump misjudged Barrett- he raced to gave her confirmed after Ginsberg died, so that she could be “ the voice “ to rescue Trump in the event of this so called ongoing lawsuit nonsense. He himself said so, well the high court took one look at the claims & decided it lacked merit.
That Texas AG is a classical moron, did he not know that each individual State has it’s own rules for running an election, which is why the high court said Texas itself was not “ injured” by what happened in neighboring Georgia & their election process. How did this guy & the other AG’s pass the bar exam?
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