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Monday, December 14, 2020


Attorney General William Barr resigns

Best thing he could have done, the henchman is leaving the Boss out there to dry. The perfect ď Yes ManĒ out there. Will go down in American history as one of the worst AG this nation has ever seen.
Noooooo, He did what he was supposed to do, the man replacing him is General Flynn's army buddy from the 82 Airborne, hehehehehehehehe, stay tuned suckers.
Yes one of the software companies is going after the people that spread lies about software companies. So all this fraud talk about the the machines and software is going to cost big buck $. It only serves them right. You have to have proof not stupidity.
No way l agree with you Sully. Barr did the bidding of the President. That is not the job of the AG, he was used as Trumpís personal enforcer.
Take Flynn for example, the guy twice lied to the FBI. Then he wanted to take heís plea deal back. Trump sends in Barr to clean up the mess and the next thing you know, Barr upended a confession to the FBI & saying they ď entrapped Flynn.Ē The Gen got himself into that mess & Barr turned out to be an errand boy.
Itís no wonder career law enforcement officers resigned because of Barrís unorthodox role as a AG. Barr was the Quasimodo of the Trump presidency.
Oh my goodness, you are both way out of the loop.
First, Flynn did not lie to the FBI, if you were paying attention, you would have heard, they threatened to have his son imprisoned, for what? nobody knows. He has been exonerated, the Judge who kept this going is a personal friend of Barry's.
Barr had nothing to do with the Flynn case.
Barr also worked for ....DOMINION ....hehehehehe
Trump has known since 2012 they were shady, what you are watching is MILITARY planning at it's finest.
Who knows all of Barry's and Hilda's dirty deeds,?    Stay tuned.
LakerBen, the fraud has been proven, you keep listening to liars, this election was not about the next 4 years, but about draining the cheating swamp, they got caught again and when the EO kicks in, I hope you have butter for your popcorn.
Oh by the way, Pence most certainly can have the results from all 7 States in question thrown out, a new number to declare a winner will be reset.
I guarantee you team 45 has already run each scenario, and when the dummy dems try to go to court, guess what, precedence has been howling with laughter.
CHECK MATE. me howling with more laughter.
Hey Lakerben, I see your avatar has the same hairdo as Trump, confess , you are a fan!
You counting tombstones Sully. The election is over, no amount of shenanigans on the floor of Congress by mealy mouth politicians is going to change the outcome girl. Itís been 6 or 7 weeks now since the election. Multiple courts have heard the same stories over and over and have ruled.
If any mischief occurs in the chamber- the SCOTUS will be called in the stop the madness.
You heard it here first!
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