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Sunday, November 29, 2020


Five Videos – Five States Where Votes Were Switched Live on TV Away from President Trump to Biden

There is nothing to see here, move along now.
Fraud, what fraud, there is no election fraud. ("/s")
Again with feeling the mail in votes because of the corona virus accounted for thousands of votes. All the bogus lawsuits were thrown out. He got beat get over it!!!
The mail in vote was pushed for an easier attempt at the theft of the election.

The reality is that the election was more secure than the 2016 when the russians hacked the election which went to trump. The security personnel snuffed out another attempt this year and donnie didn't have the help. He lost its over!
The question is why..
* Why has the Trump team or Powell not presented this “ evidence “ in court?
* Why is this stuff only showing up weeks after the election?

*** Simple answer- cause it’s BS.

This is my last post about 45. My friends and I are on to more positive things to discuss.
This is what happens when someone can't except reality. Trump lost to Biden. This makes him a looser, something he had no problem calling other people. Now he wears the looser shoe.
yea how can you say fraud, it was only seen on the live counting, how everything stalled and all of a sudden Biden was in the lead, yea no fraud, what are you going to believe, Biden or your lying eyes?
Donald Trump needs to stop chasing waterfalls. The guy is not acting Presidential, we are in the midst of a raging pandemic & where is he? On the golf course or in the bowels of the WH brooding over he’s loss.
America is falling out of love with him every passing day. He’s supporters need to tell him that.
Trump supporters keep talking about “ the numbers” changing before their eyes- That’s because the mail in ballots were being uploaded, these had to be counted “ after.”
Did you guys forget about that? Trump was the one that encouraged he’s supporters to NOT mail in their votes while Biden pushed for it. Trump lost because of his lack of vision.
@Truesee - Thank you for posting this.

There are hundreds of sworn affidavits which are attached to lawsuits which have been and are being filed in court. Those sworn affidavits are called evidence submitted under penalty of perjury. Perform some due diligence and read the cases plus Exhibits as to what the witnesses and experts are attesting to.

Court is where a case is tried and proven or rejected, not the court of public opinion.
Sworn affidavits mean Nothing. They hearsay or what they heard someone else say- which is the reason they have not held up in court. I read where a Vet gave a sworn affidavit on what he “ saw” & that did not hold up in court, because it is not PROOF.
I know l am repeating myself here, but there is a REASON no high powered Law firm will take Trump’s case because going before a court of law & saying “ There was widespread voter fraud” & not having proof can lead to losing your license. Instead we have Rudy, who hasn’t tried a case in court in over 28 years peddling he’s theory. It is time to call the dogs off, it’s game over.
Btw- The 3 panel Appellate judges that denied Trump’s case are ALL Republicans. Two appointed by W Bush, the other by none other than Trump himself. They not prepared to carry water for Trump just because they Republicans.
Konane, dont waste your time, he knows everything.
I told you lefties , the news is not reporting, they are covering for the crooks.
Now, let's keep an eye out for all the lefties wearing ankle boots, the medical hide the ankle monitor ???....hmmmm I wonder.
PS the Kraken is also known as the Seal team 10 and 305th military intel based in Arizona.
Could this have been a military operation as well as an election to stop the crooks once and for all,
"Combat tactics Mr.Ryan", "by turning into the torpedo the Captain closed the distance before it could arm itself" Quote from the movie the Hunt for Red October.
Trump 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040..... lol lol lol

Another little tidbit, should the Scotus refuse to hear a case and the military has proof of TREASON, it and many may go before a Tribunal....US Code 18, fact find it.
Massive voter fraud is an attempt to subvert the will of the people and is Most certainly Treason.
Oh more tidbits, there might be a State funeral, not sure who .....
and, if there weird troop movement the second week of Dec., it's just for the roll out of the vaccine, wink wink.
They didn't cheat enough for Hilldebeast, they also didn't cheat enough for Biden, because 45 crushed a landslide 80 million plus. They had to bring in the back up to overcome the crush, they didn't hide it very well, the fuquing stupid demoncRATS got caught bigly. Video, receipts, witnesses, digital records, servers, traitors, there is much more.

How long do you wait before you get your camera speeding ticket?
Haven't you heard? I do know everything! I know that President Trump lost, and so do you. I also know that his lawsuits are going nowhere fast, and so do you, but refuse to believe. I also know that this will be over soon, and so do you.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the wheels of justice are turning. President Trump is president until 1/20/2025.
Do not imply that you think you know anything about me. So continue to make asss of yourself.
NG, I thought you said you, Don't click on things? You didn't even vote so we know you're just trying to agitate. lol But you better hope Biden doesn't get in, cause he's going to F this country up big time if he does. Then you'll be begging for Trump to run in '24, so he can clean up another democrat mess like he's doing now. Have a nice day!
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