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Saturday, November 21, 2020


Biden's lead over Trump surpasses 6 million

..and it will continue to rise. What gets me is that some people can be so dishonest, and that goes for their foolish followers as well. Yucker C asked a woman named Sudney where the proof was would show the President was robbed, she couldn't produce it, so she goes on a tirade.Whatever happened to graceful losers? If there is one thing we have learned from this election is that Trump is like no other President we have ever had before. A bad loser, he actually eanted the Mich votes to be thrown out so that he can continue his rule. Does he realize that we live in a democracy, not under a dictatorship govt, yet his party has said nothing about his actions. That is sad, because we have learned, that those in Congress & the Senate are scared of his cave troll base.
Total BS, Trump won by a landslide, everybody knows it; even the dim-dems. The very notion that Pervy Joe won is a total joke. Trump will prevail after the the cheating by means of rampant voter fraud is fully exposed.
Thd only fraud was the shoe polish dripping down a certain lawyers face!!!
If Trump keeps recounting for the next 4 years, he will have the election won.
Any numbskull can see Trump won in a landslide on election day until the dim-dems went into panic mode and halted the ballot tabulation process so they could make necessary adjustments to ensure that Pervy Joe emerged as the winner. Duh!
LB, are you such a cheapskate that you have to resort to using 20-year old vintage shoe polish to dye your hair? You can't afford Grecian formula 44?
It is only BS if your guy did not win. How is it that no " Voter fraud" claims are occurring in the States Trump won?
Are you suggesting that non-conservatives are the only dishonest voters out there?
Where did you folks get the idea that Trump was destined to win? From Paula White, other Evangelicals?
Were the polls not showing Trump losing to Biden months in advance? Suddenly it's voter fraud.
l don't think there is a single State that Biden claimed voter fraud that Trump Trump won.
The problem the Maga crowd has is whatever Trump says is Truth. If it does not come from his mouth, it's false. No sooner did Trump come on the scene that he started calling certain sections of the press " Fake News." The press whom he called dishonest have been doing their job for decades, and are still around, and will continue to be around long after Trump is gone. In short, the press will endure.
Finally, Trump lost. It's been 2 and a half weeks since the election and " If there was corruption at the ballot box" it would have turned up by now. Sending Rudy out there to fight the battle is ridiculous, the guy hasn't tried a case before a federal judge in close to 30 years. Why are other law firms bailing on the President? Cause they cannot LIE in court or they will lose their license & be disbarred.
Was Muhammad Ali supposed to get past George Foreman- No.
Was Ali supposed to lose to Spinks- No.
Was Churchill defeated at the Ballot Box- Yes.
Sleepy Joe did the unthinkable- he took out Trump & the rest is history.

NG, you can take your noisy/clanging cymbals over to MS-LSD. You will get endless accolades there from all the commie apparatchiks that approve of Pervy Joe.
You immature, juvenile and it shows by your response. Why not go ahead and pick apart my post and tell me where l am wrong. By the way- a lot more people voted for Joe, so stomach that instead of giving silly advice.
LOL, "a lot more people voted for Pervy Joe". Sure they did! So says the MSM and Dominion/Hugo Chavez Voting Systems. Problem is most of them are dead or never existed. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of unverifiable mail-in ballots for Pervy Joe only that were conveniently delivered by truckloads after the counting stopped in swing states where Trump was winning prior to to the "adjustments". Are you really that gullible? Trump won in a landslide! Everybody with an ounce of common sense knows it. Pervy Joe couldn't get 20 people to a rally, and you're naive enough to believe that he actually won the election?
If it's only bs if your guy didn't win, then why have the dems been trying to get rid of Trump since Nov. 2016? Hillary was "supposed" to win, she didn't and they spent 4 years trying to get rid of Trump. So why was Hillary "supposed" to win? The Baltimore Colts were "supposed to win" Super Bowl 3 against the Jets too, but they didn't for the same reason.

Now it's their guy being investigated and the dems are crying foul. Gimme a break!
Go on JADELottery's blog and watch the video on blog # 4995. You'll see how the vote numbers were rigged live on CNN. Every American should be concerned about that.
First off: l want you to know l voted for neither candidate.
I know it's hard to believe that Trump was beaten because, in a world of delusion, it was impossible. For the sake of time, l ask. Why would Trump's own Cyber Czar say there was no fraud? The guy was not bought by the Dems, or do you think he was? Talking about Krebs- The guy is intelligent, knows cybercrime when he sees it, that is why Trump hired him to " do a job" yet he gets canned for doing the right thing. But because Trump doesn't agree, he pulls the trigger on the guy- how gallant of Trump.

Another thing: Why did Tucker C ( Of Fox TV) said that Sydney is an empty suit, going off on dominion software and the like? Tucker said she is "All talk and no facts or evidence"- and now there is a subtle backlash on the guy for speaking his mind. It's one thing to say " we were robbed" but you have to produce evidence. With all these lawsuits being thrown out, what does that say about the so called evidence? Sure, there is lots of conspiratorial stories out there to fan the flames, but in a court of law, they have failed. Are we to assume that all these judges throwing this stuff out are all Dems? That these judges are shirking their responsibilities by denying not just any Man, but the President of the United States due Justice? Do you actually hear what you saying?

Another thing: Why would the Sec of State for Georgia, a Repub call the election for Biden, after all, they did have a recount. Where is the fraud? The guy said on national TV that he was and is a Trump supporter, but he cannot overturn the will of the American people.

l want evidence, if it can be produced, l will go along with the outcome because l live in the real world. In the real world there are winners and losers- not accepting that reality can be downright dangerous. As for Hillary- she did Concede and that makes a difference.
Ultimately, l say: Produce EVIDENCE. Not hearsay. Its been 2 and a half weeks and the clock is ticking.
Really G,
" If it's only bs if your guy didn't win, then why have the Dems been trying to get rid of Trump since Nov. 2016? "

Recall that Mitch said that his plan was to make Obama a One-Term President. They play this on both sides, and it's appalling, to say the least.
Then to cap it off- Mitch denied Obama a Justice on the Supreme Court for over a year.

Has it ever occurred to you that the majority of the voters may have decided that 4 years was enough for the Trump leadership, and they wanted to change?
Finally: Trump won the heart and minds of conservatives by going for : A Wall will be built, we will build a greater economy, etc.
Biden may have taken a page out of Trump's playbook by saying: How do you feel about the President's handling of the Covid pandemic? Trump saying " It is what it is" couldn't have helped if someone in your family died from the virus.
Lastly- l respect your opinion.

Indeed, Georgia did have a recount wherein they included all the fraudulent/invalid ballots. So the recount was an exercise in futility, all show for the conniving/devious Democrats.. Tucker Carlson never said or even intimated that Sydney was an "empty suit". Carlson knows as well as anybody else that the election was rigged by Democrats, but unfortunately Sydney is unable to lay all her cards on the table in the public domain at the present time. You can rest assured it will all come out in court at the appropriate time.
One question needs to be proven as fact or not.

Can those electronic voting machines and electronic counters be programmed to have an outcome different from the data entered?

No facts,no merit, just bs. Why am I not surprised!? The lawsuits are being laughed out of court. Chris christie is saying now that its time for trump to stop the nonsense. Meanwhile trump is golfing and tweeting while the covid19 is out of control!
This is my take for all of those who desperately want 45 to win. If you were watching a hockey game and your team was winning and the opposing team catches up and surpasses your team to win the game. Well 45 was winning Biden caught up and surpassed 45 making Biden the winner. It's as simple as that.
Here you can watch how the real time vote totals were changed as they happened. This is how the dems won. This is the proof.
Quick- Win makes a very good point.
The President encouraged his followers to not mail on their votes, he told them to " show up in person & vote, which is why he said " show up at the polls & WATCH. The Dems went all out with mail- in ballots.

On the day of election, those mail on ballots got counted LAST, which is why there were boxes upon boxes to be unpacked. Simple put, Trump rolled the dice on repubs showing up to vote & surpass the mail-in ballots from the Dems & it didn't.

As popular as Trump is, he miscalculated & paid the price for it. It's all about timing, and he's timing was way off. If there was serious evidence, it would have brought before the courts, after all we going into the 3rd week after the election.

Time to call it a loss & move on. I know it's painful, but as our President likes to say " it is what it is "
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