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Saturday, November 7, 2020


Biden Beats Trump!!


The big steal will be exposed. This is not over yet.

The people are dancing in the streets. Its back to normalcy. No more hate.   Biden bring calm and class to the office.
I remember when Trump spouted that the people coming from Mexico were muder and rapists very bad people. After one of his hate speeches a man went to a Walmart in El Paso and open fire to muder mexicans.   I know people that were there and escaped that will never forget that day. The corona virus was called a hoax by Trump and now it's out of control. My cousin died last week and his daughter in September from Covid -19.   Its time to move on and the whole nation is celebrating.
The Electors don't meet until December, they do have to vote for Biden, Trump can still win, it is not official until the Electors say so.
The media and Dems are jumping the gun on this one. Let the court battle take it's course and the libs will be flooding the streets with their tears.
Fraud and cheats will be exposed.
They have only found republicans cheating. A man in Nevada was caught voting twice for Trump.   Then a couple of days ago two men were caught with guns and fake Trump ballots in Pennsylvania plotting to attack the convention center and force their will. Nice that is what I call stuffing the ballot box!   You are right they have a chance if they get the Russians to hack the election again!
The Democrats hacked this election with their covid paper ballot voting scheme.
The Russians are coming!
It's not over. Trump won, landslide!
l have no idea where people come up with the notion that President Trump can " still win." Frankly, he cannot. Wanna know why, because " No evidence" has been submitted of widespread fraud, it's all talk, simple accusations. l like millions of others want fair elections, especially when it comes to Americans deciding who they want to lead this country.
There were poll watchers INSIDE those facilities, both Dems & Repubs, but to hear people talk, there were none- which is BS. You cannot have x amount of more people inside those facilities. The other thing is: The ballots " in question" are not thousands, but a couple hundred, not enough for President Trump to overcome or flip the State. There is NO FIX. Why is it that no complaints are lodged with the States Trump did win in? l guarantee you- if Team Trump wants a recount of all the ballots in Penn & other States where he lost- the count will only reinforce the results. No Politician is fail proof. Carter Lost, so did Bush Snr, and get this- even Sir Winston Churchill who was the backbone of courage for the British people against Hitler, he too lost an election. These things happen and life will go on. I wish Trump well.
Trump will not give up on this...I do believe that they will find voter fraud like has never
been seen before!
Go read my blog...just posted a video about it.
I didn't think he had that much of a chance to prove it until I just saw Sidney Powell on TV
just now talking about what went on in a lot of the states.
She is the one who cleared Mike Flint.
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