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Tuesday, October 6, 2020


What would a world without Obamacare look like?

Obamacare took away the world without Obamacare.
I want my old affordable healthcare plan back.

Obamacare is invasive, regressive and oppressive.

If you make $48,000 it is in no way shape or form affordable as within days you could easily have $46,000 in out of pocket costs after paying $13,000 in premiums($59,000 total while sick and not making anything at the start of the year). How? Get sick at the end of the year and have your out-of-pockets reset while still in the hospital for the start of the year!

Or, if you make $48K and get sick during the year pay $23,000 out of pocket on top of the $13,000 premiums for $36,000 on $48K per year.

It is invasive because the IRS should not have anything at all to do with your healthcare.

If you make $17,500 per year and want to get off Obamacare the subsidy turns into a $12,000 fine to get off Obamacare. They intended the subsidy as an oppressive fine to keep people down. When you make more money you have to repay the "subsidy" which is deliberately meant as a fine on success.

Obamacare is Rape, Theft, Looting and Slavery.

When you force your way on someone that is Rape and That is Obamacare.
Remember, You had your choice of being raped or beaten. You could sign up for Obamacare and be raped or you could not sign up and pay an ever increasing fine (be beaten) until you submit to the rape of Obamacare.

I had affordable healthcare and Obama took it away from me after lying and saying I could keep it. He stole my affordable and non invasive, regressive and oppressive plan from me that is theft.

Obamacare is looting because it takes all that public money and funnels it through the U.S. Treasury and into the pockets of all those private New York listed health companies.
They knew they were going to do this so they all invested in the stocks of those companies and laughed as they greedily cashed ever increasing dividend checks and had the prices of their shares skyrocket as the publics looted money went into their buddies companies.

Obamacare is Slavery because old people are entitled to some of the young workers pay.
When you work and someone else is entitled to all or part of your income in this way then that is slavery. Obamacare is Slavery!

Obama et al will also tell you that nobody is above the law yet Obama himself never has to sign up for Obamacare and neither do the supreme court justices because he"bribed" them with special dispensation. Congress also got a special deal. Not that it matters anyway because they would be paying for it with all the dividends and capital gains they get from investing in the companies that they funneled money into.

Another part of the atrocity is that since Obamacare came into law countless rural hospitals have closed and people are forced to pay for health insurance when they have no easy access to any care. CBS news on one of its morning shows did a piece on how people were forced to pay for the insurance but their hospital closed and one of the family members need care when the next closest hospital was six hours away but they died en route.

There are countless more types of atrocities due to Obamacare but I wont continue with them here.

It is just pretty   disgusting that the Democrats could attack us and greedily loot us like this!

Gruber said the American people are too stupid to see what is happening to them and for the vast majority he is probably right. (Wait til the union members vote for Biden and then act surprised when the Cadillac tax comes back on their "greedy" hard won health plans!)
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