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Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Trump, Pelosi and Schumer Have Explosive Televised Shouting Match Over Border Wall

If Schumer would give the votes for the wall the Government would not shut down. Five billion is chump change in DC.
Pelosi already said no money for border wall when she takes control in January.
No, HERE'S the $15B question that not a single Republican/Trump supporter can answer:

Why isn't Trump making MEXICO pay for the wall like he also promised???

In all his latest ranting and tweeting about how he'd make our military....our MILITARY pay for it, not a squeak about his Mexico plans on doing it. Three different blogs today with this question and not a single straight answer YET. Only BS about how liberals want open borders, that's it. Trump has completely abandoned the whole caravan BS just like he's abandoned all his anti-Muslims BS. Here's a dead ringer:

All the most recent massacres, mass shootings, hate crimes, and general multiple murders have been committed by domestic homegrown white male citizens that lean to the right. Fact. Trump had all the dumbazzes worried about some homeless migrants travelling with their WHOLE LIVES mounted on their backs, though, along with their children. Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, MBS murders one of our own, Trump tucks his weak azz tail, and turns his head away from REAL CONFRONTATION. MBS essentially dares Trump to make a move towards him and a phuckin' tank can't even budge Trump! He picks on weak, powerless people that can do nothing to him. Putin and MBS high fived at the G20 which senta very clear message...hence Trump's non-action on everything that really matters.

*How dare he even mention our troops when he's now on the hook for using Vets to launder money for himself. That, compared to how they lynched Obama over, "You can keep you doctor" and the ACA which benefitted LOTS of Republicans even now. It's alright, the day is coming...believe it.
Lucky...the trumpanzee supporters still support their leader no matter what hapoens...end game cometh...
"Why isn't Trump making MEXICO pay for the wall like he also promised???"

Because he's been blocked by the treasonous Dems at ever turn, that's why. They just threatened to block Trump again.

"All the most recent massacres, mass shootings, hate crimes, and general multiple murders have been committed by domestic homegrown white male citizens that lean to the right."

Nope not true . Those numbers pale in respect to the numbers of murders, cop killings and other assaults on LEOs, rapes, grand theft and other crimes your black brethren commit on a daily basis. Fact.

The rest of your BS is just partisan azzhattery. Why don't you go back to Louisiana, you putrid Katrina refugee.
Trumpanzee..... wait a minute, I shouldn't insult chimpanzees like that. They are much more smarter than this fat f*** orange face loser
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