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Thursday, December 20, 2018


Go Fund Me For Trump's Border Wall Nears $1 Million In 2 Days

It is now $3,587,330 of $1.0B goal
We will have the wall to stop drug flow, human trafficking and from being invaded at will.
Donations are going off furiously. I refreshed the page and more and more donations show up. This thing is going to go thru the roof. Take note Congress the people don’t need you.
Donations are going off furiously. I refreshed the page and more and more donations show up. This thing is going to go thru the roof. Take note Congress the people don’t need you.
I love it, a bunch of retarded brainwashed losers sending their hard-earned money for a lost cause. Suckers!
The only sucker is your worthless carcass. You have no sense of patriotism , or care for the U.S.A.

Hey, I have an Idea, move your worthless A$$ to Venezuela and preach your crap there, you'll be a hero.
Mad dog is on his. Again, how about this, why don't you go f*** yourself. I love this country probably more than all you trolls on this site, or else I wouldn't have joined the Navy for four years with an honorable discharge dumbass!

You people are so f***ing clueless it's scary! Go ahead and send your money to a lost cause sucker!
How about $7.8 MILLION DOLLARS

Amber get lost your loser. Why are you even in America you are such a hater. The things you say do NOT reflect a love our our great country. Go sulk .....Got beer? Got LIQUOR YOU TANKED UP POS.
@lejardumb...i served thi great country with honor. And i got an honorable discharge when i fullfilled the 4 year contract.
If you'd like, I will gladly send you the necessary documents to prove it. I will gladly send you or take a picture of whatever, of my original DD-214 release documents when you leave the service LOL
Amberjack yea sure. And at $9.2 plus million dollars the “clueless” as you call your fellow Americans, ARE sending their money to build that wall so go bury your drunken head you horses azzz.
You are a drunken, lying, hateful stoner, I don’t give a rats azz what you say nor believe a word you say. As you have claimed so many times when you lie, oh I was stoned and drunk. You have no credibility.

From the latest article:

-Two Republican U.S. representatives have filed bills to allow the U.S. Department of the Treasury to accept public donations for the wall. Both bills are in committee.

The Department of the Treasury states on its website that people can donate to the federal government for general use. However, those gifts are considered unconditional.

Kolfage said he has talked with the Trump administration but declined to elaborate to The Washington Post.-

Key word: unconditional.

Be it as it may, even if they reach the $1B target amount, it's still a far cry from what the actual and total cost is. Contractors must be paid, laborers, materials, etc. and $1B is actually a drop in the bucket. Kinda like buying $100 worth of PB tickets. The tenacity of this veteran is to be admired in one sense but, heavily criticized in another. See, we have HOMELESS VETERANS that could seriously benefit from both that money and THEIR VETERAN PEER. We have veterans with PTSD still taking their lives, daily, that could benefit from those funds being designated to VETERAN CHARITIES to TREAT THEIR SICKNESS, folks. This GoFundMe thing about the wall is all about 'prevention' of Trump further failing...that's it. When Trump was dealt with on national television by Schumer and Pelosi regarding wall funding, everything changed and this veteran became afraid of Trump losing. Furthermore, he did not want to answer questions as to why why Mexico wasn't paying for wall...after he got on board with Trump claiming to make Mexico pay for it. Let it sink in.

*Here's a thing: Neither the filthy rich Koch Brothers, filthy rich Sheldon Adelson, filthy rich Foster Friess, Paul Singer, Robert Mercer, and a list of liquid rich others have not once budged YET to personally give money towards building this same wall. Nope, only those that voted for Trump on this wall deal, specifically, will be sending funds. I can dig the optics of this but, it's very misguided based purely on principle as it's a last ditch desperate effort on a wall. Okay.
Lmao!!! THIS is where it's at:


I love it!!!!

^ Just like a leftist to applaud someone advocating breaking the law.

Then again, it's to be expected from those of your ilk.

Don't pretend you care about the vets; you never did during the last administration.
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