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Thursday, December 6, 2018


Democrats Are Just Too Smart

They are! Nobody told me.
I prefer to say that we're very attentive to the details. For instance, I knew Trump was the biggest BS'er ever regarding immigration because he used illegal migrants back in the day to his own good. The disgusting part is that he tried to get away without paying them for their work, folks. Just pathetic. Fast forward to now and we can see the super blatant and utter Trumpocrisy on his immigration position right here:

Such a great read and affirmation that Trump just walks all over his base and most of his electorate. Sure, we have an immigration issue but,      what Trump is doing about it is all wrong.
I guess you didn't pay attention to the details of the article. The title was tongue-in-cheek,referring to the leftist delusion that they are actually smarter than conservatives.

The actual title should have read: Democrats Are American Hating Evil Bast*rds.

And all of them, just like the ^one above^ suffer from TDS.

Plus, I bet that whining illegal b*tch used forged papers to get her job. She needs to be branded on the forehead with a big "IA" and her illegal azz shipped back to Guatemala. We should ship the leftists in here along with her since they despise this country so much.
Det. Short Bus in comment #2, another attribute of the brilliant TDS dimwits are spewing talking points that require no thinking on their part.
Lmao! No, it's you, all your gullible cohorts, and Trump that hate this country. It's already proven that the same Saudi Prince that your weak excuse for a president cannot call out for killing our AMERICAN JOURNALIST also allowed MBS to USE OUR VETERANS in a laundering scheme. Yes, Trump was paid by them because they put up veterans in his hotel, specifically, and veterans are now livid in light of this murder.

mikeintexas could care less about his country or anyone not like him in this country as he's got his head so far up Trump's azz that he may as well give him a colonoscopy for good measure. I can guarantee, though, you won't find ANY BALLS getting in the way.
And you gobbled Obama's knob so much you still have his jizz on your chin. I had problems with Trump before he was elected and I have problems with *some* things he's doing. If you want to see a partisan hack, just look in the mirror, you Democrat lawn jockey.

No, we know who the traitors are - it's you leftists.
Oh, and Trump has balls, it's just that they're made of brass.

The only balls between Hussein and Mooshelle were the ones "she" had under her skirt.
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