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Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Rush Limbaugh: The Caravans Are Still Coming - Are They Carrying Ballots?

Probably are.
Maybe, but it's more likely they're carrying disease, rap sheets as long as is the caravan itself and a misplaced sense of entitlement.
Stop with the plucking LIE. Even Trump has stopped since the mid-terms. SAD
Rush has great idea he has been talking about for some time, make immigration easier and grant voting rights to those new immigrants after 20-25 years of being Americans.
"SAD" is sleezy's new sig.

It stands for "Stupid Azz Democrat"
All of a sudden after the election was over we stopped hearing about the Caravan which proves to me it was all a hoax. His stupid little charade didn't work. Man you right-wing nutjobs are so blind!
Excellent MikeinTexas, perfect description for that SAD racist.
LETHARGIC your crooked teeth comment means nothing. It's like a fart in the wind. SAD
BIGOTINTEXAS SAD means SAD. Trying to change its meaning just shows your stupidity. SAD
Go back to your school janitor's union meeting, sleezebucket.

I guess it COULD stand for "Stinky Azz Deadbeat"
Hey Sleazyazz, ooops I mean SAD, you are right my comments mean nothing but they sure light your azz now dont they? Your nasty comments show you for what you are, an ANGRY, racist black man.
Lethargic, the only thing that is correct about your comment is that I am a BLACK MAN. I don't take sh1t from no one. Any Black that stand their ground with you people, you call them angry. You are the one with the problem because you don't know how to get along with people of color. This is not the 50's. You can't say anything that you want to to people of color without a swift reaction.
Oh give it a rest. I dont owe you an explanation my actions. I am not the only woman you have had a run in with, calling us names, "dont try to get to know me" remember those comments? Like anybody would even try or want to? You are so full of yourself and full of hate, you are pathetic.
LETHARGIC if you acted like a women with some class I would treat you different. But since you don't, FU.
Sleazy you dont know HOW to treat people differently, especially women. You are mean, old, lying racist jerk. You have an issue with women, look at all the women on this site you have alienated by your name calling. And you speak of class??? Oh wait, maybe the woman you do care about is Amber.
LETHARGIC, like I said you have no class. The so-called women you referenced are just like you. If they attack me, I attack them back. Other than that, I have nothing to say to them. I have an issue with ignorant women with no class.
You are a liar sleazy. I tend to believe a person who lies, is a racist, attacks others AND women has no class and that means you. No need to respond, nothing you say means anything. But I know you will be back to attack again.
LETHARGIC I knew you were retarded, but you seem to be obtuse also. SAD
Sleasyazz you know nothing about me, I dont know why you keep speculating, I guess that is what teachers of your "caliber" do.......….. Pfffftttt.   Dont you get tired hearing people from LP call you a racist, liar, dumbwitted dolt, why not just go away and disappear? I am not retarded but calling someone retarded is very offensive but you dont have enough smarts to understand. You and your little girlfriend run along now.
LETHARGIC what BIGOTS like you and your sorry azz friends say don't phase me. You should know that by now. Oh, we don't say retarded anymore, so I'll just say you are mentally challenged, OK. LMAO
Pfffffffft let me just say you are a lying, woman hating, racist. What you find funny is only in your twisted little mind. Go craw back under the rock with your little girlfriend Amber.
LETHARGIC, there you go again. I think you are BI-POLAR as well as mentally challenged. You are a glutton for punishment. You're probably lonely and is being ignored by your man/women...I don't judge. You're stupid because you accuse me of insulting you while you are doing the same thing to me. YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUS ISSUES.
Pfffffft, truth hurts eh Sleazy. I am just saying the truth. Do you not read or comprehend what you write? Every one of your posts is an insult. Me a glutton for punishment? Absolutely not, I am sick of your condescending hateful posts and need to let you know. So it is up to YOU. Insult me again and here we go again.
LETHARGIC, what I'm saying about you is true. That is why you keep coming back for more. You're hateful and evil. It shows on your face. SAD
Sleazy you dont know your azzz from a hole in ground, go crawl in and die.
I couldnt care less what you do or say. YOU keep coming back here because YOU have to have the last word.
LETHARGIC, you just don't comprehend. As long as you are calling me anything other that my screen name, I will keep coming back to return the favor.SB
SLEAZY NO YOU dont understand. You are constantly throwing nasty barbs. My post told you exactly how it is and you still come back with attacks. You are a lying, SLEAZY, racist, woman hating, low class buffoon. Carry on. And you call yourself a teacher. Oh what an example you are to your "students".
Pfffffffft let me just say you are a lying, woman hating, racist. What you find funny is only in your twisted little mind. Go craw back under the rock with your little girlfriend Amber.

Truth hurts. You are only interested in continuing the attack and you are exactly what I said a woman hating racist.

LETHARGIC, you are a bigot and a man hating beast of a women. GFY
Once again SLEAZY you are lying, woman hating racist. You are one sick self-righteous azz and it is no wonder you have alienated almost everyone on this board with the exception of loser and amberjack. You know nothing about me I am not a bigot and sure dont hate men, just you. You are supposedly married which I find a JOKE, and dont believe it for a minute. If you are married I feel for your wife or husband.

LETHARGIC, your cross-eyed BMW body (BODY MADE WRONG) will turn the stomach of any man. You have nothing in common with me. I have too much life experiences. So go talk sh1t with someone on your level because there is nothing that you could possibly tell me about LIFE.
Hey sleazyazz good to see you back talking your crapp.   I dont seem to recall saying I had anything in common with the likes of you. Life experience my rear, your experience consists of calling women names. I bet you are a stalker. You sure cant let conversations go here. Where do you get these idiotic ideas i have any desire to tell you anything other than you make me want to vomit?
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