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Friday, November 23, 2018


Fox News host apologizes for guest who compared Hillary Clinton to a venereal disease

Well, at least there's still some decency among a few of those at FOX. It's one thing to still harp on someone that's been harped on numerous times already. It's another thing to introduce the person as a serious disease carried by the person you hate...politically. Such people have no other way to convey their disdain for someone/something other than to try and drag them into the same hog slop they waddle in everyday. You know, this gal was simply trying to gin up ratings and get the people all riled up since she can't get nowhere near the coverage that Hillary receives on REAL ISSUES.

If this chic really wanted to discuss something, why not discuss Ivanka's email use which mirrored Hilary's which caused all of them to d@mn near hemorrhage for months on end. Not a peep from them, though, and now Trump is spouting off about some mystery count of 100,000 emails that nobody knows about and doesn't care. What they all should be shaking over is those illegally obtained and released email WikiLeaks put out which they all knew about but hid. It's gonna bite 'em all...real hard. believe it.

*Now, let's look at something in the category of recirculated and old news...fake even. There's this talk about the Clinton Foundation down 90% on donations and all that but, none of the major news outlets, far near or wide, are headlining this supposedly breaking development. You'd think that FOX news would be all over it actually, right? Naaaah, that's because it's BS that only desperate folks with nothing else do and report on stir up. Silly bloggers take the bait and run with it just like catfish clamp down on fake worms...and end up CAUGHT! Right here from back in 2016, folks:

Listen, if it was down 90% percent two years ago then, how can it still be down only 90%? Maybe it's 'double down' now, like 180% or some dumb $hit like that. You people need to quit misleading YOUR OWN PEOPLE and LYING TO THEM, okay. It's just not right but, hell, they're none the wiser anyway and could care less about doing any real diligence to prove it out as evidenced by all the dumb and immature responses on the blogs carrying the headline. This is exactly why Trump knows just what kind of 'poorly educated' electorate he's dealing with.

Now, go run and show this to somebody you love. Just wow.

Det. Shortbus went longbus, been holdin' it in huh?
"....why not discuss Ivanka's email use which mirrored Hilary's..."

Why not? Well, let's do it. Ivanka was told she could not use a private email account for govt. business. She turned over all her emails, then started using the govt. supplied email. There was NOTHING sensitive on her emails, zero, zip, nada.

OTOH, Hillary was using a private server located in her home, also setting up accounts for her long-time aide Huma Abedin, and State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills. She did not use, or even activate, a email account, which would have been hosted on servers owned and managed by the US government.

Just why did she do that? It's pretty obvious; she wanted total control over her email and esp. just who could see it. With her email setup, she became the sole arbiter of what should and shouldn't be provided to the government, made public via freedom of information requests or turned over to interested parties, such as the congressional committee investigating the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.

An FBI investigation found that Mrs Clinton used "numerous personal devices" while in office and relied on several email servers. Clinton staffers told the FBI that they destroyed some of the replaced devices with a hammer while they could not account for others.

Why destroy them? We may never know (since the evidence was destroyed, duh), but it's certainly not what I'd call "innocent actions".

Now, go run and show this to someone, I don't care who. Better yet, shove up your partisan azz.
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