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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Al Sharpton: The Trump Administration Has Declared War On Minorities

Al Sharpton has gotten rich off phony racism claims. Al and Obama are the two biggest racist there are. Maxine is a close third.
I have come to the conclusion every Black Democrat is Racist except my friend. When Obama was running for re-election, he refused to vote for anyone.
Utter BS from the biggest Black Racist, and Bigot this World has seen.
Talk is cheap from the Liberal Lunatic, show us the Proof, not hearsay.!!
Trump has no war on minorities.
All Sharpton talked about in that article is the failure of Democrats.
Highest Black employment, highest Hispanic employment in years. Just nominated a female whose parents are from India to fill Justice Kavanaugh's vacated seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Yep that's war to make it better for everyone including minorities.
Proof that current admin isn't racist etc. they could easily go after charlatan with the IRS like barry's IRS went after conservative 501's anf others. Charlatan owes millions.
The title is wrong, what do you mean has declared? He was born a racist what are you talking about?
Trump is a NATIONALIST. He was publicly rebuked by the French president because his country suffered greatly from so-called NATIONALISTS. Trumps base are the only ones falling for his BS. SAD
The crook Sharpton must be getting low on funds, time to stir the masses.
lil*returdburglar and amberjackoff farsical fentanyled fuque faces, two bitches united in ignorance and mediocrity, goosing each other to say something more idiotic every day.

Jaras**t once a gain squirting thru his sphincter just like his daddy trumpski.... go bitch and whine somewhere else cuz you're going to lose in 2020 suckers!!!!!!!!! Suckers!!!!! Suckers!!!!
amberjackoff is awake again!!! F'ing meth head got up 2pm. today, posted some sh1t then came here to post more idiotic sh1t, looks like you are on the pipe again. Take it easy sleazy, we want you to make it to 2020 so you can die pi$$ed off when your head blows up after Trump wins again.
So, Macron rebuked Trump. I bet that really stung. -snicker- President Trump probably tossed and turned all of three/four seconds worrying about what that little frog had to say.

It would behoove Macron to become more of a nationalist. France is being overrun and ruined by African immigrants. The French culture is being replaced with one of savagery.
s**t for brains jaracrap...stfu...your drivel is that....drivel...garbage....go f*** yourself are. Human waste.
amberjackoff is triggered, I struck that meth nerve, his dealer is making him wait till 10PM PST.........not cool....relax..........oh, I forgot, you can't,.......that is the problem with meth.
BIGOTINTEXAS, Trump waited until he got back into the USA and tweeted about it like a big orange bitch. JARASH!T knows about that meth. That's why he is a fat head junkie pervert.
BIGOTINTEXAS, Trump waited until he got back into the USA and tweeted about it like a big orange bitch. JARASH!T knows about that meth. That's why he is a fat head junkie pervert.
Screw you, racist sleezebag. Don't you have some hallways to mop?
Besides, why does it matter WHEN he tweeted about it? While you probably do it, most people don't pee in their host's sink while they're at their house.

Man, besides you being plumb ate up with the dumbazz, you got a raging case of TDS, dontcha? SAD - esp. for a self-professed college graduate. He's in the White House and you can't stand that your black Jebus (who never did a thing for black folks) ain't there anymore. Better than that, he's in your heads! ROFLMAO

MAGA! Keep on slappin' the lefties down, Orange Man!
Sounds like sour grapes to me, sleezec*nt. If you don't like it here, why don't you go join your rapist, thieving cousins in Paris?

Like I said, plumb ate up with TDS and the dumbazz.
BIGOTINTEXASS, I don't like your hillbilly azz, but that will never make me go to another country d1ckhead. I'm a very patient man, I'll just wait until you die and piss on your grave.
You're older than me, you old puke, so by that time, you'll be pissin' all over yourself...if someone hasn't already killed you for being a contentious c*nt.   The only way you could ever best me was if I WAS dead...otherwise I'd stomp a mudhole in your azz. Take that to the bank, you racist P.O.S.
Talk is cheap HILLBILLY. I will knock your fat azz out and stomp your big blood red, vain head until the white fat meat shows. You're not tough. You Yellow-bellied, short bald-head punk. I'm in good shape and can still handle a moron like you any day. Your broken-down body makes you look 20 years older than what you are sucker. As far as age, people die all the time younger than me, you are no different.
LMAO Dream on, wh*re son.   I'd slap the dentures out of your head and then thumb out your rheumy old eyeballs.

Get someone to change your Depends, you old coot, you've been spilling your crap around here for too long.
BIGOTINTEXASS, you sound like a punk azz joke. Also stop calling CARBO an old coot, I am the one that calls him that. You have no creativity. SAD FUK
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