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Monday, October 29, 2018


Rabbi to CNN: Trump Always Welcome In Our Synogogues He's Our President

Much respect for the Rabbi, who told cnn the truth. These hate crimes have nothing to do with Trump.

Except for that about 11 Rabbi leaders said he is unwelcomed. The shooter claims that he did this partly because the Jewish leaders were helping in the Caravan situation and he didn't want them coming crossing the border. So you can thank Trump and his rhetoric for this.
These hate crimes have everything to do with the NATIONALIST TRUMPSKY. He has duped his followers to believe anything that he says. This is so sad. Everything that comes out of Trumsky mouth is a LIE.
^No they don't. You're just a racist old malcontent and there's nothing Trump could do to make you give him one oz. of credit. Quit being a close-minded bigot for once in your life.
Absolutely correct! As Long As Trump is in office they will be unrest not because I said so, but because history has shown and if it's for the better, I say go for it! People don't like to think that the future is going to be different than what they imagined it to be tie my hands the ultimate perfect scenario. Times they are a-changing and they always will that's what people have to realize times will always change
^No they don't. You're just a racist old malcontent and there's nothing Trump could do to make you give him one oz. of credit. Quit being a close-minded bigot for once in your life.

Goes double for you.
It takes a crazed Republican to The Logical eyes a trump ideology. That's all I have to say about that just too much, Trump retards spread throughout the u.s.
Please come back and translate that when you're sober. I mean, I get the gist but I'm missing the subtle nuance I'm sure you intended. <snicker>

I hope you're at home and not working and driving.
BIGOTINTEXAS is an uneducated hillbilly. He is the type of moron that Trump takes advantage of. SAD
*lil returdburglar jew hater, racist, and bigoted ignorant troll that smells like dead rotted skunk. STFU and go out quietly, your dementia and inability to put more than three words of original thought together is showing big league. Your meds are preventing you from focusing and staying awake for more than a few minutes at a time. Go back to your into your cave and die with at least some dignity you idiot.

Please leave us wondering....."whatever happened to that mfer Lil Speedy?" nah, on second thought fuque it, good riddance.
It's sad that people back a man that that says anything that comes to his mind. And most of what he says is bad. His rhetoric is very bad. Eleven people were killed because a man was riled up by what thinks is right. This past weekend was terrible for all of us. Most of the people don't want him to go which is understandable.
You leftists are idiots, believe the leftist propaganda, keep listening and believing.
lakerben, quit being a drama queen, not to mention a liar. Nobody is buying what you're trying to sell.

And sleezebag is the type that does a disservice to his own race and relishes in being a perpetual victim. What's really sad is how he votes for the very people that want to keep him on the plantation. Honestly, you're nothing more than a walking/talking lawn jockey to them.
JARASH!T please teach me how to write sentences that don't run into each other. Dog Sh1t Eating Moron.
*lil returdburglar you don't have much time left and even less money to afford my instruction, STFU. Take your meds and go out like Or is it bitch?
BIGOTINTEXAS unlike you, I don't vote for BIGOTS and RACISTS. You vote for your kind hillbilly.
JARASH!T you're just a loud mouth pervert from the trailer park in Maryland.
That's all you got, sleezy? Weak sauce. Once again, when you speak of BIGOTS and RACISTS you're projecting your faults upon me. <SAD>   

Go back to standing on Mad Maxine's lawn like a good boy.
BIGOTINTEXAS you're just a dumb hillbilly. SAD
And you're a misguided, easily duped and deluded fool. <SADDER>
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