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Saturday, October 27, 2018


NBC"s Vicious Attack On Megyn Kelly Began Long Before Her Latest Gaffe

Off Topic...and BREAKING: Shooter in custody after killing (8) and seriously injuring several officers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. The assailant was heavily armed and the only thing Trump could say regarding 'that' was, "If they could've had protection on the inside, things maybe would've be different. If they would've had an armed guard 'inside', the results would've been far better. We live in a violent world..."

So much more he said but, you'll see the hypocrisy as its' circulated. He hates such violence and such acts but, he commended his boy that body slammed the reporter. He made fun of a disabled reporter. He said he could shoot (5) people in the middle of the street and he'd lose no support...and he's RIGHT. The reason he's right is because it's not him that's the problem, it's his supporters that could care less about anything except the false sense of success and strength. Neither of which is happening. He couldn't even courtesy call any of those that were sent bombs, folks...just a courtesy call. I'm shocked that he called Governor Tom Wolf, who's also a Democrat, in light of all this and happens to further solidify the hypocrisy of not calling those threatened with bombs. Again, Trumpers enjoy this sort of thing as evidenced by how they're responding to the bomb threats. So, Trumpers get all upset over the Muslims yelling, Allahu Akbar just before they kill or hurt people, right?

Well, ANOTHER WHITE MALE MALE MASS SHOOTER identified as 46-year old Rob Bowers did the following: 'Gunman Yelled 'All Jews Must Die'. He's right there with that bad, extreme sect of Muslims with ISIS far as I'm concerned. Guess what? Trump's closest peeps are Jews which may offer some idea as to why he was sooooo compassionate in his interview. Have a look at these links:

Rob Bowers voter registration for Pennsylvania is in the following link...and is CURRENT:

Oh, and for the record:

- Even more so, I've always maintained that it's the white males conducting such acts of domestic terrorism on their own American People. Just look back at who carried out all the last half dozen mass shootings, and, which party they related to. Pretty straight forward. No muslims, no mexicans (MS13), no blacks, just caucasian males doing it all as outlined by the FBI and CIA.-

# posted by Lucky Loser : 7:46 PM

I'm always ready to to discuss the FACTS....anytime.
Det. Short Bus is on the case!!!!!
Lucky..... I keep telling you not to write facts because it makes the right-wing nutjobs go berserk. And then they reply with childish responses LOL the word fact and conservatism don't belong in the same sentence. It's like oil and water.
Facts? Bwwaaaa! The only "facts" you leftists know are the ones you play fast and loose with.

Bowers political party: unaffiliated

"Making fun of a disabled reporter"? Debunked, time and time again. Please try to keep up.

Trump's brag about being able to shoot people and still get votes? Uh, do you know the meaning of "hyperbole"? Trump says things like that a lot, just in case you haven't noticed. I guess those Democrat ads of Republicans wheeling Granny off a cliff or poisoning babies were meant to be literal? Fear, division and innuendo are the leftist trademarks and have been for a long, long time, so don't try to say Trump is the inventor of those things.

I don't normally engage in debate with racists like you, Loser, but when you start talking about mass shootings, one weekend's scorecard of blacks killing other blacks in Chicago will make your vague "statistics" pale by comparison. Attacks on police officers are 80% committed by blacks, spurred on by the leftist jihad against law enforcement. I think it's easy to see which race is more innately criminal, so I don't even have to bring up the other FBI crime stats.

Besides arguing disingenuously, you're always all over the place, flitting from one subject to another without so much as a hint of a segue. Tighten up your rants if you want someone to take them seriously.
Moron in Texas, nobody takes you seriously at all. You just a dumb redneck motherfuker living in the ghetto white trash white supremacist loser living in the back of a trailer that your mom owns.

Go buy a clue for f***sake already real cheap at Walmart. Ten cents a clue.
Temper, temper!

Why is it you're so self-loathing? Is it because you can't control your abnormal perversions, or that you know you cannot compete intellectually with me or any other conservative in here? It must be frustrating for you to know nothing about most anything.   

Even your insults are lame.   A ghetto isn't the usual place one would find a white supremacist, now would it?

Ten cents a clue? Must be Made in China, no thanks. Made in the USA for me, MAGA! You could afford a dime or two on your Uber wages, I reckon.

My mom's been gone for over ten years, but how is your mother? She's probably passed on, too, died of shame from having birthed a "son" like you, rest her soul. Then again, if she wanted a daughter, then at least she got half of one w/ you. I'm sure she tried her best, bless her.
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