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Saturday, October 27, 2018


Mid term elections are a referendum on Trump

Low unemployment, booming economy, lower taxes, and the super violent angry left, perfect! Red Tsunami baby!
Pres Trump doesn't take any group for granted and includes all groups in his policies.

Dems value illegals over American citizens which is obvious.
2.7 job growth....2.9% inflation....pfffft....dow jones taking a dive...great economy!!!!!!...... right-wing nutjobs trying to blow people up, yeah it's a great time to be alive, not!

Delusions delusions delusions delusions the allusions delusions delusions the allusions, hypocrisy hypocracy hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocracy hypocrisy, right-wing nutjobs right-wing nutjobs right-wing nutjobs right-wing nutjobs right-wing nutjobs
^Deport Perverts/Non Americans/Traitors^Mental Defectives^^Deport Perverts/Non Americans/Traitors^Mental Defectives^^Deport Perverts/Non Americans/Traitors^Mental Defectives^^Deport Perverts/Non Americans/Traitors^Mental Defectives^^Deport Perverts/Non Americans/Traitors^Mental Defectives^^Deport Perverts/Non Americans/Traitors^Mental Defectives^
Your puny brain was deported when your mama gave birth to you. It was a size of a pea so she figured it's not worth it and just stepped on it and smashed it. Actually I wouldn't insult a pea.

Your Deport stick is getting old, we should Deport you for being such a moron. Less morons on this planet the better you're wasting your time, maybe you should go make some pipe bombs. Figures, right-wing Nut Job can't even make a bomb correctly LOL what a bunch of retards you are
Oh the irony, a guy like me who was born in Iran came here in 1971 later on join the Navy with an honorable discharge, and this moron in Texas who was an ex flashlight police wannabe living in a trailer park with no teeth has the gall to tell me that I should get deported...

Don't worry, I think I'll do something nice for you, in a couple of months is it starts he gets really busy here for work, I'll send you some teeth. Free on me how's that? How do you possibly eat hard food? Or do you only eat baby food?
It's "shtick", Einstein...and it NEVER gets old.

I just BET a perv like you got an honorable discharge. <snicker> You were probably kicked out on a medical...for HAVING "a discharge" and passing along your clap to the rest of the pervs.

Do you want me to post your comment from some time back where you said the first thing you'd do if you won the lottery would be to buy some dentures? I have a screen shot of it, I can do that if you want me to. It's like I've said a dozen times before, you're always projecting. I hate to keep repeating that, but you simply won't go look up the meaning and realize that you're doing it all the time.

Just wait before hitting "Post Comment" and include all your inane insults in one post, please. That way I can laugh at you in one fell swoop.   I can just see you now, "Oh! I should have said THIS, too!" and having to click back on the blog post again, all the while sputtering all over your keyboard in your unhinged rage.

Are you gonna go whine to Todd again, be a little tattle-tale?
amberjackoff farsi fuque face.

I don't whine to Todd, it doesn't matter anyway because he's not going to do anything anyways. I do have an honorable discharge whether you want to believe it or not, but the point is like I said A week ago, I come on the blogs and make comments but for some reason you have to instigate every comment I make. You need to get a life because you're never going to change my mind so basically you're just wasting your time with your drivel.

Are you going to send me a bomb now? What a bunch of retards you people are, I'm kind of glad you're retarded friend couldn't build a real bomb because then people would really been hurt or killed. Thank goodness you're right-wing nutjobs are retarded. I guess I should thank well the recipients should thank your lucky stars you right-wing nutjobs are morons and retarded because if you weren't there all probably be dead by now.

Oh yeah I have a couple of teeth that are ground down because I grind my teeth when I sleep and I don't even realize it, but it's because of natural wear and tear not because I'm a crackhead living in a trailer park cooking meth all day long like you do.
Bruxism, that's what it's called. Bet you didn't even know that and you have it! I doubt you do it only at night; nope, I bet you grind your teeth in rage when I do the message board equivalent of rubbing your face in the balls of crap you are always posting.

Then again, methheads are prone to bruxism, so maybe you're projecting again? The only thing I know about meth is from "Breaking Bad", "so if you don't know who I am, your best course of action would be to tread lightly." LMAO

How do I "instigate every comment you make"? You don't seem to know the definition of "instigate". YOU are the one who waltzed into the forums and later these blogs and started the instigation w/ your insults.   Maybe the word you're looking for is "ridicule" and yes, I do that. You're low hanging fruit, easy to trigger. It's more fun than pulling wings off of flies, at least there's that.

If you can't fade the heat....

You keep talking about b*mbs and you'll have the FBI in here and tracking you down. You can share a cell with the guy who made ones that could never have know, fake ones.
According to the police the bombs were real. That is why he is going to jail for 58 years where he can continue to act like a lunatic and praise the republicans.
No, just no.   It would take you about ten seconds to Google that...well,maybe a minute or two since you're a leftist...and find "they were meant to terrify, not to kill."

58 years? I took a nap this afternoon and must have missed not only the trial but the sentencing phase as well!
President Trump has the courts...smokin', git r done fast! I didn't know he was already sentenced!! 58 years is good.
What a bunch of dumb motherfukers you are you right-wing losers, it's estimated you'll get that much years that many years rather.
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