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Saturday, October 6, 2018


Kavanaugh Confirmed

Congratulations to him and his family, hope God keeps them safe from harm.
Congrats Brett.
Double Down Brett
A great day for America!

Trump said he'd MAGA and he's coming through, despite the attempts of the treasonous left.
What a sad day in history. That's all right, what goes around comes around. Now you're going to have back door abortions, and if the gay marriage is mess with, oh boy look out!
Stop it with the hyperbole and hand wringing, you leftists will still be able to murder your babies and the gays will still be able to marry each other. Both of those were bad decisions, not from a moral viewpoint but rather that they violated the 10th Amendment "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

IF those laws are overturned - and I doubt it - each individual state can then pass their own abortion laws or allow gay marriage...or not.

"Back door" abortions? I'm sure you mean "back alley" abortions. As far as I know, there are no butthole ("back door") babies being born...but maybe you had the first - or WERE the first - and it was just kept out of the news?
Another win for President Trump! Congratulations to Justice Kavanaugh.
Winning! Kegger tonight!!
Have a beer for me, jarasan, and toast Kavanaugh when you do!

A great, GREAT day for America! The forces of good have yet again beaten back those of evil.
Toothless and Texas, you are so full of s*** I'm surprised you're not on the toilet 18 hours a day.
We are also doing a bonfire in the pit!!!!!!!!Flame On!!!!!!! Brats and smores!!!!!!!!!!
I'm regular, but usually just once/day. No, you leftists are the only ones who have THAT much crap inside, but it's mostly in your skulls, so it just stays there, rotting and giving off horrible odor, esp. when you speak.

I will name my next BM after you, though.   I will flush it after getting done baptizing it, though, just like you leftists are being flushed out of power.

A GREAT day to be an American! MAGA!!!
Keep dreaming Toothless in Texas, the last election was a wake up call for Democrats oh, and by the way the things are going, you may get a surprise during midterms. The only way to get rid of roaches is to bomb the house, and that's what we intend to do.

I've never voted in my entire life, but I will this coming November because this country is full of right-wing roaches.
Nope, I've already pegged you guys as the roaches, so quit copying me.

You need to be a citizen in order to vote. You can go home and vote for the next Ayatollah, that's it.
The reckoning is coming to the Demonrats.
The red wave has gone supersonic moving at +800mph thru air at a height of over 1000ft. God bless America! That fuquing sh1t they are trying again like they did with hildebeast is a pipe dream, WE OUTNUMBER THE STUPID LEFT BY 35%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Everywhere!!!!!!!
Sorry, speech to text
You lost, ambturd?

<<<<The thread you're looking for is thataway.
Another racist comment by loser in Texas. I'm more of American than you are dumbass. If I have to upload my DD-214, I will just to prove what a dumbass you really are. Until then go f*** yourself dumbass redneck
Jarash1t s**ting from his mouth once again. Stop throwing false numbers around you dumb f***. And you know they are incorrect so stop spreading b*******. The Blue Wave is going to be a tsunami thanks for your douchebag choices. Thank you for confirming Brett, that seals are fake to win the house back dumb f***
Anyone can get fake ID and falsify legal documents.   

You do realize "redneck" is a bigoted slur, don't you? Racist? Projection again!   That's all you pathetic S.O.B.s got.

Deport! Deport! Deport!
Mike in Texas s**tholecountry, you're a racist moron Nazi redneck loser, go back to your trailer park you trashy s*** for brains. Don't you have to go fix your pickup truck?
Way to go Amber, you're kicking BIGOTINTEXAS and JARASH!T AZZ.
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