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Friday, October 26, 2018


Arrest made in suspicious bomb mailings


Watch carefully.

Something is going to popup the media and the #Demognats didn't quite get right.
It was also very convenient they had photos of the van way back in Dec 2017.
All the hate resulted in this fanatic!
He's a registered Democrat.
Interesting tidbit

Posted Aug 2017

"...there will be another documentary we'll see from them. At the moment they are keeping that under wraps, but you can bet it will be set in Miami and involve shady people. ..."
The fact he turns out to be a democrat is going to be DOWNPLAYED by the MSM. So he sends all these "bombs" to democrats that not one goes off? Something reeks.
Another wacko created by the hate machine.
Yep, hate machines like AntiFA (Anti First Amendment).
For some time now, we've been living in times where when something really, really bad like this or a mass shooting happens, many are so quick to attempt assigning the assailant to the other's party. I'm guilty of it but, only to an extent. That said, outside of the most current video showing where this guy's rap sheet links him to the Democrat party, there's actually more current information clearly assigning him to the Trump and his Stumpers which is why is was updated. I'm sure you've all watched the video I'll link to but, I ask that you look again and focus in on something that's very key in nature. At the 0:33 mark, specifically, you can see the date of the query in question in the top right hand corner which is clearly 11/28/2013 and is across from the 'Offense Date.' Underneath it seems to describe the 'Offense Type' which we cannot make out clearly. Here's the same link:

Okay, now that we have that, we can now confirm where he registered Republican in 2016 when yours truly was on the ticket. Yes, he updated his brand to Trumpublican in 2016 which renders the other information completely useless, because, he actually ACTED on what so many Trumpers believe in and support... extreme violence. Even more so, I've always maintained that it's the white males conducting such acts of domestic terrorism on their own American People. Just look back at who carried out all the last half dozen mass shootings, and, which party they related to. Pretty straight forward. No muslims, no mexicans (MS13), no blacks, just caucasian males doing it all as outlined by the FBI and CIA. By the way, did anyone notice how Trump bent over backwards to commend the same no good, rotten, and corrupt FBI for this apprehension? When I watched him commend the FBI during his NC rally, you could clearly see how the crowd was so confused to the point of trying to figure out whether to clap or boo. So pathetic.

This Cesar guy has an extensive Twitter and Facebook which clearly illustrates his disdain for democrats/liberals dating back quite some time. Someone can now go and tell Rush to shove his 'false flag' assertion because there's a timeline supporting Cesar's actions...and he's a Republican. Rush came right out and said, "Republicans just don't do this sort of thing." Well, I actually agree with him on that!! Yeah, I do, because he's right. TRADITIONAL REPUBLICANS don't do this. Trumpers, however, DO. Trump entertained a reporter being body slammed when the reporter didn't even provoke the guy that slammed him. Trump is the sole author of all this violence we're now witnessing, folks.

Lucky, don't bother with fact, the right-wing losers don't like it, that's like Kryptonite to them. I see how some of them here have Twisted the fact by writing that he's a Democrat LOL. They are so freaking desperate and they don't even realize how moronic they sound when they write that crap.

I really believe the right-wing nutjobs are retarded, seriously, there's something really really wrong with their s**t for brains.
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