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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Obama Warns Social Media Risks Splintering Society

Must be reading the Q posts. Bruuuuhahahahahahahaha.
Obama should know about social media. He used it to gain the Presidency.
Prince Harry gave an excellent radio interview with former president Obama. One thing that Obama said was very true about internet use. People will say things on the internet that they will not say in person. Some have lost all common courtesy and dignity in their use of it. This type of rhetoric leads to a divided society. Each thinking that their side is right with no room for compromise.
Barry was against brexit, he is an interloper, should go away, and STFU.
As always, your comment is so irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Go away MALCONTENT.
lil*poopy once a troll always a troll, stop trolling me lil*poopy dimwitted dipsh1t.
Obama needs to have a coke and a smile and
JARAPOS, you need to stop with your ignorant comments. Next time read the article or get someone to read it to you. SAD
lil*poopy once a troll always a troll, stop trolling me lil*poopy dimwitted dipsh1t.
Who cares what the mooslum impostor Obammy thinks? The people elected Donald Trump to clean up the big mess he left behind. If the sneaky snake in a suit said it, you should already know its wrong and was put out there for the purpose of spinning another tangled web of lies and deceitful half truths in furtherance of the leftist agenda. He would use that kind of reasoning as an excuse to organize and put in motion a movement to ban outspoken conservatives such as Alex Jones, Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. from social media and radio. This what pot smoking community organizers do. I agree with lejardin in post #7.
barry splintered America and the rest of the world for 8 years and he is still doing it he should STFU and just go away and take moochelle, hilldebeast, and billy bones with him.
JARAPOS, better still, get your crack-head mammy to read the article for you before she gets high.LOL
KKKAL, you are spending too much time listening to your right-wing wacko radio shock jocks. None of them are bonafide reporters, they are just conspiracy theorists. Their job is to indoctrinate the feeble minded with BS to keep their ratings up. SAD
Lil'dummy, you don't have a lick of sense, a typical dimwit dummy, but you want to bring up the feeble-minded? LOL By the way, none of them are "shock jocks" and none of them lay any claim to being reporters. They are all amazingly bright and astute radio talk show hosts and commentators that are able to break down and provide accurate and intelligent analysis of current political happenings. You would not be able to follow any of them since you are a feeble-minded old fool too long set in your ways. But I would pay good money to hear you call in one day and try to have a conversation with Michael Savage about how wonderful Odumbo was. That would be priceless!
KKKAL I don't need to listen to any of their gibberish. You regurgitate everything that they say on a daily basis. Why would I call in, they hang up on people that don't agree with their asinine conspiracy theories. Shock jocks, all of them. You are so gullible. SAD
Jarash1t and KKalo's favorite book to read is Mein kamf....I can guarantee they own the book, and place it on their sewer walls as a shrine....
Lil'amberjackoff, you need to to stop "playing the pink guitar" every night in front of that huge Obama poster (with Che Guevara mural in background) hanging on the wall of your squalid little rented room. Or at least close the blinds while you're doing it so as not to repulse and creep out the neighbors. You might find yourself having to explain your perverted nocturnal activities to one of those "fascist' police officers that gets sent out to investigate the complaint.
So did Trump. Trump thinks he's a celebrity. Well what comes what goes as they say.
KKKAL, you like JARAPOS, seem to be preoccupied with perversion. What's up with that?
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