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Saturday, October 14, 2017


Larry Flynt offers $10 million in quest to impeach Trump

I'm sorry but, this is one of those instances where I have to go 'OFF TOPIC' and call out the utter BS in this forum. Call it 'trolling' this time if you'd like although, it's still categorized under TRUTH. So, we currently have an entry in the blogs titled 'North Korea Tries, Fails to Hack Parts of US Electrical Grid (Par for the Course!) which is all fine and dandy BUT, EVEN MORE IMPORTANT IS THE FOLLOWING LINK:

'Russia-linked hackers are infiltrating the US power grid: report'

Folks, this is the reason why you cannot take certain bloggers seriously. They wanna pick and choose what's more important when, in actuality, TWO IDENTICAL INFRACTIONS HAVING TAKEN PLACE ARE SIMPLY NOT EQUAL. North Korea TRIED to hack and FAILED while RUSSIA HAS ACTUALLY INFILTRATED OUR GRID!!! Yet, and still, the blogger of the entry identified above just simply IGNORED THE SERIOUSNESS of the infraction. Why? I'll tell you why, folks. It's because anything linked to Trump in a negative way, albeit STILL THE TRUTH, will be IGNORED at the expense of leaving those looking for ACCURACY IN REPORTING IN THE DARK. These people don't want you to know the TRUTH about what's really going on if they feel it's going to impact their credibility.

Let that sink in. This blogger follows the same model that Rush, Hannity, Levin, Berry, and many others follow simply to maintain their base. They only tell them what they want them to know. None of us have seen one iota of how Russia has used nearly ALL OF OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS to maneuver around and get to certain voters. All this information is thoroughly DOCUMENTED but, there's no talk about it on their side. Why? Pretending that all this stuff isn't happening doesn't make it go away, buddy. You can call it 'Fake News' and follow Trump's lead all you want but, the FACTS REMAIN AND RUSSIA IS OUR #1 ENEMY STILL.

*I encourage you good people to do YOUR OWN DILIGENCE and see what's really happening in the news because there are people that want to SHIELD THE TRUTH from you. I've already told you why. This is unreal. Then again, I actually expect it.
detective short bus on the grid, you paranoid ill informed freak, the weed is making you hyper paranoid try and quit.

The leftist libtarded amerikans are the #1 enemy of the United States of Ameirica. Seditious basturds all of you dirty filthy America hating leftists.
Good grief, Loser, that Vox article states the "attacks" started in 2015. Let's see, who was President then and what the hell did HE do about it? (I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count...the answer is NOTHING, ZILCH,NADA.

Symantec, the antivirus outfit is making those claims, but they have no proof and the report says "...are probably the work of a foreign government and bear the hallmarks of a hacking group known as Dragonfly, Eric Chien, a cyber security researcher at Symantec, said in an interview."

Note the word "Probably", which in case you don't understand it in context, means "We don't really have a freakin' clue."   This all stems from the virus found on a Vermont power utility's computer...THAT WASN'T EVEN CONNECTED TO THE GRID!!!! (See? I can use caps, too!) From what I remember about it, the investigators found out it was from the employee watching porn on his Internet connected (without access to any of the grid or sensitive information) work computer and wasn't even a virus geared towards cracking into the grid, just your run of the mill Trojan trying to steal information like credit card numbers or bank log on passwords.

"While concerning, the attacks were “far from the level of being able to turn off the lights, so there’s no alarmism needed,” said Robert M. Lee, founder of U.S. critical infrastructure security firm Dragos Inc, who read the report."

The report - but not Vox, who puts their own spin on it- says "Symantec said it believed that the hacking group was state-sponsored but didn’t specify which country it could be." Heck, they don't know either!

"Funny" that you'd link to Vox, one of the most left-leaning piles of crap there is that tries to pass for "legitimate journalism". Since you leftist pukes have been slamming so called "right wing" sources, it's time you took your lumps on these "illegitimate" sources like Vox, HuffPo, WaPo and most of the rest. You might as well cite The Onion, at least we'd get a giggle out of it.

Most of all, it's your blatant hypocrisy that amazes me and you should feel ashamed for passing along this fake news...but then again, you leftist pukes have no shame, do you?

It will be a great day when we purge this country of not only the RINOS, but the leftist news organizations and all you lying traitors as well
Go away malcontent. This coming from an incest cry-baby.
Ah, look, the lawn jockey coward makes his appearance, right on cue. I was hoping for a little better class of stalker, but...

The quicker you admit you're afraid of me, the better off you'll be. That's why all you can do is repeat "malcontent" over and over ad nauseam . You're not even bright enough to come up with a good insult.   

Better a malcontent than someone who is so intellectually lazy and morally deficient they don't want what's best for this country, only for themselves. That would be you and your ilk, the leftist pukes. Scurry back under your rock, vermin.
Go away malcontent incest cry-baby.
The libtards here remind me of puppy-monkey-baby.
Yep, LMFBAO!! They all fell right in line, hook, line, and sinker!! We got 'em, Speedy!! As long as I agree with anything anti-Obama, there are those here which take the bait and simply cannot handle the SAME TRUTH when applied in opposite fashion. I know it stings,'s suppose to!!! Here's a great question: where you all at over HERE:

Yeah, you dumbazzes just pick and choose which TRUTHS rub you the wrong way...key word is TRUTHS. No harm no foul, you wannabe conservatives/republicans.

Phuck it! I was gonna just let the dumb$hit ftom the [email protected] ride but, you have to cut deep and then twist the knife inside these m'fers. Naturally, Fox News lied on Obama about Russian cyber threats but, both Hillary and Tim Kaine took Obama's briefing seriously and put an APB out during their campaigning. On the flip side, Trump HAS NEITHER SAID NOR DONE A PHUCKIN' THING TO THIS VERY MOMENT ABOUT ANYTHING RUSSIA. IN FACT, TRUMP HAS YET TO EVEN ENFORCE THE NEWEST SANCTIONS APPROVED AGAINST RUSSIA BY BOTH SIDES.

It's been 90 days since those sanctions were voted on and approved in SWEEPING FASHION but, Trump hasn't budged. Oh, but he jumped all over the North Korea sanctions, and, even considered reneging on our deal with Iran while threatening ADDITIONAL SANCTIONS APPROVED BY OBAMA. All that while Iran is in full compliance with the deal. Here are those TRUTHFUL RINO's spoken of:

*It's YOU PEOPLE that should be purged from voting and everything else. Such weak men you are.

Here's a little BONUS just before SNL goes off...and before I finish this glass of top shelf bourbon:

-Report: Obama ordered cyber 'implants' for Russian network in response to hacking-

Update: Bunch of weak LIARS you are.
"Top shelf bourbon"? That's what they're calling Ripple these days?

You progtard idiots living in your echo chamber.   You wouldn't know a thing about truth.

We'll get rid of you all one of these days.
Go away you evil incest malcontent. You will go before any of us. You're the only one crying like a little b-itch everyday. Trump is in the news everyday for something he has said or done. So get use to it. Your turn hillbilly.
I'll go when I want to, not when some ignorant progtard commands me to.   Suck it, Sambo. Me crying? You're projecting, whining like the sniveling coward you are.

Trump is only in the news because you worthless pukes can't accept that he won and you America hating traitors lost the election. Get used to it, scum.
Pappy Van Winkle?
Mikey you're a malcontent. You're on this thread for one reason, that's to be a RACIST TROLL. You have serious racial problems that you need to deal with. It's coming out little by little in your comments. Keep it up big boy and you won't be on this thread long.
lil*poopy who the fuque do you think you are? the biggest racist is you, dummy dipsh1t, racist lil*poopy pile of dog sh1t. stfu.
Go away malcontent. Get some help for your crack head momma fool.
Bulleit? That's the last one i had.
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