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Thursday, October 6, 2016


How Much Damage Could A Trump Presidency Do? We Can Only Imagine

WP and CNN are not on my reading list.
I can't imagine much more than barry has done or that hilldebeast will do, so Trump can only make things better.
I don't have to imagine. The rich will continue to get richer, and the poor will continue to get poorer. The middle-class will be non-existence, it will consist of the haves and have not. The top 1%, including Trump, will continue with the status quo. Trump is only concerned about his wealth and keeping it. Even though Trump filed for bankruptcy numerous times, it took him years to recover. As president he can't file for bankruptcy when the economy goes south, nor will he have years to recover.
" nor will he have years to recover"
It will take a century for the US to dig out of 12 trillion in additional debt created the past eight years.
The debt was going to happen regardless of who was president. It's a cycle. After every war, there was a slow down in the economy. War is #ELL and it cost billions of dollars to fight, especially if you are fighting two at the same time.
I believe Trump will be much better for the economy, Hillary has never managed a business. There was a governmental agency that she was the leader of, and that was the State Dept. under Obamas first term. The State Dept had an UNACCOUNTED for liability of $6,000,000,000 ($6Billion tax payer monies) under her direction, that is +6X what Trump declared as an ACCOUNTED loss on his 1992 taxes, which he eventually recovered and paid taxes on.

HILLARY LOST $6 Billion in TAx monies!!!!!

highlight link right click open in new tab.
POOF GONE! Nothing to see here move along.......right???
Hillary has never filed for bankruptcy either. That's not management, that's incompetence. You should be familiar with that term even with a GED.
Hilldebeast is very incompetent can't argue with that.
Well JARASAN, you just deal with your problems, Hillary will be POTUS whether you like it or not.
lil*sluttygirl when hilldebeast (the fat lady) sings (she BTW can't carry a tune in a bag) then you can gloat.
JARASAN, get off your PC AND DO AN HONEST DAY'S WORK, FOR AN HONEST DAY'S PAY. Quit taking advantage of the government you BUM.
Well, he's supposedly down by nearly A BILLION DOLLARS in his own world of business. With him as president, hell, this country would be obliterated into complete desolation. Numbers don't lie.
I can't vote for a liar and a cheat. Never Hillary.
lil*sluttygirl and your troll minions, read carefully: hilldebeast might keel over before Nov 8, she is very sick.
He would open his mouth and start WW3! We would go back to the republican way of things:more homeless, more racism, inflated gas prices 4 to 5 a a gallon.
JARASAN Hillary will live longer than you. Risky behavior will take you out fast pervert.
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