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Saturday, October 8, 2016


Condoleezza Rice on Trump: Enough!

Oh no she did'ent! Sister girl they are going to hate on you now. Repubs hate anyone that don't go along with the farce Trump. Be strong sister girl.
So Condi is now sister girl, how convenient, whatever serves your purpose, I remember you calling her some interesting names before. You are really fuqued up, how can you be so disingenuous?
JARASAN it's obvious that you know nothing about black culture. I'll bet if I called Condoleezza that he would not be offended. Besides, that is nothing compared to what you call people of color bigot.
Speedy, I will bet, if you called MS Condoleezza Rice, "HE", she would have a special word that BLACKS use a lot.
CARBO, that word is in your daily vocabulary. You are a straight out racist and a hater of people of color. You would be the one to suggest what MS Rice would say. Why would I call her "HE" BIGOT? I don't know her like that.
Anybody with even a cell of common sense knows that both Trump and Pence hate gays, and, push legislation to discriminate against them. Well, I have news for them and everybody else, we already have legislation in the form of the Bible and God allows people to live how they choose with the opportunity to force involved. Oh, but wait, what about Cheney's daughter who's gay? How does that work when Cheney must vote for the guys that both hate his daughter and what she stands for? Man, this party is so twisted around that none of them know which way is up right now.
These are your words in your response to Jarasan,"I'll bet if I called Condoleezza that he would not be offended. " Which he are you referring too?
CARBO, you hit the nail on the head, I was talking to JARASAN and not you BIGOT. That was a typo, but your motives are so predictable.
You always have some lame-a$$ excuse, as if you know people!!!
I think donald would rate her a 7!
lb, she has too much intelligence to be rated a 7.
lil*sluttygirl and stupid loser, both of you are slimy creepy crawlers that are racists of the first degree using any opportunity to lie and divide, you don't have mirrors in your caves do you?? The two of you couldn't look in a mirror and be happy with what you see. Deceit and intellectual dishonesty are your strongest traits, it'll catch up with you, trust me.
JARASAN, do you understand what you write? You are a master at gibberish. SAD
CARBO you need to take your pill and take a nap. Your brain is stuck in neutral.
lil*sluttygirl if you had just 1% of my brain power you would be Republican. Comprende, capiche?? You f'ing moron, if you spoke 2 languages, you would only speak one third of the languages I know. GFY. Dimwit loser.
JARASAN, you don't believe what you are saying. You can't compare yourself with anyone on the LP fool. You are a loser and a pervert.
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