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Thursday, December 10, 2015


Why Trump's Winning: 9 Facts About Islam The Media Doesn't Want You To Know

What is your stand on this Truesee?
Trump is not stupid.
The facts about ISLAM speak loud and clear. MUSLIMS can not and must not be trusted, not just the radicals. Does anyone remember the interview Mike Wallace, (60 Minutes) held with Bin Laden's brother, right after 911? He told Wallace , it would be against his religion to tell him where Bin Laden was located, even if he knew. That statement speaks legions on whether Muslims can be trusted. Islam and Christianity are two complete separate religions. Obamas plan from the beginning was to load up positions in the government, with Muslims. The media willing supported him. The people in control in our government need to be kick out, before our Constitution is destroyed.
I feel sorry for all you people that are living paranoid and scared day by day. You are doing exactly what the terrorists want you to do. They want you to be so preoccupied with terror that it interrupts your daily routine. Those of us that believe in a higher authority knows that everything is under control, and we need not live in fear. Many of you are letting hate cloud your judgment. In so doing you become your own worse enemy. Just remember, you yourself, have no power to change anything, and nothing that you say or do is going to usurp God's authority. I use to repeatedly tell ridge instead of worrying about what party I belong to, who I voted for, why I voted for him, you need to worry about where you will spend eternity. The same goes for SOME of you repubs.
I don't live paranoid. When will you understand the difference? The Muslims worship Mohammed, Christians worship God. The Muslims kill people who don't believe in their God.
Exactly. Then why do you live in fear if you are a Christian?
Oh Speeepy, Gonna make you eat your " Those of us that believe in a higher authority" words.
Silly, that's what Christians do. You should try it, then things will work for you financially and spiritually.
Silly, that's what Christians do. You should try it, then things will work for you financially and spiritually.
Nice try, I'll bid my time, Bruuuuuuuhahahahahahaha
"...Those of us that believe in a higher authority..."

I know a few Christian boards that would ban you off for saying that. It's called the 'Better Christian" rule, i.e. don't tell others you are a better Christian than they are.

As for islam, consider:
If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.

We're far passed that stage.
Coin Toss one thing you can't say, who is Christian and who is not. I don't care who you know, they can't put me in a heaven or hel, only Godl. Like I use to tell Ridge , now YOU, make sure you know where you are going for eternity.
Silly, things are not going that well for you. Your laughing is proof. If you think your foul behavior is helping you in some way, I stand corrected.
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